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09-16-2009, 09:49 AM
Level name: Human body: The inside job
PSN: Jrange378

So, after an overlong period of me being a bit sucked into various new and overly exciting game releases over the past month, well, the general shiny-ness of those has worn down enough that I can get back to doing reviews here.

.....and what a level to come back to.

I mean, just..... whoa.

I'll point out one thing right away: I do like the more bizarre levels out there. The general wierdness and oddity of levels like this can be humorous, creative, and even visually appealing, all at once.

Though, I did have a few qualms with this one.

The basic premise of this stage is, the world's most enormous doctor tells you about his patient, who he just cannot seem to cure of his ailment.... so guess, just guess, how you get to cure it. How else? By diving inside of the patient and grabbing stuff!

So, you jump into the most enormous patient ever, by way of his mouth. And right from the start, well, this level is definitely strange, and has a very unique style to it.

There is very good use of materials, as far as graphics go.... that part impressed me. And you'll certainly see some wacky things as you continue your quest to discover what ails this poor giant.

Gameplay-wise, well, you're not gonna see much challenge here.... this is more of a "explore and see-stuff" sort of stage. One which really focuses on the visuals, and overall style. All of which, really, works pretty well.

There are some score bubbles to be had, but their use is oddly sporadic throughout the stage. The stage is definitely not about scoring high, but they're still in there, at least.

The level isnt particularly long, and manages to stay entertaining throughout most of it. Humorous, or just plain bizarre, it will at least hold the attention of most players all the way through.

But.... as I'd said.... there were a couple of issues I did have with this level.

The main one: It's a bit buggy. I ran into multiple bugs on each playthrough of this level. For example, on the "rollercoaster" thing. Every time I used that, it'd get going, and then randomly, Sackboy would be electrified, and the thing would stop, wait for him to respawn, go a bit further, and maybe do it one more time before reaching the end of the track. Or another annoying bug, where the.... uh.... er..... "ride" at the end gets jammed halfway through, and you just plain cannot continue from there. There's more than a few bugs here, and they're all irritating. They do rather damage the overall experience.

And while the level is pretty, the simple fact is that there's only so much to the gameplay. It mostly consists of walking/flying around grabbing stuff. You wont see anything here that you havent seen multiple times before. Gameplay-wise, at least. Graphically.... yeah, there's some interesting.... uh.... things here.

But let's get to the scoring:

Gameplay: 4/10

I hate to have to give this particular item a low score like that, but I gotta be honest here. There just isnt much to the gameplay here.... a couple of jumps you gotta make, here and there, but mostly it's just walking, flying, and occaisionally grabbing some object to activate something. The equivilent of wandering around just pulling switches. This, unfortunately, was the part of the level that I found a bit lacking. This score is also damaged further by the simple fact that it is a rather buggy stage.

Graphics/sound: 8/10

This is a pretty good looking level. And it has a style all it's own, which it keeps up all throughout. You never quite know what you're gonna see next, and it's all wonderfully bizarre. Seeing all of this wacky stuff seems to be the main purpose of the level, and is certainly the main reason to play it. I did, however, find the music to seem a bit out of place.... and that one theme will play the entire..... freaking..... time. Lol.

Challenge: 1/10

If you die here, well, it means you made a mistake, basically. This level isnt meant to challenge you. It's meant to be wacky! Which it is.

Pacing/length: 7/10

Not an overlong stage, and manages to hold interest by way of being.... well, totally crazy, keeping you wondering just what you'll encounter next. It seems just the right length to me, for such a level. Not exactly filled with excitement, though.

Overall: 5/10

The bugs definitely dropped the score a bit here. Im sorry, but bugs in.... well, anything.... always just BOTHER me. The level is visually appealing.... and that's the main reason to play it. It's that type of level, and for what it's purpose is, it does it well. If those bugs were fixed though, I think the overall experience would be alot better. There's alot of good things here, but it's not without it's flaws.


Oh dear. What HAVE I gotten myself into. I can already tell this is going to get a bit loopy.

This guy is sick with..... monster eggs? I do rather feel sorry for him, at this point.

I tried to think of a witty comment for this one. I failed. I think it speaks for itself, though.

09-16-2009, 12:11 PM
Wow, I like crazy creative levels, even the ones that are mainly for visuals than gameplay. Nice review by the way. :)