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The story you about to read is solely based on the hit game, Call of Duty: World At War's mode, Nazi Zombies. All of this is fiction and is only a theory of mine that I think what happened in there. I don't own Nazi Zombies, Treyarch does.

May contain content not suitable for children.

If I ever die… if I should ever die… no… I shall never die.

0400 Military Hours

“What happened to Miller!” General Pendleton said furiously.

Captain Taylor said, “I don’t know sir, but I think…” ,but Taylor was interrupted by someone had come running toward them, shouting.

“I know what happened to Miller’s team! I know what happened!” ,said Corporal Richard said. He was a tall man, who looked like he rarely ate, and his blond hair matched his blue eyes. He was panting a bit, until he spoke to both Pendleton and Taylor.

“I was in the transmission room, and I heard Miller radio in for back up.”

“So, do you know what happened to them?”, asked Pendleton.

A crowd was forming from Richard’s shouting, and everybody wanted to know what happened to Miller and his team.

“It was zombies . No lie.” ,said Richard. There was a talk among the crowd, and all of them sighed as they suspected the news was false. Taylor ranted for a while, mentioning zombies aren’t real once in a while, and then stopped. Pendleton said nothing until the last of the crowd left.

“Richard, listen closely. I can’t believe it, but I think you’re right. I heard the transmission. Miller was mentioning zombies a lot, and I heard yells, too. I believe this is what CENTCOM was talking about, the secret German project that they mentioned a lot. So, I need you to get Dempsey and tell him it’s a important for him to come geared up.”

“Why Dempsey? Of all people, he would be the last reliable person.” ,said Richard.

“Just get him. I’ll explain later.”

Richard left, confused from all the commotion. He hadn’t realized that zombies had killed Captain Miller’s team. So as he went looking for Dempsey, he couldn’t help wonder, Why would Pendleton want Dempsey for?

0430 Military Hours

“Steh auf du Schwein! Der Arzt muss Sie zu sehen.”

Peter stood up reluctantly from his seat in the plane. He was on board with a squad made up of six soldiers from the German Army. He was in an asylum when they found him, and they were taking him to what looked like a Chinese forest. The German officer who yelled at him spoke again.

"Steh auf! Wir sind nicht für Ihre Dummheit dafür bezahlt!" He continued to speak in German, stopping once in a while to urge Peter to move out of the plane faster.

Peter didn’t know German, but from the looks of the Germans, he knew he had to get out of the plane. So, walking out of the plane without looking at the Germans’ faces, Peter got out of the plane, and stood near a dirt road, before the German officer shouted "Bewegt euch!" Peter began to walk down the road alongside the Germans.

During the walk, Peter noticed the road they were taking was riddled in blood. Many bullet shells were on the ground, and places where animals would usually live in were either abandoned, or full of maggots eating at decaying bodies. It was about twenty minutes since Peter’s walk began, when the Germans haulted. All of them raised their weapons, and the German officer once again gave out an order.

“Halten Sie die Augen auf die Greuel! Und lassen Sie die Gefangenen entkommen!” Peter was now being pushed in a gesture to keep moving. He started to go down the road again, but then stood frozen at a noise he recognized immediately.


He began to shout.

“No, not them. ****!” He sat on the ground, and felt the urge of crying. Two German soldiers picked him up, and forced him to walk down the road, both keeping their eyes on the sides on the road.

Two men were in the front, three men were in the back, and the officer was next to Peter and the two soldiers near him, all in the middle of the slowly progressing group. It was not long before they all reached a swamp. In the swamp, stood a shabby looking building made of wood with several other houses surrounding it.

0520 Military Hours

“Sir, you called.”

It was Dempsey’s voice. He was a man who looked like he got into many fights before, because of some scars he had on his arms. Although he had little hair on his white head, he would occasionally flip through it as if he did. He was now standing in front of General Pendleton in his standard army uniform, with the usual dangling dog tags around his neck.

“So Pendleton, why am I here?”

“That’s General Pendleton to you, Dempsey.” Pendleton reached for his left pocket, and took out a map of a forest.

“We have reason to believe that Captain Miller’s team was ambushed and killed by zombies.”

