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09-27-2009, 02:04 AM
Tell me whyyyyy
Why must I cryyy
Tell me whyyy?
Why must I cry?
Why must I cryyyyyy.

Why must i cry
Why must I cry why
Why must I cry why
Why must I cry why
why must I cry why
Why must I cry why
why must I cry
tell me why

No matter what I did
something this kid
since he was eight all he ever did was lie and steal from me
And now he's 17 I thought that he changed but when I thought that kid, he's still hating on meee
It makes me sad to see this kid still hatin on me he's bad. I just can't lie anymore. I gotta push him through the door.
Listen, this kid stole my jewelry.
I turn my back and he still might run from me.
Kid be careful you're gonna shoot someone and end up in jail.
A death sentence, is that what you want?
I know you really hate me but why did you have to do these things to me?
It's not fair you really don't care.
Don't understand why you gotta go this route.
Don't you understand without a doubt it's the wrong route understaaand.

Tell me why.
Why must I cry?
Tell me whyyyyyyyyyy.
WHY MUST I CRY!?!?!?!?!?
Why must I cry why?
why must I cry why?
Why must I cry why?
Tell me why
Why must I cry why
why must I cry why
Why must I cry why
Tell me why

Tell me star
Who do you think you are?
Using those kids as weapons, you know it's not fair.
How do I really love you when I really miss you and phaza!
Now I got kids on the waaaay.
Tell me star you've gone away.
Haven't heard from ya that's why.
Tell me why
TELL ME WHY!?!?!?!???!??

Reh Dogg is my hero.

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