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05-28-2009, 11:41 AM
Level Name: 00Sack - Betrayed

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This is why I like doing these reviews. Because otherwise, I wouldnt find levels like this one. This makes two awesome levels in one night!

The premise of this one is simple. In MGS-ish fashion, you must infiltrate this base, steal the data disc, and escape, preferrably without being roasted in the process.

The level starts out looking alot like MGS, in fact, with heavy use of those materials, and assorted robotic turrets. You'll use the Paintinator here, for some rather simple combat. The "take cover" idea again. Only a few times, though. Not a bad looking area, either. It's quite proper for the concept.

Now, once you've blasted a couple of the turrets and robots, and gone up a rather cool looking elevator, you'll come to the "Virtual Training" room. Now, THIS is where the level impressed me.

The highest praise I could possibly give, in any of these reviews, is to say that something in a level inspires me to create something similar. And really, that's what this does here. The VR section is a series of single-room challenges. You can score many points here, and it's got a decent amount of difficulty to it at times. What really makes this interesting is the way this works. There are these green platforms with red lights stationed at different points in each room (except the last one). Standing on one of these for a few seconds brings you to the next room.... by dropping it on you from above! The room you're in dissipates, and the next one drops in (drops AROUND you, if you dont move off of the green thing), in a rather cool fashion. Some rooms have multiple green things, so you wanna make sure you maximize your bubble-collecting before touching a green thing.

This is interesting, and it stays interesting, and it isnt overly short, and not overly long. It also contains one of the most out of place rooms ever, which is worth a laugh when you see it (I didnt expect that at all, haha). The design of all of these is quite nice, too. This is your chance to try to score high with this level.

Now, once you're done with that, you can leave the VR chamber the way you came in.... defeat another robot or two, find the hidden passage that takes you underground, and you reach a puzzle room. Honestly, this also impressed me. Normally Im not too fond of puzzle sections in LBP levels.... cause Im impatient.... but I thought this one was unusually well done, and enjoyable. I dont wanna spoil it, but you'll use the jetpack here. j

Completing this opens up the airducts up above. Fly by another turret that appears out of nowhere, and into the airducts you go, and then.... electric rats? For whatever reason, these rats rain from above. Didnt expect that either. Avoid the rats, and you can finally leave the base, where you pop out into a desert region. Go a bit further, and you come to a boss.

Now I've seen this boss before.... used in one of the Boss Rush stages.... but it's still a unique fight. You'll use the gun again, to fight this flying mecha thing, that fires bullets at you, and does this huge LEAP into the air every now and then. You have to take out each of the 4 arms in order to defeat it. It is, actually easier than it looks, as if you stand on the 2nd plane, you cant be hit by it's attacks. But you need to step onto the 1st or 3rd plane in order to actually do damage, and it's not particularly easy to hit.

The only thing that bugged me about this boss fight is that about halfway through it, another little turret bot thing will pop out of nowhere on the far right side, complete with a little cutscene camera telling you that it desires death and destruction. It's too easy to die right here simply because the camera locks you into place and the thing starts firing immediately. This part seemed kinda unnecessary, but a rather minor complaint. This is still a nicely done boss fight. I dont see many bosses that are good like this.

Onto the scoring!

Gameplay: 9/10

Oh, this was excellent. You've got a very well designed stage here, complete with some very unique ideas thrown in there. Nothing ever seems unfair or overly confusing, and everything is interesting. What's more, it's never stale.... each area is something new, complete with a new theme and a new look to it. This is where this level really shines.

Graphics: 9/10

Oh, this was good too, indeed, very good. Some very good use of materials keeps this looking great the whole way through. Add in an awesome looking boss, and proper MGS music, and you have something nice here.

Challenge: 5/10 (lower score means easier)

This isnt a hard level, really, but there's still some challenges to be had here. Most of the basic enemies will go down nice and easy, and the stage design isnt particularly sadistic, but the average player might still get popped a few times over the course of this. I think most players will find this to be just right.

Length/pacing: 10/10

The length is perfect, and the pacing is just as good. It starts out interesting, it STAYS interesting, throwing one unique area after another at you, with no dull moments, and isnt too long or too short. A difficult thing to get right, but this one does it.

Overall: 9/10

It's not perfect, but it comes quite close. Looks good, plays good, and filled with unique ideas and areas, this is one that I think everyone can enjoy. I loved this one, I did. On my hearted list right away, it was.

I mean, I dont think I even need to say anything else here. If you've got time to read all of this, you've got time to go try this level.

If you dont, I may have to kick you. Or throw a chair.


A little bit into the base, and you'll come upon this room. This is where it gets interesting.... just wait'll you see how this works. Try not to die here, k?


I have no idea as to exactly why electric rats seem to see the need to violently destroy you here, but you'll have to pass them in order to escape the base.


This jumping monstrosity is dangerous enough, but fairly easy once you know the trick to it. Take it slow, and you'll do fine.

05-28-2009, 12:27 PM
Wow, another excellent review! Thanks for the kind words Bridget. Your reviews are very well done and quite thorough (and thanks for not spoiling the puzzle ;)).

I am still finding it very difficult to make any real progress on the sequel to this. I've actually decided to just lay it aside for now and try something completely different (any Monty Python fans out there? - "And now for something completely different...").

Thanks again!

05-28-2009, 01:38 PM
I am still finding it very difficult to make any real progress on the sequel to this. I've actually decided to just lay it aside for now and try something completely different (any Monty Python fans out there? - "And now for something completely different...").

Aaaah, the problems with sequels!! :)
I'm having the same difficulty with my third outing of Sir Sackboy and I've seen some
other s who have the same creative-block with sequels.

I finally "got my groove back" :rolleyes: but I do think I might try something different
before I go ahead and make chapter IV.
I want to make a futuristic level with lots and lots of technology!! :arg:

05-28-2009, 01:44 PM
Good review Bridget, I finally know what to call them thanks to you! Single-room challenges, couldn't think of how to explain them, I love those!