Dempsey burst into laughter, and other soldiers around the base turned to see him have his fun. All of them went back to their business as soon as Pendleton began to talk.

“This is not a joke, Dempsey. This is a real military mission for you.”

“Sir, with all due respect, I know these zombies are real. It’s just that how can a bunch of meat sacks get the jump on ole’ Miller and his squad?”

“Well that’s what I was wondering.” In came Corporal Richard, who was laughing like Dempsey was a while ago. “So, you mind telling me about these zombies?”

“So, you want to know about the zombies, huh?” Pendleton asked. “Well then, Dempsey, tell him all about it.”
Dempsey, who was playing with his dog tags, leaned close to Richard for him to hear.

“Okay, here’s the story. The Germans got creative, and figured they should make a perfect army, because their current army is nothing but ****. So two scientist began experimenting on some poor dead ********. Seems they want the Germans to keep on fighting, even in death. Anyways, they went tinkering with the German soldiers, but no luck, that is until a meteor landed somewhere in China. They got a hold of that **** and were able to make these walking maggots. So now my, and probably some other unlucky men’s, mission is to find a doc named Richtofen. His partner, unfortunately, met a real ****** up death. He and his daughter were attacked by some mutated Fido. Ironically, he tortured the little animal, along with live humans, the sick-o. The pup got him back for that, I guess.

Now, we have been told that Richtofen was last spotted in a swamp in China, and from what we heard over the last transmission from Miller, we think they took Peter there. That’s where yours truly comes in. I have to go and save the doc, kill the meats, and keep my *** clean of bullets. So, now that you know about the situation, go and get my gear.”

Richard took a moment to absorb all the information, then he spoke.

“But Pendleton didn’t say anything about going to the swamp yet.”

“True. But I’m going now. Trust me, I know Pendleton. He’s going to tell me to go any minute.”
True to his word, Pendleton called out.


With a grin, he started walking toward Pendleton, turned back to Richard, who was now heading for the barracks and equipment room, and shouted “Told you!”

0510 Military Hours

Peter was walking across a swamp. The Germans were frantically looking at the trees, so was Peter. He knew that zombies were now in the area, but he didn’t know why. Why were they here? Where they after him? Will he become one of him? Should he just let them kill him? No, he was thinking too hard. He just followed the Germans. He started to think that if they were going to torture him, it would be better than meeting the same fate as his fallen friend, Kennedy.

Kennedy, who died shortly, was investigating an asylum with Peter. There have been reported deaths in the building, and Kennedy and Peter were sent to check it out. What they thought were just some Charlies in the building, turned out to be zombies, Nazi Zombies, who apparently thirst for blood. As both men tried desperately to survive, Kennedy was bitten in the leg. Peter thought it was minor, but when he saw Kennedy turn into a zombie, he soon realized that it was a virus. Kennedy, once a friend, had bitten Peter’s arm, with the same demonic taste like the other zombies. In the end, Peter shot Kennedy, and sawed his arm off, something that still haunts him today.

"Holen Sie sich jetzt in American!" Yelled the officer.

Peter went inside a small building, filled with vials of liquids and gadgets of wonders. In a table somewhere, he saw a man, who was working ever so fast on a new item. It looked like a Flamethrower, but with what looked like electricity. The man turned around and spoke.

"Sprechen Sie deutsch?”

Peter didn’t know what to say, so he kept quiet. The man spoke again.

“Do you speak German?”

“Oh, well no, not really.”

“It’s a shame. You should learn it.” He then spoke to the officer, who nodded and left with his squad. The man started to talk to Peter again.

“What’s your name soldier?”

Peter felt like the man was important in some way, for he had pictures of anatomies and jars of what appeared organs. Peter just wanted to know more about the zombies, so he replied the man’s question.

“Peter. And yours?”

“Dr. Richtofen. May I ask you what you saw in the asylum, Peter?”

Peter took a breath, and brought himself to explain what he saw. When he finished, the Richtofen stared at Peter’s, what used to be, arm, and the spoke.

“Well, I think you should know that these zombies are my creations. They were supposed to become the perfect army, but they attacked me and my assistants, and escaped. Now the zombies are out here, and they’re growing in numbers unless we stop them.”

