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01-10-2010, 08:39 AM
Level name : A christmas mission: Protect the pack!
To get into the Christmas spirit, xDante95x decided to give us a Christmas Level that shows the difficulties santa experiences while delivering toys. You start off in a factory watching elves make toys and approach an elf who gives you a mission with the Mm Squad: A team of special trained elves. You must protect a very important package from a 'scrooge' type fellow and his lackeys. You then go to the airport near by and launch off in a raindeer airplane with the rest of the Mm Squad. While flying the Mm Squad is shot down and you are left to fend for yourself but are also shot down.
You land and your raindeer plane in shambles. You then use binoculars in order to check and see if the package is safe. You then platform over icy glaciers and see that your Raindeer plane was blown up to show that these people mean business. Then after retrieving the package and carrying it, you are caught and the package is taken away from you and you are placed in a cage by Siij and his minions. You radio in for help and are broken out by your friend. Then you infiltrate their secret base and try to either sneak by his lackeys or fight them head on. After defeating all of them. You come up to a truck that is being repaired and the package is left alone by Siij. You steal the package back and hop onto your buddy's motor cycle. You then drive off with them behind you. You are given a gun to shoot them down with. After that, you return the package to santa and Siij is caught. Everyone can now have what is in the package...

This game wasn't made to be a looker. It's not badly made, but it's not the best either. Santa and elves look more creepy and stiff than they do jolly. The presents were poorly wrapped. The way the plane looked like a raindeer was a nice touch though and then the plane crash looked really good. The snow was ok, I feel that type of material is overused though. What was interesting were the cutscenes. There were 2 that made it look like you're looking through binoculars and a couple more that made it look like a first person view when you're contacting some help. When your friend is cutting the cage, it looks like a saw is cutting through it.

Gameplay: This doesn't have much gameplay to it at first. Just cinematics. The first bit of gameplay comes after the plane crash, you try and get to the pack, but that platforming isn't as fun as other platforming. Then after you are rescued you must use the paintinator to knock down ice glaciers so you may hop across and some do melt after abit so it keeps the pace of the game up. Then what was cool was the option of while in the base, you can try and bypass the lackeys and if they see you, they will attack you and not stop. So it gives you a choice, keep the gameplay stealth based or just have a big war. Then there is a chase scene where you get to use a turret to shoot down your chasers and boy, this turret is very clunky.

Exploration: This is very linear, no extras throughout the level until you beat it.

Length: The length is mediocre length at max. A little on the short side at min.

There's no initial hazard. The spikes when crossing from glacier to glacier are real easy to fall into if you're not careful. The only real other danger is when you chose to fight the lackeys instead of avoiding them. It's optional.

After riding the blue swing uphill, if you jump into the foreground on accident you will fall off and the blue swing does not go back into place so you're stuck.
Severity: 10/10
Why? You have to restart the level all over again.

Overall: 6.5/10
The Mm squad may not man the skies when it comes to looking real good but the first person view it gives you at times is really nice as well as when things catch on fire. That also looks pretty good. The platforming isn't great and the turret during the chase is awful but the options between fighting or stealth does give the player the freedom they might seek. Whether you want to play this depends on how much Christmas spirit you have. You don't need ALOT, you just need some. So have a very merry time playing this.

Thank you for reading~

01-10-2010, 02:01 PM
Thank you for making this review ;)