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12-21-2009, 10:43 AM
Level name: Night Adventure 1 - H4H Edition

PSN: awasad

And, right after the first truly harsh review I've had to do, we come to.... Oh you've got to be kidding me. This level, it has.... H4H in the title.... Now, ok, just because of that, that doesnt instantaneously mean it's going to be bad, mustnt assume.....

.....but it is. Unfortunately, like EVERY other "H4H" thing out there that I've seen, it is.... in fact.... quite bad.

This is the 2nd level from awasad that I've had to review, and it shares nearly all of the problems that the first one did.

The difference? This one.... is at NIGHT. Oooh. Unfortunately, while this at least looks very, very slightly more interesting than the Cyber City did, it at the same time feels like it had even LESS effort.

The entrance itself tells you that there just isnt gonna be much good ahead. You jump out of the entrance, and.... there's 3 checkpoints in a row, right there. Why? I have NO idea. There's nothing dangerous here, so why are they even there? You walk forward, to see the first of the basic, random lights that comprise most of this level.

And really, there's very little I can say about the level design here. Lights, and dark blocks you have to jump over. Every now and then, a spike.

Right after the first lights, you come to.... a super generic car. Ok, really, is this author even TRYING? At all? Look down at the screenshots if you dont get what the problem is here....

As you might guess by this polint, this car has.... no purpose whatsoever. Drive forward for about 2 seconds, and hit a wall. Ugh. Then you get on an elevator that doesnt look right.... and doesnt work quite right.... and.... well, you get the idea.

This level, unfortunately, is all the same stuff as the previous level. Super blocky platforms and such... not even ONE actual slope here, not even a simple freaking slope.... The same materials, over and over, the generic hazard blocks, and even those stupid green "enemies" will show up here. The ONLY thing that's even slightly, MAYBE almost sorta interesting is the one hazard with the bright white light and the spikes. But even then.... it's really annoying, and doesnt seem to be made right at all.

The designer seemed to try to cover up the level's basic badness by shrouding it in darkness, and using lights of various sorts to make it look "pretty". You'll see various multicolored lights used to this effect as you progress through the level.

I cant even really SAY much about this level that hasnt already been said. I really cant. Lets just get to the scoring.....

Gameplay: 1/10

Ugh. This is like the last one, where there almost ISNT gameplay. Hyper-generic, badly thought out level design, with pointless darkness and lighting that adds nothing to the experience. Generic danger blocks, and enemies that dont attack.... again.... it's even complete with obligatory gun sequence and a pointless race to nowhere! And a car! A bad car! Again, ugh.

Graphics/sound: 1/10

Yes, there's a little more to look at than the previous level, but.... it still manages to be worse. The darkness is totally pointless, and mostly just annoying. The lights do nothing for the atmosphere. They're pretty random, and serve little purpose. Also.... there is NO music here. None. No sound effects, either. And no effort.....

Pacing/length: 3/10

Blessedly short, yet you might get stopped up at a couple of points due to really annoying things.

Challenge: 1/10

No challenge here. If you die, it'll just be to the white light hazard. And only because it's annoying, not because it's well designed or challenging.

Overall: 1/10

Im sorry, but this.... is bad. Now, I know it's not truly fair to just expect a level with "H4H" in the title to automatically be bad, but.... it's levels like this that cause that assumption. There isnt anything at all to love here. Pointless darkness and some lights, in a level that could have literally been completed in 7 minutes.... there just isnt any good here. A total lack of effort, and Im sorry to say, a total waste of time. You're best off looking elsewhere, cause whatever you're looking for, you wont find it in the darkness.

...really? Are you serious? THIS car? This basic, cardboard thing that can be found in a prize bubble? Right here, you know that only sorrow and tragedy awaits you ahead. There's no point in even getting in the thing, it doesnt actually take you anywhere....

This bunch of shiny, multicolored lights is the best part of this level. No, seroiusly. And no, they dont actually DO anything. Still the best part of this level.

These stupid things have followed you all the way from the Cyber City. They're just as mindless and easy to kill.... or dodge.... and this time you get a gun. You can just SMELL the excitement here.

12-21-2009, 08:02 PM
Nice reviews. I'll check out your thread. These are incredibly detailed and professional.

12-26-2009, 02:34 AM
Nice reviews. I'll check out your thread. These are incredibly detailed and professional.

I always love to see a reviewer who knows how to write in paragraph form.