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01-07-2010, 07:32 PM
Hi there readers. I'm currently writing a novel, since writing is a great hobby of mine. I've been writing it on/off for about 3 years... But that's not important! I've just found this forum to post Creative Writing which is perfect! I've decided to post some excerpts from my novel. (Just saying now, it's a fantasy. So if you're not a fan of fantasy, I wouldn't particularly recommend this, since it is very fantasy heavy! So here is the first excerpt:

The night was dark. Not a creature was stirring. The stars above twinkled, the dimensions shimmered, their guardians were awakening once more. Earth’s vortex in particular, glowed brighter than usual. A sound like thunder and then…

A creature slid gracefully out of the vortex, it landed perfectly on its feet as well as a cat. Its eyes glowed in the moonlight. It was a cat. But its tail lit up the entire courtyard; it glowed with fire at the tip. The cat started to head towards an old tower that stretched up, higher than any mountain. The cat paused and looked up. A bird sat perched on one of the beautiful statues. The cat eyed the bird carefully and became tense, ready to pounce at any second, while wondering whether it would be big enough to satisfy its raging hunger. Then the bird screeched, the wind blew strong into the courtyard and the cat’s muscles slackened. “Oh,” it said, “It’s you Era.”
“Of course it’s me Pyrrhus, who else would it be, I heard from the High Lord and Master that I was the last of the Raxifellbi.”
“I have news of the boy.” Submitted Pyrrhus quickly so as to prevent Era to start crying but it appeared it was too late. Era already had tears in her bright blue eyes. “Is Tlaloc coming?” she asked and brushed her eyes with her wing quickly.
“I think so, he said he-,” but he could not continue as they had accidentally strayed off the path while they had been talking and where now standing in the flowerbeds. “Oh dear,” said Era looking worried. The worst thing we want is Tlaloc angry at us before he even arrives. Let’s get out of the flowers quickly before-”
“Hello,” said a voice from behind them which made both of them feel as though they had just been hit in the stomach by a stray mud-pie thrown by an angry child. Which had just happened although the mud pie hadn’t been thrown by an angry child, it had been thrown by an angry horse. “How could you!” cried the horse angrily. “I don’t go around closing my windows from the wind,” he said gesturing at Era, “Or dousing every fire I see!” he carried-on, gesturing at Pyrrhus. “Tlaloc…” started Era gently but Tlaloc cut across her. “Elements are blessings from the stars. We must not destroy them, what do you think I am, a mere human?”
“Well, the prophecy does state that the darkness that will surely come will be destroyed by a, ‘mere human’ as you call it.”
But before Tlaloc could make any argument against this the water in a nearby fountain spilled out and a seal like creature flopped out of it.
“Hey!” said the creature, “What’d I miss?”
“Actually Tirta, you’re just in time.” Responded Pyrrhus slowly. “Tlaloc here was just about to be quiet and head on up to the tower with us,”
“Cool,” said Tirta and the four of them started to trek up the long path to the tower. It was silent, until, as usual, Tlaloc found something else to complain about. “Please could you at least try to talk normally Tirta? Your voice has been getting on my nerves ever since you went to Earth.” Tirta smiled at him and replied,
“Tlaloc, in a few years time, all your descendants will be talking like me, and not everyone on Earth speaks like this, so don’t blame it on them.”
AUTHOR NOTE: To make it clear, the reason they are annoyed wiht Tirta is because they have just visited Earth in the 21st century and they have started to use our language. Just post if anything else is not clear. -Thanks

01-08-2010, 11:14 AM
i dont consider myself a poet but i like writing dark and evil ones about hell and armageddon. good that youre writing a novel but i find that rather easy

01-08-2010, 07:07 PM
I write poetry as well (no I'm not Emo :) ) Yes it's quite easy but if you think about it, some bits are hard like getting the grammar right ect. And publishing is a whole other story. I might post a poem I wrote that got a lot of praise. If I can find it.. :/

01-09-2010, 02:31 AM
who said you had to be emo to write dark and evil poems?

01-09-2010, 06:57 PM
Well, it's a common stereotype that Emos write poetry.. :/