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06-21-2009, 11:09 PM
It seems like I am not the only young person nowadays to be in love with vinyl records. There is something really nice about the whole process involved in playing one, setting the correct speed, cleaning the surface with a special brush (think it's just me that does that), and nudging the player a little if it gets stuck along the line.

It kind of goes hand in hand with my love of cinema, I actually like the lines and dots that you get with film, and am outraged at digital cinema, seeing as 35mm film is almost infinitely higher definition than digital systems of today!

Back to records though, I listen to metal mostly, and love how even whilst vinyl was technically dead, bands like System of a Down's whole catalogue is on vinyl, and I use that example seeing as I own all their records on vinyl, even Steal This Album, that cost me 50 quid (near 100 dollars).

Anyone else understand the love of vinyl records?

Here is my Sanyo fully automatic playing All Hope is Gone.

YouTube - Sanyo P30 Turntable and A30 Amplifier