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01-04-2010, 10:28 AM
Level name: DinoMyte 3.7
PSN: Mikasa_

Well this level was another really nice surprise, I have to say.

The title sounded.... a little generic.... so I didnt know what to expect here. But, playing through this level, I was pleasantly surprised.

This level does alot of things right. Alot of good qualities, all in one level, which isnt something that happens often. Oh, it's not perfect, but....

The theme of the level should be really obvious just by the name alone. For the embarrassingly stupid, here's a hint: IT'S GOT DINOSAURS.

Now, I was expecting something along the lines of a Jurassic Park dinos-attack-at-every-opportunity sort of thing, but that wasnt quite the case here.

The level does have a certain amount of danger.... but it really has an upbeat feeling to it, and just because there's a dino on the screen, doesnt necessarily mean that it's trying to eat your face.

Visually, the level is quite impressive. Right away, it rather reminded me alot of MM's style for the official levels. Yet, at the same time, it manages to keep it's own unique style going. The best example being the firefly bubbles... THAT impressed me. Who knew that score bubbles could also serve as decorations in addition to their main function? The visuals keep up that "simple but special" quality throughout the whole level... just like MM's levels.

And the similarity to MM's style isnt just in the graphics, but also in the gameplay. Numerous things to grab, switches to pull, cars to ride, and really good use of score bubbles all througout, some of which are in places a bit off the beaten path.

Speaking of the cars, I've seen ALOT of different vehicles in LittleBigPlanet. Alot of them. But this is the first time I've seen one that developed ENGINE TROUBLES. Oh yes, it was at this point that I knew I was in for a quality experience. At the start of the level, there's these 2 cars you can get into. Get into the front one, and drive forward (slowly), past a fence and some scenery and what appears to be a floating sheep for some reason, and after a time.... the car will break down, complete with smoke pouring from underneath the hood. This was another thing that impressed me about this level, and another fun detail that didnt NEED to be in the level... but was stuck in there anyway, just to enhance the overall effect.

While there are vehicles in the level though, they're actually put to good use for once, and are not the focus of the stage.

No, this one is all about pure platforming and bubble grabbing. To me, that is often the best sort of level you can get.

There are definitely a good number of hazards to be dealt with here... you might find that you die a few times more than you'd expect. For the most part, these are well handled, though there are a couple of moments of cheap death... for example, a giant burning log rolling down a hill in front of you for no apparant reason, and if you dont know it's there to begin with, it'll likely run you over. There's a couple of spots like this in the level. It's a little annoying, but... I felt that it didnt detract from the stage much at all.

There's really only so much I can comment on here... you need to see this one for yourself to get the full effect of it. That being said, onto the scoring:

Gameplay: 9/10

This level is a joy to play through. Every major aspect of LBP (except water) is represented here. You'll run and jump, push and pull, drive cars, roll wheels, and hang on for dear life before making a vaulting leap; the variety of things you get to do here is one of the best parts of this level. A blast from start to finish.

Graphics/sound: 9/10

Very well done, very remniscent of MM's trademark style, yet at the same time retaining it's own identity. The whole look of the stage, and the music that goes with it, is very upbeat, and just adds to the feeling of fun that goes with it.

Pacing/length: 9/10

A mid sized level that never bores you. you'll never spend too long in any one spot, and the variety of things you get to do, and obstacles you must face, will keep you interested till the very end. You may find that you come back to play this one again just for the heck of it.

Challenge: 3/10

There's some hazards here, definitely... it wouldnt be a proper platforming level if there werent. At the same time though, it shouldnt be too hard for most players to ace this one. There ARE a couple of cheap deaths to be had... but you'll be having too much fun to be really bothered by it.

Overall: 9/10

Another brilliant level, which, I notice, barely got any plays. A level this great, which has been out for a year, and it only has about 500 plays? That's just criminal. Unfortunately, that's what happens all too often.... the great stuff, like this level, is overlooked while the crappy ones are played absolutely to death.

Do the level author, and yourself, a favor, and give this one a shot. Leave a comment to show your support, and give it 5 stars. 5, because I think you'll quickly find that that's what it's worth.

Now here's something you dont see very often in LittleBigPlanet: a vehicle of some sort that breaks down WITHOUT exploding or shattering or flipping over for no apparant reason.

This was my favorite part of this level. These firefly things are very pretty, and unique.... AND you can grab them to increase your score. They'll probably distract you from the small race that was put right here.

The author made very good use of score bubbles all throughout the stage; I think you'll enjoy the level even more if you try to score as high as you can. You will, however, have to explore a bit in order to find many of the bubbles within the level.

01-04-2010, 06:41 PM
You still ahve the same ninja sackboy Bridget ?

01-05-2010, 04:17 AM
You still ahve the same ninja sackboy Bridget ?

But of course!

Gotta stick with a specific look, for anytime Im taking screenshots for whatever reason.