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09-26-2008, 01:38 AM
I know it's a really strange name of a mmorpg, but it just came out today in the japanese PSN update.

Has any one had the chance to play the ps3's first free mmorpg?

VVVV Sign up procedure.
First, load the game, and click on the big icon on the top right with the pencil.

Step 1- Enter your E-mail address in both boxes. Click on the Orange button on the left, at the end of the page.

Step 2 - Press the orange button on the left

Step 3 - Open up your e-mail account which you entered, and find the e-mail from Qonline. Note the code in the middle of the mail (above the word Playstation3). Click on the orange button on the left.

Step 4 - Enter your e-mail address in the top box, and the code you received in the bottom box. (Case sensitive)

Step 5 - Boxes from top to bottom:

*Enter your desired ID name.
*Gender Male (left) Female (right)
*Password (repeat)
*Date of Birth (Year, Month, Day)
*Receive mail from the game? Do receive (left) Don't receive (right)
*Verify Please enter the digits in the box below

Press the orange button.

Step 6 - Check your details and confirm with the orange button on the left.

Step 7 - Press the blue Go to Top button.

Enter your QID and Password on the right, and click the big orange Login button.
If you can't remember your password, the blue writing just under the button is the password reminder.

On the screen with the 4 panels, click on the top left, which should bring you to the update screen. And the game will download the latest version. I did it a different way and can't test it now, so if you see something other than that, press circle, and you will be prompted to go back to the game screen. Press yes and it will update...

After the update it will say "there is no save data"(in Japanese), click OK, it says it will create save data. Click OK. It says the data was created. Click OK.

The next screen is the screen adjust. Left makes the screen bigger, right makes the screen smaller. Circle accepts.

Wait for the game to load, then press circle on the button at the bottom of the license agreement.

You'll see a Server Select screen. (4 servers)
Pick which one you want (I'm on Zesu which is the bottom left one)
Enter your ID and Password, then click on the tick.

Next screen is the channel select screen. Click on one of the options at the top. One or two ( - or = )

You'll see the character select screen. At the right most panel, there are 3 options, Start, Character Create and Character Delete. Pick the middle option, Character Create.
Hair style is on the left, height is above the character. Hair colour is on top, skin colour is on the bottom. Click the arrow right to go to the next screen.

This is your Bio Screen.
First box is your character name.
Second is the date of birth. You can only pick the month (first) and date (second).
Third is your animal sign which changes according to the date you enter.
Fourth is your blood type. Enter it if you know it. Notice! In Japan, AB is considered to be a bad blood type. If you want to be popular, don't pick AB! O is the most popular blood type.

Once you're done you'll be back at the character selection screen. You'll see an "UP" icon. You can upload your own picture if you like.

Click the Top option in the panel to the right to start playing!