View Full Version : Boss challenge competition ( Maybe )

05-23-2009, 04:37 PM
I have freetime to host a competition. Basicly it would have been levels filled with bosses. Like the Boss Rush competitions but ech creator uses his own invidual bosses in his level. So ech level will only contain bosses from 1 creator.

I will give every level submitted feedback and so on. And in the end when the time for submission is over. Then we will vote in 2 or more rounds to democraticly find out what level is the best.

You can make 2 submissions per person.

Ech level has to have lbpcX before the actual name.

One submission may consist of up to 3 levels ( IF the thermo wont allow more than 5 bosses for exampel)

Ech level must have atleast 1 starting gate/Finishing gate so that we can compeat for high scores.

Ech level likewise has to have forumname in it and so on.

The submissions will be open for a month.

I have enough time atm to host a competition like this one. I need to know how many here would play or submitt atleast 1 submission ( You will be allowed 3 submissions per person.) So i can determine the interest before starting the tournament.

Sooooooooo please leave a comment about wether or not you would play/submitt a boss. If the interest is big enough i will start it !

Oh and you may use whatever theme you want for the bosses.

05-24-2009, 11:51 PM
yah sure I'd love to participate Is it ok if I use a boss that I already made about a week ago?