View Full Version : Creating and Managing Custom Shops

09-06-2008, 12:44 AM
After seeing that Maltay has his own mini-shop for signatures, I thought, "Hey, everyone should be able to make their own shops!". So, basically, I was thinking that people could create shops, right? And in real-life, when someone wants to set up a business, they have to pay for the lot and construction of the building. Anyways, buying a shop, like in real life would cost money, preferrably a large fee. Once you have your shop, you can add items, or 32x32 images, and set a price for them for people to buy. Once you buy them, others can show them off below their avatars. Obviously, there would be a stock, and when you run out of a specific item, you would have to pay to re-stock. It takes money to make money, right?

09-06-2008, 12:53 AM
This idea sounds fairly interesting, actually. There's a couple of issues that popped in my head, though. For one, the admins have to manage the shop, so while this sounds cool, it would mean more work on our end. If we implemented this, the cost for your own shop would be pretty high to try and slow the flow of new shopowners. Plus, in order for you to make XP, we'd have to manually award you the XP every time someone bought something. It just means a lot more work on our end.