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09-09-2009, 03:23 AM
Whoops, due to my laziness and could-care-lessness I have reviewed the wrong level. I bet this is a first in LBP history. Media Molecule, where's my crown?!? Oh well. After an hour of playing this frustrating level something is getting reviewed around here! Plus, also due to my laziness, people will request a review as soon as their level is published but I won't get around to it 'til next year. So this is more relevant! YEAH!

Yay for me!

WARNING: The following paragraph has information both from the description of the level and my own interpretations. To ensure that no one cries or sues me, put the phrase "or something like that" at the end of every sentence in this paragraph. Thank you.

Lost Ages 2 is a level that takes place in a land where great engineers once lived. Then they all died, but not before making tons of windmills, broken bridges, sponge blocks, and flying whatchamakawlitz. Their souls are trapped in some golden block of gold which you have to get to (or, more accurately, stumble upon) by swinging on some wheels for a while and dying a lot. LA2 has no speech bubbles besides the intro. Instead, it allows allows the setting to tell the story.

This is Ringmaster-Kratos's first review. Say "hi" everyone!

My award for best looking level has been jumping all over the place, going from Tree Fortress to Journey to the Center of the Earth to The Bearer 2. Unfortunately, you've all been beaten by Aurongel's jaw-droppingly atmospheric, detailed, and amazing levels. However, for coolest style and most creative style, I think I would have to give it to Lost Ages 2 (after I give it to Splapp-me-do) for a look that combines Ico, Prince of Persia, and an own personal style. It all meshes perfectly to create one of the most original looking levels ever.


Lost Ages 2 might have some of the best level design ever. To be honest, it feels a bit like Zelda in terms of design with all the blocks you need to move, and I like that. However, it ditches its Zelda-like feel for the second half of the level for a more "let's make people tear there hair out" approach. If that was your goal, Deftmute, congratulations. You've succeeded. During the night section, a lot of the challenges felt unfair and too hard. There's just this sudden leap in the difficulty. The night section is why this level took me an hour, and that is why the final problem I had felt like a blow to the manhood.

Blocks are cool!!!!!!!1!11!one!

Let me tell you my biggest problem with this level: I didn't beat it. I couldn't beat it. WARNING: SPOILERS A'COMIN'!!!! So in the last room there's a little golden thing that you have to jump on to kill. I did that....and nothing happened. I expected to drop down to the score board any time, but no. So I left the room and explored for a little bit....and nothing. I went back to the last room. Nothing. It might have been a glitch, but do you expect me to go through that torturous night section again? I didn't think so.


Lost Ages II is ANOTHER one of those levels that you should stay out of if you're a casual LBP player. However, if you're a hardcore tough as bones cool kid like me, then this level should be a blast, even if you do spend an hour trying to do the same stupid section over and over again. The beauty, original level design, and atmosphere will all have you coming back.


09-12-2009, 03:08 PM
oh no! that dreaded glitch! i have been trying to sort that out. i don't know how often it happens but ive never been able to reproduce it.
anyways thanks for the review Awesomemans.