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01-04-2010, 05:18 AM
John Mchenly sat in his cold dark room which was red. John Mchenly wondered when the Enclave would stop torturing John Henly very much hardly so he could leave and publish some levels. Unfortunately, John Mchenlywas still being tortured. This hurts a lot John Mchenly thought. "Ouch" he said. The Enclave soldier said something but it was muttered by his helmet. Then he took off his helmet and it was actually his good friend, Mordecai, in disguise.

"WOW MORDECAI YOU FOUNDED ME!" John Mchenly said. "John Mchenly, I have found you. Now, John Mchenly, let's get out of here". John Mchenly followed Mordecai as they tried to escape the Enclave. Eventually, they escaped into a room with a giant robo-tron.

"Hello, robo-tron," said John Mchenly.

"Hello, John Mchenly." Said Robo-tron.

"You know I'm John Mchenly?" asked John Mchenly.

"Yes, I know you're John Mchenly." said Robo-tron, responding to John Mchenly's inquiry.

"How?" asked John Mchenly, responding to Robo-tron.

"We're actually the Crimson Lance from Borderlands!" said Robo-tron to John Mchenly.

"My GOD!" said John Mchenly.

Then robo-tron exploded, but John Mchenly survived. But then John Mchenly looked his eyes up and saw Mordecai being murdered by the explosion.

"Whyyyyyyyyyy!" said John Mchenly.

"He he he, John Mchenly. Now it's time to die!" said The Collector of Bobble Heads, who was collection bobble heads.

The Collector tried to fight John Mchenly, but John Mchenly defeated the Collector, who then shouted "John Mchenlllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!". John Mchenly then jumped to avoid an explosion. When he looked up he saw that there was an enemy space ship comeing in with another enemies. He said "Oh no" and the enemies dropped. There were a lot of them but John Mchenly fought them. Then, John Mchenly tried to run away. He was in a field that was brown. Also, it was long. He then had to fight a robot. "I am actually Robo-tron. I survived the explosion."

"Oh yeah?" said John Mchenly. "Take this!"

John Mchenly defeated the robot and all was safe....or was it?

To Be Continued...