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07-31-2009, 07:55 PM
OK, so here's my Tutorial on Machinima's, but you can also use it for Level/Object/Costume Show-Offs.

Video's? Why Video's?
If you make video's of your level, the chances are bigger that your level is Played, and maybe even Hearted, then without. It's like Promoting your level!

Ok, that sounds obvious, but why should I make a LBP Machinima?
Why not? It's fun! I experienced alot of people asking for my PSN to play with me and play my levels. It's also good to help LittleBigNoobies that ask questions where you got "this" and where you got "that".

And why should I listen to you?
You can see if you want to read this guide or not, but I used these steps too. You can see my movies on my Youtube Account: "http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkAslox"


A Capture Device, I recommend a Capture Card as a Camera is horrible quallity. (Some Computers already have a built in Red, White and Yellow/Tulip inputs)
Editing Software, any program will do.


An USB-Headset, combined with an internet connection, it makes your Sackperson's mouth move when you talk.
An Extra Controller/Person willing to help you, ofcourse you will need an extra Sackperson if you want more than one actor on the screen.

Step 1: "The Idea"
This step is pretty obvious, you will need an idea first before you can do anything. Idea > More Detailed > Step 2.

Step 2: "The Costume's"*
If you're planning to make a Music video or Movie Scene in LBP, you ofcourse need some costumes. If you use existing Audio, I recommend that you try to re-create the actors/singers in LBP.

Step 3: "The Scene"**
After you've done the Costume(s), you can go on to the scene. After you've built your scene, pick a background or just make your own by using the glitch background layers. Just like the I said at the Costumes, if you use existing Audio, I recommend that you try to re-create the scene where it happens.

Step 4: "The Camera's"**
Again, your movie will look alot better if you shoot at different angles. You can also use different camera angle's to switch Player 1 with Player 2/3/4 (If playing Local, this way it looks if they are having a conversation, but actually Player 1 take the costume of Player 2, and visa versa).

Step 5: "The Filming"
This step is not obvious at all! Pretty much everything from Step 2 till 4, but then put together in on movie. Do all filming in small fragments, so you have some back-ups.

Step 6: "The Searching"*
If you haven't done this yet, then do it now, just search the Audio (Both voices and music) you want to use in your Movie. If you can't find it then just "Borrow" it from Youtube.***

Step 7: "The Editing"
This is one is pretty easy, just put your Video(s) and Audio into an editing program of your choice, and just move them a bit around and adding some effects. One handy tip: "SAVE OFTEN!!1!one!"

Step 8: "The Credits"
Just place some credits after your movie, just put in who helped you, what programs you used and that you don't own LBP and that it's owned by MM (Copyright on Youtube is very strict). Add some music you like and on to the next step.

Step 9: "The Checking"
Before you render your movie, just check if you didn't forget anything, if you did, fix it and if you don't, then render it. After you've rendered it, watch the movie to check again for mistakes.

Step 10: "The Publishing"
Now that you're done you probably want it on Youtube/LittleBigWorkshop/LittleBigPlanetCentral, just upload it on something like Youtube and then paste the link into the message of your choice.

Step 11: "????"****

Step 12: "PROFIT!"****

I will add Images soon.

* These steps can be skipped if you want to show off a level, just make sure it's done.
** I assume that you have these steps in your level, assuming that it's a good level.
*** Go to the site: "keepvid.com", then paste the Youtube link at the correct spot, and select download. The just use a Video Converter (I use "AnyVideoConverter" for this)
**** Step 11 and 12 aren't really part of the tutorial, but you deserve a cookie if you get the joke.

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niceeeeeeeeeee :)