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01-03-2010, 04:31 PM
I will try to review levels regularly and will be giving them a score out of 100%, and the first level I am reviewing is Test Subject 3, by Tactical_Gunner, who is a master at creating levels. Go on, try them!

Test Subject 3 is the latest in the Test Subject series. The first two were great! They were crown worthy! However, I found this latest level disappointing. Firstly, the scenery is great (although sponge for the floor, really? No, it makes it look like a H4H level) and the bleak environment gives me a reminder of Fallout 3, that I hadn't played it in a long time and needed to buy Broken Steel and drag Fawkes through small spaces which was hard. The story is that you have found that the labs and the robots and scientists were all just virtual reality while you were in Cryo-Sleep after the apocalypse came. You crash onto Earth at the begining of the level and need to find your way through and find out what is happening.

There are enemies to fight, however, the sentry turrets in the apartment buildings can be pushed back by just shooting them and they never killed me. There are also some alien things but it doesn't make sense once you get to the end, since you find out what caused the apocalypse.

There were some nice contraptions such as the doors that flip to let you through; I couldnt describe them well. There are plenty others that were good and there was a bit I was waiting for...back to the Test Subject VR! Yes, you go into cryosleep again and fight away some enemies, old and new!

Now for the end boss. Massive robot that has weapons for each plane, so you need to keep switching to survive. It looks amazing, the robot, but it took and age to kill when the level was released. The latest update made the boss easier to kill and added some cover. After the update I enjoyed the boss and I found the level great fun to play.

-Good detail, especially on the bosses
-Quite fun, at times
-Nice machines

-The boss is hard and takes an age to destroy, making it almost impossible to ace
-Lacks the humor in the previous two
-I would prefer more in the virtual reality

A good 75%, and I hope there is a TS4. If you want to learn the next part of the story or like apocalypse-style levels, play this! Only 10% away from a heart, and 25% away from a robXben Golden Creator Award. I couldn't make a level nearly as good as this.

Next-The WHOLE Good, Bad and Sackboy series by Wexfordian.

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