View Full Version : Awesomemans Reviews: The Crazy Pollo by Eprim

07-10-2009, 01:31 AM
The Crazy Pollo by Eprim, or Racroz on the forums, is a level about chicken. Sack Boy is spawned into a world full of chickens with sticks pushed into their you-know-whats and floating electrocuted heads. Oh, and someone is running around splashing paint on them, which makes me think that maybe these "pollos" are actually people in chicken costumes and the Crazy Pollo is actually some kind of angry PETA member attacking from behind enemy lines.

The Crazy Pollo, of course, follows quite an odd, stupid, and straight forward story obviously written by someone who figured that if your going to make a level all about chicken then the story really shouldn't take itself seriously. Or at least I pray he wasn't being serious when the only dialogue was
"I'm neutral pollo and crazy pollo is trying to kill all the pollos," and then some other chicken said
"You've been tricked. That was actually the king pollo and the neutral pollo was actually crazy pollo."

The level is boring to say the least. It's clearly Eprim's first level. It's full of dark matter for no reason, it's very repetitive, and half of the level is holding on to pieces of sponge as they take you up to a floor where you jump over some dead chicken so you can grab another piece of sponge. And while there are also a lot of good ideas, they are, for the most part, executed poorly. Hell, I couldn't even finish the first level because the platform that is supposed to launch you up after the boss fight didn't work. It's good for remembering what you were like in create mode when you just got your hands on the game, but really nothing else... All in all, it's a level with a good idea, but very poor exectution...

Just for the hell of it I played The Crazy Pollo 2: Crazy Zombies, and it was much, much better over the original. You could see an obvious improvement in design, detail, and just the layout of the level. There is one part where the level looks as if it would get stuck in the original's bad ways, but it doesn't. There's no tedious running and grabbing, it's a lot more varied. Whereas the first level feels like one of those "FIRST!" levels you see on Cool Levels everyday, this level has actual atmosphere, an equally stupid but goofier story, and variety to keep you from feeling like a zombie yourself. Eprim is yet to make a level I would consider among the ranks of levels like Tree Fortress and Journey to the Center of the Earth, but he's getting there. I know my first levels weren't easy on the eyes either. They still aren't.