Richtofen stood up, and walked to a desk, searching for something. Peter, who instead of being in raged at the doctor for making the monsters, was sitting on the ground, quietly, as if he wanted to help Richtofen get rid of the things. The doctor was still searching, looking for something of importance.

0530 Military Hours

“Dempsey, are you and the squad ready?” Pendleton asked.

Dempsey came running with his gear on him. The squad he was going with was made up of seven people, him, Takeo, Nikolai, Taylor, Private Brunner, Corporal McCormick, and Lieutenant Robison. Dempsey came up to Pendleton, and saw the squad was already there. He looked at Nikolai.

“Hey, why is the dwarf here? He ain’t no American.”

Pendleton spoke. “Well Takeo isn’t either, because Takeo was volunteered for the mission by his army. As for Nikolai, he volunteered personally for Vodka.”

“I like my Vodka!” Nikolai said in a loud, proud voice.

“Listen now.” It was Pendleton talking, his voice demanding. “I need you men to go to a swamp near China. Bring back both Richtofen and Peter. I expect for all of you to radio us as soon as you find Richtofen and Peter. Is that clear?”

The whole replied in unison “Sir, yes sir!”

They headed toward a plane that was already getting ready for take-off. Just as Dempsey was getting on, Pendleton called him.

“Dempsey. Hold on, I need a word with you.”

Dempsey went back to Pendleton, and began to talk.

“Ya, you need me?”

“Well yes. I want you to take this.” Pendleton handed a weapon that resembles a lot like a pistol. It was a weapon Dempsey had never seen before. It had rings at the end, and it was a bit round and wide in the section where you usually put the ammo.

“What the **** is this?” Dempsey asked.

Pendleton, who was examining the weapon he had just given, replied.

“It’s something we found on another investigation. We found it in some building near a plane crash. Seems the whole place was attacked by zombies. We don’t know who made it, but we know it’s capable of killing a zombie in one shot. Take good care of the squad Dempsey.”

Dempsey nodded and ran after the squad, waving the weapon to them in a way of showing off. They entered the plane and took off.

0532 Military Hours

Dr. Richtofen returned back from his search around his desk. He had books, papers, and gadgets of sorts in his hand. He took a seat in front of Peter, and gave some of the items to him.

“This is research on the zombies, Peter. I studied them since the day they broke out. I know that they are cannibals, and that they are powered by a meteor. A meteor called the Tunguska Meteor. You see, the zombies were powered through an element called Element 115.”

“Oh ya. I found out about something like that in the asylum.”

“Correct. The element was injected in the specimens. The first specimens were live Germans. They died at first, so we thought that that was it. Well we were wrong. We found out that they came back alive. Once we found out about that, we started to study these zombies in a factory. We knew we had a powerful undead soldier, and we wanted more of them. So, we left it alone for a second, and the next, it escapes. When it came back, more of them were with it. One of them was an assistant that was recently attacked by it.”

“Like Kennedy.”

Richtofen looked confused. He then asked, “Who is Kennedy?”

Peter began to explain. “He was my friend. He was fighting off the zombies with me, until he got bitten with one and turned into them as well.”

“I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay”, Peter said, forcing himself to stop thinking of the subject.

“The zombies can spread the virus in two ways. One: by biting a live human victim, or two: just walking over a dead human.”

“What do you mean, ‘by just walking over a dead human’?”

“Well Peter, I believe that zombies contain energy from Element 115. This energy can be stored in a body, and it can also be transferred. So when a zombie is standing on a body, it is charging the body with Element 115. The body is to remain dead, being charged until it reaches a point when the body comes alive. That’s how more zombies are made.”

“Oh ****. So how do we stop them?”

“I’m way ahead of you. I’m constructing a miracle weapon, one that can overcharge the zombies, killing them from the overflow. It still needs some adjustments before it can be used.”

Richtofen pulled out a journal, filled with both letters and sticky notes. He handed it to Peter.

“Here, read this. You’ll find it a bit useful.”

Peter read some of the journal entries, and glanced at some notes. He was almost done reading the papers, when he spotted the letters in separate envelopes. He pulled all of it out, and began to read.

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There, the whole story. Sorry for keeping you wainting. :)

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