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Don Vhalt
09-19-2008, 07:46 PM
it is now possible to download the burnout bikes update. you get 2 bikes.:)

09-19-2008, 08:26 PM
it is now possible to download the burnout bikes update. you get 2 bikes.:)

Yeah it's free too, all the updates on this game has been free. Way to go:)

09-19-2008, 10:18 PM
wow and the feel of speed is crazy

09-19-2008, 10:31 PM
Definitely getting this either pre-owned or when it releases on PSN. Whichever's cheaper. I loved the demo but never got round to getting the game.

Mark D. Stroyer
09-19-2008, 10:38 PM
Actually...there are four. You get one at 50% complete, another at 100%. Mostly upgrades and different versions of the previous two, but with higher skill requirements.

I played through all the rides, day and night, and am now 100% complete (as of last night at 11:50), and some ways into the road rules. Overall, I thought that the bikes are very tight, but too forgiving. Obviously, this is to focus on the actual racing, not the crashing (and they did a fine job at getting that done). But it was TOO forgiving and easy. But there needed to be more traffic, frankly. I always thought the bikes pack would have MORE, and you'd be weaving through them like crazy in the city, but they balanced it the wrong way...

Sense of speed with them is very good, (Burnout, after all) but not QUITE the frenetic level of the high-level cars. Because the bikes are (ironically) more stable and predictable than the cars, there seems to be a bit lost, even though you are going blazing speeds. (Although it's taken to an exponential level if you start racing in first-person rather than third, especially at night.) Also, the motorcycles were excellently modeled, and the riders excellently animated and detailed. Top-notch work.

The day/night cycle was excellently done, (although for the moment I'm using a pretty dark screen so it made the middle of the night more difficult, but once I'm able to change back, it should be just right) and night driving was suitably difficult, without being too difficult if you know the city decently well. (I have it memorized, so no problem here.) Weather I haven't seen much more than fog, but it adds a lot of character to it. If there's one thing I'd add, it would be seeing the sun, because aside from a patch of bright light on the sky, it's hard to detect, usually.

However, this is without doubt their best update, as it adds a whole lot of extra detail and depth to the game, all at an extreme level of quality. It's just what driving around the clock and ripping through the city on a motorcycle should be like.