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09-11-2009, 01:03 AM
Since LBP has come out, we have seen tons of different genres in one game. We have seen those traditional platformers, side-scrolling shooters, puzzles, arcade games, educational levels, and those levels where you kill famous cartoon characters. Siren: The Lost World Episode 2 is the first level I've seen so far to cross over into the adventure genre (You know, those games where you go around and get keys out of toilets with a plunger you steal from a ghost). It's also the first level that's so dark I can't see it over the glare of the lights in my house. It's also one of those attempts at a horror level that usually fail. But, with the release of the Monster Pack and a different gameplay style than most horror levels, can Siren break this trend?

I CAAAN'T SEE ANYTHING! ...I have two fingers, no wait, I have three fingers.

I didn't play the first level, but from what I could infer from the second level....ahem:

Your name is Joey J. B. Bradigan. You're an Alaskan eskimo baby. Upon your birth, Kim Jong Il riding a blue whale emerged from the depths to say "Gorgitillia pla n'taligo", which roughly translates into "You shall save the World, eskimo baby!". Since Eskimos are evil villains, they throw the baby into the Pacific Ocean. Luckily, babies float, so Joey J. B. Bradigan washed upon the shores of North Korea. Unfortunately, it had been 500 years and the Eskimos had taken over North Korea and executed Kim Jong Il The Great Dragon Slayer. Now Joey J. B. Bradigan must go through time and space, and save, punish, and judge the whale babies of the 4th dimensions.

Either the story is about all that, or some japanese curse and saving your friends, I don't know. :p

Curses hide keys in funny places. Like vending machines and dirty toilets.

As I said, Siren: The Lost World 2 is like an adventure game. The whole level has you collecting random items, like toilet plungers, to help you find funny keys. Why were so many people ****ting keys? Is it because they mistook that thing in the vending machine for food? SLW2 has all the things you would expect from an adventure game, which is pretty much just finding items and opening doors, and of course, a nice area to explore. When you first enter the level it feels pretty explorable. Since this level is based off of the survival horror game I never played, it's also supposed to be scary, and it actually pulls it off pretty well. You only get one life (or at least on the hard difficulty) and you know a thing (I couldn't make them out in the dark) could pop up at any second. It's still not scary, especially not while running through as Ringmaster Kratos, but everything is so gray and motionless it does feel a bit depressing. It's pretty intense when you see the first ghost, too. It's something few LBP levels can pull off. SLW2 is a prime example for those of you who want to know how to pull of a "scary" LBP level.

You think he's mad here? You should have seen him on the merry-go-round

One of my few complaints with this level is an incredibly senseless and stupid feature which makes you replay and redo a 2/3rds of what you already did to see the real end of the level. While this multiple mission feature could really work in a level, it's the exact same as the first mission except the last part. This feature really is pointless. I don't see why he couldn't take out the first ending and just make a few adjustment to make it all work in one play-through. It just seems like a senseless ploy to get more plays. While I'm sure this wasn't the intent, it's a pretty pointless feature.


Siren: The Lost World Ep. 2 is a very nice step into the adventure genre. If you're interested in making an adventure level or just want to play one, SiLW2 is a perfect choice. If you want action, well I would avoid this one. The level is detailed, clever, and pretty spooky for LBP. I'm very interested to see how the story wraps up. Can Joey J. B. Bradigan save North Korea?

Scoreboard! Trust me, that's the scoreboard.

:star::star::star::star: and hearted.

09-11-2009, 01:39 AM
:p OMG! Thanks so much for the hilarious review. That completely made me laugh. SO I got some of your points and I'll be sure to spruce up the next level by like change up the "second mission" more. Thanks again!

EDIT: Oh and thanks for being the first person to actually review my level! No one else has been consistent enough.