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11-25-2009, 06:31 PM
Ok, so here is my first collection of map's I made, (they well be posted once I'm out of school)

1) LittleBigNinja part one
This level is vary simpale, it shows you into the LBN world, The king (ling ling) has taken all the worlds gold, and you a ninja in training is chosen to stop the evil king, in this level your going thou the training coarse for the ninja's, and you learn a ninja skill, wall walking, how to do this is skill is vary easy; jump (X) and once your sackboy is about to hit the wall click (R) grab, than tap grab (R) over and over as fast as you can. When you do this than move your analog to the direction that you wont you sackboy to go, (You need to still be taping R) once you are done doing this than stop grabing (R) and you well drop (hopfuly) safely on the other side of a hole. (This level only toke me 5 hours)

2) LittleBigNinja part two
This level use's ninja skill still, but it has much harder task for you to fill out by using the ninja skill, in this level you and the other ninjas are under king ling ling's kingdom, and your team try's to get out BUT the way is blocked, now you need to find out how to get out, if you wont your team to live... (This one toke me 3 day's and I think its alittle short but it looks much better than the first part)

3) From_The_Dead Radio
This is a music level, you can walk under the music box's to listen to your fav LBP PSP song. all the LBP PSP song's are in this level, and the level looks good, you can walk around but there is no game to it, its just a level that let's you listen to the LBP music.

For more look at my PSN From_The_Dead Thanks!

11-25-2009, 10:12 PM
They are posted! Enjoy!