View Full Version : 2 New High Def PS3 Wallpapers "Sticky Sackboy" and "Sunny Sackday"

09-10-2008, 08:56 PM
Hi guys. Here are two more HD Wallpapers for your PS3! Going to turn these into completely custom themes soon (as in with my own icons, should be fun to make!)

"Sticky Sackboy"

And "Sunny Sackday"

Basic Tutorial for uploading pics to PS3:

1) First you'll need a flash drive (usb key) or a memory card that is compatible with your PS3. On it you'll want to create a folder and call it PICTURE (capitalised). This folder has to be on the first layer of your card or drive (i.e. not in any other folders that are already on your card/drive)

2) Download the original size of the wallpaper and put it in that folder.

3) Insert the card or drive into the PS3 and it will appear as an icon in the top of your picture list (above the "Playlist" icon). Press X on that icon and your picture should be there! Then press Triangle for the options and select Copy.

4) Now get back out of the card/drive and open the picture. You'll hit Triangle while viewing the picture this time, select Set as Wallpaper from the pop-up options and voila, you've got yourself a fresh new Wallpaper!

Also, if you change your theme after installing the wallpaper, just go into the Background option in the Theme Settings menu.

That should cover it! Any questions feel free to ask them :confused: .

09-10-2008, 09:01 PM
I love them, especially the second one.