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08-30-2009, 06:20 PM
Hey evrbod! Yes, I'm finally back to review your levels. I'm sorry for such a long delay, but with band camp and back to school and ZELDA I didn't have time for LBP. Luckily for you I beat Ocarina of Time, huh? So now I'm ready to dive back into the mystical magical world of LBP to review The Bearer Pt 4.

The Bearer is a series of Lord of the Rings tribute levels by Takelow. I gave the second one a great review, if I remember correctly. They all look amazing, but does the series still have any Zaz in it?

Again, The Depths looks excellent. It's incredibly detailed and fits the LotR theme. The fire demon is the only thing that looks bad. Seriously, the fire demon (you know, the one that Gandalf goes like "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" to?) is just lazy. I mean, everything else looks so incredibly good it just doesn't make sense. Here's a picture of a cat drinking out of a toilet:


Gameplay-wise, The Depths is actually pretty dull. You're pretty much just dragging the ring back and forth and pressing buttons as you do so so you can advance. Okay, maybe I'm leaving some stuff out. You might have to leave the ring there so you can do an incredibly easy puzzle or jump across a gap to push a button, but overall The Depths really does nothing spectacular in terms of gameplay

The Depths really has no story, but it's a tribute level. It doesn't need to explain everything, you should already know it. It's like how I wouldn't expect an Ocarina of Time level to explain what a Gerudo is and Ganon's motives. It's solely for LotR fans, and even though I wouldn't call myself a big LotR fan, The Depths seems to have enough references and accuracy to please any Lord of the Rings fan.

This level is for Lord of the Rings fans. If you like LotR, you'll like this level. If you don't like LotR, you won't like this level. /review

08-31-2009, 07:12 PM
Thank you awesomemans for the review. It seems fair...apart for the demon i think lol. I mean, i have a lot of very good returns on it.

I will just add that the level has a 25% heart/play ratio and four stars. It was not evident when you just read the review... lol