View Full Version : Moorwood Graveyard by Mr_Monki_HUN

06-08-2009, 09:26 PM
I've been following the progress of this creator ever since I stumbled across his Wipeout HD themed level (called Wipeout XS) in which he made a very cool looking and useful stopwatch... creating that alone told me he had potential. Now, with the arrival of the Creator Pack and the Monsters Pack, he's made a level that really makes the global lighting tool shine.

The level is called Moorwood Graveyard, and it's a very gloomy and atmospheric level with some very impressive custom objects and excellent use of the corner editing tool to create realistic surfaces. The zombies climbing out of their graves is a must-see, as are the screaming statues strewn about the level. Another cool idea was the omission of score/prize bubbles altogether, with grabbable fruits attached to creature brains replacing them. It matches the visuals a lot more than glowing orbs would. :rolleyes:

But - as hinted above - the most impressive thing for me was the ingenious and subtle use of the global lighting tool to enhance the experience: small changes in screen effects or lighting make progressing through the level a blast and they're neither unnoticable nor overdone, they feel just right.

I learned a lot by looking at the level and how it's done, and while it contains a few flaws (being able to see the walls of the play area is always a negative for me, though it wasn't too immersion-breaking here), I'd gladly recommend it to anyone who wants something unique and fresh. :)

06-14-2009, 10:00 PM
I just played the person's haunted level a couple of days ago, and I liked it! =D