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11-04-2009, 12:09 AM
When the Bombs DIDN'T Fall by Chuck_18mp is an attack on bomb survival challenges. By now we've all seen at least one level attacking another LBP trend, whether it was a level attacking H4H or a level attacking levels attacking H4H. They all seem to have something in common, too: They all suck as much as the levels they're attacking. Take Anti-H4H levels, for example. It's just as pointless and time-wasting as the H4H levels except I don't see H4H levels on the first page of Cool Levels. So, is When the Bombs Didn't Fall any different?


Simply put, yes. It's a lot different. One could even say it's a good level! It fits all qualifications! WTBDF has a cool premise, has nice details and visuals, is more than 25 seconds long, and plays like a good level should. When the Bombs didn't Fall is a good example of a level that attacks a dull and overused genre in a sophisticated and almost sarcastic way.

When the Bombs didn't Fall is about what happens to unused bombs in bomb survival levels. Have any of you seen the Jimmy Neutron where Carl Wheezer goes to Show and Tell and shows off his hot dog bun, but he says it's also a "stylish hat", a "comfy seat cushion", and a "beautiful butterfly"? That's what this level kind of feels like. It's like showing someone who is addicted to bombs how they can use them in different ways, like a "bomb bridge" and "bomb stairs". And this is where you, being the impressively stupid moron you are, ask me, a glorious example of what happens when you don't grow up eating glue and defecate in between having inappropriate relations with squirrels, "Why have bomb stairs when you can just have normal stairs?" This is where I laugh and say "That's why it's funny, you imbecile! It may not be laugh-out-loud funny or even "heh-heh" funny but...just never mind. Look who I'm explaining this to. After the first half, the level centers around an incredibly creepy little girl who has been waiting for her dad for a year. She has built a jungle gym for you out of

Bomb bridges.

When the Bombs didn't Fall has a very industrial-type look. Players will be reminded of The Construction Site from the Metropolis levels in Story Mode. I feel like it could have been more polished, some sections of the level seemed a bit sloppy or some choices seemed needless, but for the most part visuals are fine. The creepy little girl has a style that is all its own, but I wish the level would have been able to showcase this style more. There's nothing that seems sloppy, but some parts obviously received more detail and attention than others. Oh, and the creepy girl is some of the best character design I've seen in LBP. Just sayin'.


Due to writer's block, this is the paragraph of the review where I talk about gameplay. When the Bombs didn't Fall isn't revolutionary. All of the platforming is fun and there's obviously a bit of creativity in it, but it's not anything that will have you uncontrollably licking your television screen like in Tree Fortress 2 or in one of my new favorite levels, Attack of the Flying Donkeys (seriously, check it out). I hate using this term, but I'm going to. I think the platforming in this level is "MM quality", which is actually really great. However, these days, that doesn't mean your level is TEH BETST! It means it's good. Above average.


Due to more writer's block, this is the concluding paragraph. In conclusion, When the Bombs DIDN'T fall is a clever level which looks good and plays good, but what you'll be coming back for is the premise and tone.

:star::star::star::star: and hearted. :p