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I wanted to make a guide on how to get your levels played fair and square. If you follow this guide, I assure you will get at least a few plays. I hope this guide proves useful for a few of you at least

There are a lot of ways to get your levels known, though there are also ways to make sure your tactics work the best. The broad umbrella that all these tactics are under is called PROMOTING. There are many ways to promote and get your levels played though.

Tactic One - Promotion Zone Threads:

So obviously you can make individual threads about your level and ask for it to get played, but the chances of your thread getting seen by a lot of people gets severely cut with the sheer amount of this type threads that get created daily. Some recommendations that I have for you:

1. Post your thread about your level and then put a link to it in your signature. By having the link in your signature, most people will see it every time they read one of your posts. For optimal effect, get active with the forums.

2. If you have more than one level you are looking to promote, put it all in one thread. By making a bunch of threads promoting all of your levels, not only are you hurting yourself by bumping your other threads lower, but that is also classified as spamming a board by many.

3. Include a description and some pictures. If people can see more of what the level is about, then they will be more inclined to play them. Make sure that the pictures show what your level is all about without revealing the good parts to the community. For examples of this see these pages:
-Jackofcourse's Complete Level Collection (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=26313)
-Zim1985: The Collection (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=17903)
-Master Creator Rayvolution's Thread of Masterpieces! (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=17903)

Tactic Two - Ask for a Review:

Now reviews are a great way to get some publicity for your level(s)! Just think about it. You ask for a review, then people are also going to reply and see that post when they ask for their level to be reviewed. Once your request is accepted the person in charge of the OP usually updates the "Reviews to Be Done" (or something like that) list and puts up the name of your level and your PSN. That's free publicity already, even while you are waiting for the group to review your level. On top of that, once you get your review done, there will be a post all about your level, usually with a link to your level in a "Reviews Done" list. Another bonus about getting a review is that you are getting people to tell you how to make your level better! Some places where you can request reviews:
-The LittleBIGReview Group (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=18848)
-Do you want your level played and/or reviewed? (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=19585)
-LittleBigCentral Review Threads (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=55)

Tactic Three - Other Fansites:

Now, even though you may hang around the LittleBigWorkshop the most, you have to remember that there are a number of other LittleBigPlanet fansites out there. Use that to your advantage! Get your levels out there in as many places as you can; it will give you a better chance at getting your level played! Not much else to say other than to follow the tips I provided in the Tactic One bit. Here's some places you can go to get some more promotion:
-The US LittleBigPlanet Forums (http://community.eu.playstation.com/playstationeu/?category.id=c_EN_LBPThe European LittleBigPlanet Forums[/url)
-LittleBigLand (http://www.littlebigland.com/)
For the last two make sure to go to the "Forums" bit of the website as that is where you can put your promotional threads. Make sure you post in the correct section though!

Tactic Four - In-Game Promotion:

Though there are only a few ways to promote in-game, they can prove to be quite useful! Here are some tips on how to successfully promote in-game:

1. Comment on other people's levels. Tried and true, the best way to get people to play your level(s) is to play their's. If you like a level you play, write something nice back and ask for them to play your level. The key here is to always be polite and to make sure that you compliment their level before you ask for a play.
[U]Example on what you could say:
-"Hey, I really liked __________ part of your level! Do you think you could try my level(s) if you get the time? Thank you and keep up the good work!"
-"Great job with __________ part! I really liked it! Play my levels too and tell me what you think!"
Examples on what NOT to say:
-"Play my level!"
-"I rly liked ur lvl! Plzzzzzzz play mine 2! I really needz playz!!"
Those are considered comment spamming and will most likely deter people from playing your level(s) rather than drawing them in.

2. Have a catchy title. An interesting title will make people want to play your level more than a boring, bland title. No matter how good your level is, a catchy title will always help you maximize your chances to get plays. Which would you rather play? "A Day in the Park" or "Fantastic Adventure Through Time"? The last one obviously. It has a catchier title and sounds more exciting in general.

3. Have a catchy description. No matter what you think, the description is a BIG selling factor if you want plays in your level. When writing your level description, try to set up your level - make people want to play your level by telling them not only what it is all about, but what you have to do. Write the preluding story behind your level (if there is one) as this will probably get people more intrigued with what your level is going to be all about. Give them the general idea, but not the whole picture.

4. Have a catchy level icon. If you think about it, even before a player scrolls over to your level to play it, the first thing that draws them there is the first thing they see, your level icon. You are going to want to make this icon something that will catch your eye, but not be too obnoxious. It should also reflect the theme of the level or have the name of it included. Bonus points if you can get the name of the level in a design that is close to the level's theme. Places where you can get tips on making a good level icon:
-Icon Tutorial (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?message.uid=90414#U90414)
-LBP Logos (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=creationgen&thread.id=27832)

Tactic Five - Other Ways to Promote:

Along with the things I have already talked about, there are also some other ways to get some promotion for you level.

1. Threads that will play your level. There are a few threads that I know of out there that will play your level or put your level on a list of level to be played. Applying to get your levels on these list can never hurt you. If you think about it, you are talking about your level to ask for it, and then if you get it on the list, it will also be there when peopel check what levels they should play. Some places that do this:
-List of Underplayed Levels that Should be Played! (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=26854&view=by_date_ascending&page=1)
-The "Check out my Level" Thread! (http://community.eu.playstation.com/playstationeu/board/message?board.id=bEN_games_gen_LBP_create&thread.id=6)

2. Get your level recorded. As with reviews, the listing of your level will get you the publicity that will bring plays to your level. Anther bonus is that while people might not search for level on YouTube, they might find it anyway through the "Related Videos" feature. Places to get your level(s) recorded:
-Request your level to be played and recorded in HD (http://forums.littlebigworkshop.com/lbp/board/message?board.id=promozone&thread.id=18630)

3. Private Message people. If you make friends with people on the forums, don't feel shy to tell them that you have finished a level. More often than not they will be happy to play it and tell you what they think.

4. Be active on the forums. I touched on this before, but it deserves its own bit. In general, active members who give post well and give positive feedback are much more likely to get attention for their levels than people who just spam the threads or posts once or twice and never come back. If you are helpful, it will be much easier for people to want to play your levels.

I hope this guide proves to be helpful! I spent a lot of time on it, but rest assured, if I think of anything else I will edit this post and add on to it. If any of you have suggestions please tell me and I will take them into consideration.

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