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12-21-2009, 02:05 AM

So. Seeing as I suffer from extreme create A.D.D.

I decide, why not build levels, but review them instead...

Attention: These Reviews will provide minimal positive feedback as I will be only be trying to find problems. Not good pieces.

Ok, with that out of the way my reviews will be comprised of only "un-positive" feedback.

Why you ask?

Because I dont know what is good now-a-days. Plus its really opinionated.

For example...

I hate bomb-survivals and obstacle courses. But apparently 95% of the LBP community enjoys them :grr:

My reviews will consist of the following:

Nit-picking remarks: What I found could be editted to make the level more exciting, appealing, or less frustrating.

Pictures! Yes, I will try to provide as many pictures I can of faults I found in levels. The problem with this? It delays your review by a little bit because it requires I play the level through a second time to take the pictures, then go through the process of putting them on this site. You make request not to have pictures in order to speed up your review!

Ratings I havent formulated an exciting review system yet...So...until I do itll will just be a general set-up. i.e. Visuals, Game Play, Story, Creativity, Originality, etc.

Super Rad Area Yea, its just the area where ill place my favorites levels Ive reviewed.

Your review will be place in one of two places:

-Your level thread
-This section of the forums, either because you dont have a showcase thread or just want me to post it as a new thread. :p

And that about sums it up.

Review Queue: Queue Closed until I finish these reviews. New gifts are distracting me. =/

-Trick Or Die by Awesomemans
-Dreamscape by Bonner123
-A Land of Apparent Virtue by Bonner123
-SIREN: The Lost World [Episode 3-Holes] By Exalted_Yawn
-Dead MemoriesBy RoseScythe
-Planet X by ladylyn1
-Venus Attacks by freddykrugerfred
-Ghost of Sparta - The depths of Hades by kn0cked-0ut
-Frozen Mine Madness by rhansen2

Super Rad Area:

Ill add more to this thread when I get more time. ;)

12-21-2009, 02:33 AM

PSN: Awesomemans
Level name: Trick Or Die
Type: Halloween

Post the review here, my thread is too old.

12-21-2009, 03:06 AM
Oh cool. May I please have a review of my level Dreamscape and, if possible A Land of Apparent Virtue, both by bonner123. Thanks in advance.

12-22-2009, 01:21 AM
Just a heads up.

I couldnt get around to reviews and im defintely not getting em done tomorrow.

Thursdays is looking like the day, hope you can wait?

12-22-2009, 02:24 AM
Thats fine. Whatever suits you best.

12-22-2009, 01:44 PM
Can you please review my level SIREN: The Lost World [Episode 3-Holes] (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18012) By Exalted_Yawn?
And if you can, may you please also review a friends level? It's Dead Memories (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19971) By RoseScythe

Thanks in Advance and Enjoy!

12-23-2009, 11:40 AM
Any chance of reviewing my level: Planet X?

12-23-2009, 06:10 PM
Can you please review my level

venus attacks

psn id: freddykrugerfred

thanks a lot

12-23-2009, 06:37 PM
Hey could ou review my level: Ghost of Sparta - The depths of Hades by kn0cked-0ut, you can either post it here or on my thread (Look in my signature) its all okay :p Thanks in advance and good luck with the reviews.

12-24-2009, 03:22 AM
Could you review my new level?

Name: Frozen Mine Madness
PSN: rhansen2

12-24-2009, 12:26 PM
Ok everyone, reviews will be in today. Hopefully.

Keep your fingers crossed that my PSN connection doesnt go screwy.

12-25-2009, 09:05 PM
Did your connection go screwy or are you having a nice Christmas, either way take your time and a merry christmas ;)

12-25-2009, 10:26 PM
Did your connection go screwy or are you having a nice Christmas, either way take your time and a merry christmas ;)

I traveled yesterday to family, and was busy today enjoying other games like Borderlands and Scribblenauts.

Ive actually finished a few levels.

I can post them without pictures, but it probably wont be a full review, because the pictures are my reference points for criticism. =/

I will work hard to finish the reviews within the next day or two.

So until then, no new sumbmissions please!

01-03-2010, 06:15 PM

It would have been nice to know LBPC doesnt work with IE7 anymore...

Thats why i havnt been on for the last week.

I finished these reviews a while ago.

But i cant post them until I update my internet...

So. As soon as I get ungrounded (In one week). Ill post the reviews.

This isnt even my regular internet...Grr