View Full Version : Basic Combo Lock (also testing for Super Sack world)

06-12-2009, 08:28 PM
Level Name: Tester Lock
Location: Center of Africa

Well, first off I firgured I'd make a lock for testers of Super Sack World (anyone interested?) so outsiders couldn't test the levels... But I also realized that I had just made my own lock without any outside advice or anything. So, what the hey, I may as well show it off. To anyone who wants to test, the combo is 2-4-5, though it need not be in order.
When anyone dials in an incorrect number, a door slams shut permanently and gas descends over the buttons to prevent people from figuring the combo out afterwards and trying again. The lock works with a permanent switch for each digit. The correct ones are linked directly to the doors, while incorrect ones are linked to a column of dissolve. When even one of thos dissolves, a mag switch is activated, which is linked to the last door and the gas.
EDIT: Super Sack World was scrapped. I got bored.
Ehh. Now the lock lets you play through whatever I've finished of my new level ShortCircuit. ShortCircuit is a VR/Silhouette level without the MGS pack. Yeah, I found a different way of getting things all digital-looking.