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08-16-2009, 08:49 PM
This level is a very neat and original mini-game.
The point of any survival mini-game is to get the highscore, and this level really uses that in a unique way.

You are place on a two layer thick, checkered ground, in a small room. Points will fall onto a couple of the checkered squares, and then a few seconds later the squares will bounce up, so that anything above them goes flying to the electrified ceiling.
In other words, you have to get the points before they bounce up. Some other hazards intelligently pop out in really immersive ways, and it quickly ramps up in difficulty. Soon you'll be trying to memorize - during fast paced action/dodging - which points landed first, and which squares are yet to bounce up, so that you don't accidentally run over a square just as it flings you to the ceiling.
It's great fun.

I recommend single player because it could get laggy with more, but if you've got a decent connection more doesn't hurt!

It's a great mini-game so check it out!

Author: monocro00
Level: [Japanese writing] Game.jp

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