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09-20-2009, 11:35 PM
Escape From a Creepy House will be my second review of one of these atmospheric adventure type levels. The thing about these levels is that you have to be creative or else it's boring. These levels are supposed to be like giant puzzles. You pick up items that might have no use alone, but with other items they begin to make sense, like connecting the dots. Making a level with a creepy atmosphere is a pretty incredible feat in such a lighthearted game. Can Oerjeke pull it off as successfully as Exalted_Yawn?


Escape From a Creepy House has you waking up hungover in a bathroom. It isn't your house, and you have to escape. It's a simple premise that could have turned out quite nicely if it was actually atmospheric and creative. Unfortunately, EFCH seems like it's trying everything it can not to be scary or puzzling. It's short, easy, and brightly lit.

Escape From a Creepy House is incredibly easy and severely lacking creative puzzles. Let me use the power of examples to compare Exalted Yawn's masterpiece to Escape From a Creepy House. In Siren: Otherside, there's a part where you see a key in a vending machine. Later, you find a key stuck under a book shelf, so you need to find two halves of tongs to reach under to get the key. This key leads you to the cash register. You get a dollar from the cash register so you can go back to the vending machine and get the key. In Escape From a Creepy House, there's a medical cabinet with a key inside it. The lock is jammed, and sack boy proclaims that he could get in the cabinet with a screwdriver. You go get a screwdriver and then you open the medical cabinet to get the key. You see the difference there? Siren never tells you "you need to get a dollar to get this key", and it doesn't use the vending machine again right away. It waits a while, then gives you the dollar and waits for you to remember the key in the vending machine. Escape From a Creepy House tells you that you need a screwdriver. The screwdriver is just laying around. You don't need to work to get it. The level isn't long enough or big enough to make the thing challenging at all.


Another thing Escape From fails pretty bad at is atmosphere. In the descriptions it claims to have a great atmosphere, but it really doesn't. There's nothing creepy about this house at all. It's just a house with all the lights turned off and some creepy painting. There's nothing particularly odd about this house. ...Well, that's not entirely true, but for LBP, there's not really anything to make it creepy, just weird. There's no sense of danger, it's just a house with keys scattered throughout the place. If Escape From made me nervous at all I would have given it some credit, but no, it didn't.

Yeah, that's the only thing a bit creepy about this level.

Perhaps I'm being a little too harsh on Escape From a Creepy House, comparing it to Siren: Otherside. Let's look at the things it did right, shall we? The house itself looks fine. Having items in your inventory as stickers was a nice idea. I think it's better than an invisible inventory, however I can see it could be immersion breaking, so I guess that's preference. Oerjeke shows some level of understanding on how these levels should work, but not enough to make a good one.


I'm not trying to be mean here, but this level isn't a good atmospheric adventure level. It's not scary, it's lacking creative puzzles, and is ridiculously short. I think if you're going to make another one of these levels, you should check out some other levels first. You could pull it off, you just need to see what makes one of these levels scary. ...I recommend Siren: Otherside. :p