View Full Version : SlingShot help

11-26-2009, 02:54 AM
ok im trying to make a slingshot kinda machine, but im putting it as a secrete level shortcut, like in mario 3 u go in the castle into a secret room and u finish the castle, remember? well i wanna put the slingshot nearly hiden from the beginning, but i cant seem to make the effect.

for what im looking for is to pull back the sling(grab an push back[sack boy in front]) onces they make it to the farthest the sling can pull it will fire automatically sending them flying over the WHOLE stage collecting a few stickers and what not and then hit a wall a sponge fall down directly to the end tv.

but i would like to had angles, if they misfire, the might get hit with a wall a spikes... or a normal wall an they have to continue from there...

all this for the psp of course.. any ideas on how to make? i tried the rubber string... but it doesn't shoot sackboy but if i let go of the small sponge im pushing it goes nuts ahahahhaa