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09-28-2009, 12:36 AM
A while back I began watching Twin Peaks, the tv series made by David Lynch in the 1980s. After the first season I was absolutely mesmerized. It was incredible, and it ends on a cliffhanger, and leaving you with the knowledge that there are some incredibly dark secrets just waiting to be unveiled.

I eventually got my hands on the second season, and the first many episodes are masterful - one in particular featured some of the most incredible storytelling I've seen in film. And it was on a TV show!

Unfortunately, after Lynch left the series to concentrate on his movie career (Wild at Heart), the show began to lose its way, and the mid-season up until the last 4 episodes are so becomes as bad as a soap-opera. At the very end it becomes enormously engaging again, and the last episode brings back David Lynch's strangeness in absolutely full force. It then proceeds to end on a ridiculous and unsatisfying tv-series cliche cliffhanger that was followed by a cancelling of the show, and no Twin Peaks fan has ever known what came next, because it was never written.

But there was a prequel movie that came out called Fire Walk With Me, which I recently watched, completing my Twin Peaks plunge.

Any big Twin Peaks fans here? I know CheesyMcFly and myself are Black Lodge tenants, but not sure of anyone else. Come out of the woodworks!

09-28-2009, 08:47 AM
"Diane, last night I dreamed I was eating a large, tasteless gumdrop, and awoke to discover I was chewing on one of my foam disposable earplugs. Perhaps I should consider moderating my nighttime coffee consumption."

Hell yeah, I'm a Twin Peaks fan! David Lynch is the greatest director in history as far as I'm concerned. (Although I can appreciate that his films are much too obfuscated for a mainstream audience)

09-28-2009, 08:55 AM
Here I am!
I noticed Cheesy's dwarf avatar ;)
I watched it when I was a teen, then my girlfriend bought the DVDs and we watched it again, then I too bought the DVDs.

Too bad that US TV watchers don't follow cool stuff like Twin Peaks or Invasion

09-28-2009, 09:26 PM
Truth is, the only way I watched this was a combination of two things:

- It was the final piece of work in David Lynch's career that I hadn't seen.

- My arm was twisted by my friends.

Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered - I just don't watch dramatic TV. And, funny enough, for all the love I have for Twin Peaks, the show by the end proved my point, and the reason why I avoid dramatic storytelling in TV (aside from miniseries): The writers have to end up milking it to keep the show going. They milk it DRY. Without any "end" in sight for a series, it ends up just losing steam and resembling something of a corpse being only roughly animated by electrical current. Happily, Lynch returns in full form at the end and reclaims, briefly, his series and reminds us why we started watching it to begin with.

Look at the ridiculous twist at the end of Season 2. Look at how they "resolve" (Did I say resolve? I meant PROLONG) the Ed-Nadine story. Plus, there was an explosion in the final episode that took out my two favorite characters next to Dale Cooper. Plus the ridiculous final twist, and I just wasn't feeling compelled to watch the non-existent "Season 3". I think, perhaps it's better that the show ended when it did.

But what an ending - The Black Lodge was every bit as strange and mystifying as you could possibly hope for from Lynch.

And the movie - as bleak and humorless as it becomes, it featured some of the best filmmaking I've seen. In particular, the dream sequence in which Laura Palmer goes through the doorway. It was one of the most unsettling, truly frightening, incredible things I've seen in a movie. I had to pause it to use the bathroom just after that scene. In the silence of the house and the brief walk to the bathroom I found myself completely freaked out.

09-29-2009, 08:55 AM
It finished badly even because Lynch had to rush his stuff and close everything possible in a quick way.
I don't know...

04-08-2010, 06:45 PM
It's one of the best tv series I've ever seen. Only thing is I came in late when they showed it on TV here for 2 years ago, I have not seen the first 10 episode if I'm right.

04-10-2010, 01:39 AM
hehe... "there was a fish in the percolator!!"

04-16-2010, 07:31 PM
One of my all-time favorites! An for the record, at the time, there was nothing bigger... It was a 'must' watch show (Americans got it!) Problem being- the bar was so high that first season and the second season was a major disappointment. I mean it went nowhere, got there, ridiculous and fast! One of my greatest TV disappointments.... Season 2. It nearly became a satire of itself... felt like SNL for pete's sake! So sad. I miss my log lady. By the time the movie came about it was a tarnished property already... only hardcore fans saw it.

04-20-2010, 01:30 AM
Very true, the second season is a depressing slog to have to sit through. Hard, hard times. It regains all of its surreality times about a thousand in the final couple of episodes... but it was just too late to save the ridiculous cartoon soap opera it had become.