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05-19-2009, 09:46 AM
Level Name: LBPG Chicken Mania V2

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The chickens are coming! TAKE COVER!!!!

.....which is, in fact, something you'll be doing alot here, but more on that in a bit.

First of all, this is another quite good looking level. By what I can tell, aliens and..... chickens..... are attacking some sort of desert town at night, and it's your job to repel them.

The graphical style is both appropriately crazy and strangely dark at the same time.... the lighting is chosen well here, I think. There tends to be lots of STUFF all over the landscape.... there's definitely no barren areas here! Everything is well designed and looks nice.

You start the level in a...... a...... area full of random stuff. You can tell right away that this is coming from an insane mind, haha (not that Im one to speak, I suppose!), and you know that some interesting and wacky things will be showing themselves before the level is over.

A bit to the right, and you encounter your first enemies. For the most part, they're not very dangerous.... you can step into the back plane at certain points, to take cover from their shots, and then step forward to fire some of your own.

And herein lies the problem I had with this.... this tactic is.... well..... honestly, it's the ONLY tactic you need througout the entire level. Wether it be basic foes, or any of the 3 boss-type monsters you'll encounter, "take cover" seems to entirely describe the strategy for dealing with them. This drastically reduces the challenge of the stage, as you need barely move to defeat any of these, and it also makes things kinda stale after a time. I understand that sticking to a theme is important, but this just felt kinda repetetive to me. The other issue here is that things take a few too many hits to go down, which also just slows down the action.

It's not a BAD idea, but I think it was a bit overused.

The level design itself is fairly good, and I kinda liked the idea of shooting those cactuses to knock them over and make a bridge, that was neat. There are no environmental dangers here, really.... anything that can kill you will be an enemy.... a chicken or an alien.

The level pretty much ends once you pass the third boss (which takes a bit too long to die).

Lets go straight to the scoring at this point:

Gameplay 6/10

Take cover, take cover, and then, take cover some more. Again, that was my issue with the level as a whole. There's alot of potential here, but I dont think it's being fully realized. And again, the concept isnt BAD in any way, but I think some players may get a bit tired of it. It depends on the individual though. Regardless, it still plays nicely enough.

Graphics/sound: 9/10

I liked the style here. And what's more, I really liked the interesting design, and attention to detail, of all the different foes that will come your way. I dont see that in most levels. Even the smaller ones were neat looking. And the actual areas were all very nice, and filled with things to look at. Well done.

Challenge: 3/10 (Lower score doesnt mean bad, just means easy!)

The lack of environmental hazards, combined with the fact that taking cover utterly nullifies your enemies' ability to hit you in any way, means that, as long as you're paying attention, this is a pretty easy to level. Skilled players shouldnt have any trouble acing this.

Pacing/Length: (6/10)

The length is just right, I thought, but having to stop for too long each time enemies appeared sorta threw off the pacing. You get to run and jump a bit, and then you have to stop, take cover, and fire until the baddie in question pops. And so on. It never feels particularly smooth to me.

Overall: 6/10

Not a bad level, but I think there's a good deal of room for improvement. The real issue is just the overuse of that one concept, which can make things kinda uninteresting. If a few more creative challenges and sections were to be thrown in here, this'd be quite grand. There's alot of potential here, like I'd said above, but again, it's not QUITE being used.

It's obvious to me though that the author here is skilled though, and creative, and I'll be looking forward to the next review, honestly, which is another from the same author.

The level may not be perfect, but there's still fun to be had here, and some interesting things to see. Not for everyone, but definitely worth a go, I think.


You enter the level here, and.... what in the world? What has happened here? Did CHICKENS do this? ...I mean, really, chickens? Not like, Godzilla or something?


Upon encountering your first foes, your mission is defined: SHOOT CHICKENS. Simple and fun. Feathers everywhere!


A boss-sized.... insane chicken that breathes death at you. As with any other fight in the level, you pop out when it's safe, fire at it, and then duck under cover to avoid getting hit. It's not a very happy chicken. It's a MURDEROUS chicken.

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