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06-14-2009, 09:56 AM
Level name: Mission Possible

PSN: jedi_jeff

Now, I have to admit.... I have sort of a love/hate relationship with this level.

On the one hand, there's some interesting concepts and design ideas used here.

On the other hand, the level can be rather repetetive and tedious, and drags on a bit too long.

Your apparantly quite possible mission is apparantly to stop an mad scientist from launching a missile. Why would this be? Well, obvoiusly, because that's what mad scientists do.

You're flown out by helicopter to the island base you are to infiltrate. This scene is actually pretty interesting and neat, and shows that some good effort went into this level.

Upon entering the base.... and the way in isnt particularly obvious.... You come upon a room filled with platforms, rising elevator things, and objects on the walls. The first of many such rooms.

The mechanic here is very interesting, and not something I've seen before. In each room, in various spots, certain objects, be it a door or a lamp or a bookshelf... are sort of pasted to the wall behind you. Above each one, is a red bar. You are to "search" each of these, by standing in front of the object in question, until the red bar empties. At this point, the object will either release a score bubble, or release a prize bubble containing one of 6 stickers needed to enter the missile silo.

Some objects are guarded by these.... I dunno.... they look like warped electric mushrooms to me.... which patrol back and forth on the platform that they're on. Inevitably, one of the objects you need to search will be on the same platform. So you sort of have to run up, stand in front of the object for a bit, leap over the mushroom when it comes at you, and then get back in front of the object before the red bar refills. You'll be getting kinda sick of these mushroom dudes pretty quickly, I think.

This section comprises the bulk of the stage; most of it is exploring these platform rooms, finding and searching these objects. Each room looks different, yet they all keep a similar design theme going, which is kinda nice. The problem, is there may be a few too many of these rooms.... and not much else in the level as a whole beyond that.

The overall gameplay concept is quite interesting, but I felt it was rather overdone..... this is not a level for the impatient.

The graphics are a little similar to the Train level by the same author..... some things look quite nice, but then there's various areas that are oddly sparse and kinda bland. Yet overall, the whole style seemed pretty appealing to me.

The music seems randomly chosen for most of the rooms. I dunno why. Alot of it didnt seem too fitting to me.

Onto the scoring:


There's some interesting ideas here, and some fairly well done platforming sections. However, you'll spend quite alot of time "searching" these objects.... and you'll soon be sick of the mushroom guys. I do like that the level author chose a theme, and then actually stuck with it throughout the level, as opposed to trying to insert unnecessary crap into there, like some authors do.

Graphics/sound: 5/10

As with the Train stage, a strangely sparse graphics style, with random blobs of good-looking-ness. It's..... sort of like there's potential here, but it went rather unrealized. The music seems totally random.

Challenge: 5/10

A rather average level, as far as challenge goes. Jumping over the mushroom guys can be a bit annoying, and you have to time it just right, or you're gonna pop. Possible deaths to be had here, but if you're careful and take it slow, it's not gonna be hard to ace this one.

Pacing/length: 5/10

Agh..... there was a bit too much repetition, and honestly, the main section of the level.... the platform rooms with the objects.... just went on rather too long.

Overall: 6/10

It wasnt easy to rate this one, really. Some people are gonna probably love this one.... cause it's definitely something different and creative, with a style all it's own..... but others might really not like it, because it does take alot of patience, and doesnt have many moments of excitement.

Honestly, I'd kinda like to see a sequel to this level. There were some danged neat ideas used here..... and with a few changes, this could turn into something really nice.


Once again, Sackboy is off to stop some crazed maniac from doing something horrible. He seems to have to do this often. Hopefully, he's paying attention to that sign there, cause he might need it later.


Pay attention to these bars when you see them.... they show you how long it takes to search an object for the items that you seek.


What the heck are those things? Mushrooms? Or maybe robotic vacuums gone horribly wrong? Whatever they are, you'll be seeing alot of them.... and unlike a certain other kind of mushroom, jumping on them wont work the way you might want it to.