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12-09-2009, 04:36 AM
The Legend of the Christmas Turkey by the RagTagPwner

Do you ever wonder why lots of people eat turkey on Christmas? Itís a very interesting tale. It was the middle of December back in the 1800ís. There was a turkey farm called A Turkey Farm, located near the small village of A Small Village. There were many turkeys at this farm, about a thousand and two. They didnít at all like living at the farm, they wanted to roam free wherever they pleased. Normally turkeys are very dumb and wouldnít be able to do anything about this, but they were able to combine their brain power to become just smart enough to form an escape plan and choose the smartest turkey as their leader. On the 23 of December, the turkey rebellion had begun. They attacked the farmers and ran to the village, which their leader then burnt down with his mystical fire breath that all turkeys have but arenít smart enough to use. Leaving a trail of destruction and fire in their wake, they made their way to other turkey farms convincing the turkeys there to join the rebellion. The next day the people came back to their sense and formed a counter-attack. The turkeys not having guns were easily crushed, but not before the turkeys had caused much destruction and chaos. Triumphant from their victory, all the people feasted on the turkeys on Christmas day. It was then decided by unspoken consent that every year on Christmas, tons of turkey would be eaten in order to avoid another massive rebellion. That is the legend of the Christmas turkey.