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12-26-2009, 05:45 PM
I finally brought back my LBP PS3 level Moon Meteor Madness! to LBP PSP. It's a simple meteor shower attacking the moon that your planting flags on. Survive as long as you can for a prize. Even though meteors are falling from space, there's still other hazards. Anyways, have fun. :)

P.S. PS3 version is better, do to the LBP PSP's bad Create Mode.

12-27-2009, 01:06 AM
Hey downloaded this one after publishing my latest level and it was pretty fun.
The idea is simple but clever and was a nice variation on the whole "dodge falling things" survival challenge. I really liked the design of the asteroids, they looked really good in motion and did their job well.

I was confused as to why there were bombs falling though...kinda felt like another bomb survival after that.

Just could have been more original and eye catching. Still very good level.

12-27-2009, 02:38 AM
I was confused as to why there were bombs falling though...kinda felt like another bomb survival after that.

Hey CyberSora,

Ooh...another fun minigame! I agree with Coxy on several points. The asteroids were well-designed and embellished the theme successfully aside from performing their function as hazards. In contrast, the bombs seemed dissonant with the theme.

And I also have other suggestions. First, I felt the moon was too polygonal and needed more curvature. Second, the two switches at the beginning confused me. One was nonfunctional (?), and the other had a blue square embedded in it (did that have a function?). Third, I originally thought planting flags was part of the game, but it ended up just dodging hazards. Perhaps you can incorporate that somehow?

Flaws aside, my little brother and I still enjoyed playing it, and I hope you will improve it somehow...

Riding a comet,

12-28-2009, 04:10 AM
Thanks you guys! The reason why there was two switches, because my original one in the PS3 had two switches, but during LBP PSP Create Mode, it got stuck, and when I try to delete it, it deletes the ship and some mechanisms.

The bombs were also supposed to be emitted from aliens who try to kill you, both with their arms and their bombs. Sadly, being a LBP PSP Create Mode, it wasn't functioning correctly, so bombs stayed in (if you want them removed, then I'll do it if asked).

Finally, the moon was like that because the circle, when enlarged, becomes like that, but I'll corner edit it. :)

Once again, thanks!

12-28-2009, 05:42 AM
Good fun here. I enjoyed this one and will probably play it regularly to try and keep on top of the leaderboard. :) The visuals are for the most part clean and tight, the theme is great, and you did a very good job with the stickers on this one. The asteroids look especially good, and I absolutely love the comets that come whizzing through every once in a while. Very nice effect and well executed.

My gripes are more or less the same as what has been stated before. The bombs seem a little out of place, but to be honest I wouldn't remove them if I were you. I think the level would be too easy without them. (Survival levels that never really get dangerous are boring!) If you want to help sell the idea of a UFO dropping the bombs on you, you could add a thin layer UFO object on an invisible piston moving back and forth above your head somewhere. It would add visual interest as well.

I agree with jeffcu28 that you need to corner edit your moon. You can really only see two corners, so it feels more like you're standing on the top of the building. I would add a minimum of four additional corners between the two top most points, as well as three or four more on each side as well. So, for the part of the moon that you can see, I'd say there should be no less than 16 polygons. The corner editing around the scoreboard is a bit sloppy as well... I know it's a major pain, but just be patient and keep adding corners. A little smoothing in this area will make a big difference visually. The last visual fix this level could use is a relatively easy one. Although the background is stickered black, you can still see the edges. Material change it to "black fiber paper" or "dark bark" and the edges will almost completely disappear.

Great job on this level - it's an easy 4 stars and a heart. If you decide to make changes and republish it, let me know and I will most definitely give it another play. :)

12-28-2009, 06:38 PM
Thanks! I tried to make it look like my PS3 version (which is the best version) but I learned that LBP PSP's Create Mode thought other wise. But I will edit it soon. :)