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08-16-2009, 05:13 PM
Miglioshin is a creator blablabla...Go see my review of the 7th Idol for some kind of introduction. Platform Madness is another series of levels he created and their names are just as creative as Miglioshin's Fantasy Adventure.

Platform Madness 2 follows almost the exact same style as Fantasy Adventure by using the silhouette of sackboy. It's another level consisting mainly of MGS level pack parts, but we all know Miglioshin's levels are brilliantly designed and always have clever puzzles or brilliant obstacles so who cares?

Platform Madness 2 has no story, but with a name as uncreative as Platform Madness 2 (Fun Platform Level must have been taken) you shouldn't be expecting a story. You should be expecting fantastic gameplay, which is where Platform Madness delivers.

Platform Madness 2's level design is simply amazing. Miglioshin is a true pro when it comes to this. It even has a cool (but useless) map, which makes it feel even more like a side scrolling Zelda game. I really don't want to spoil anything in the level as it's truly great. Just go play it, now. Everyone, go play it! NOW! STOP READING! You're still reading, aren't you? Did you play the level? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT! GO PLAY TEH LEVEL!!!!

After a while it feels like Miglioshin is running out of ideas and repeating stuff. There is a lot of switches, grabbing, and an incredible likeness to Pixalation. Luckily, when you feel any kind of tediousness setting in, a boss battle pops up. The bosses are pretty nice as well and I don't know how Miglioshin didn't fill up the thermo by the first one.

If I can say any actual complaint about this level, it's that it's too long. Following Miglioshin tradition, this level could have you playing anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Yes, it's long. LONG! Very very very very long. VERY LONG!

I'm thirsty. Platform Madness 2 is fun. Go play it. Go play all of Mig's levels. It might take a couple hours though. :p


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Nice review! Although, I would argue that the map IS useful.... in that the level is very very very very (etc) long, it helps to have some kind of idea that you're progressing. The map did this for me.

I agree.... GO PLAY IT - and don't give up until you win!

08-24-2009, 02:16 PM
I played the series with M'Shin himself and had a lot of fun, so the level can be enjoyed anyway even in multi.
Go play it now.