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01-11-2010, 02:05 AM
Level name:Cubes of the Carribean
by bonner123
In bonner123's Cubes of the Carribean,the cake may be a lie but something else came around that is sweet that's actually real. A vacation for our beloved companion cube!
You start out detaching CC from a rope that's holding him to the sea. The switch that detaches him also brings down a board with the words "Cubes of the Caribbean". You then continue on with this guy-ermm- I mean.. Cube as you must leave him in a place and find the switch to clear the path for CC. You find other Cubes on the way and see that their vacation isn't going as well as CC's. After the puzzles you find CC launched from a catapult, you follow it and find a treasure. And treasure is not a lie.


The backgrounds look very rugged. Which is a step in the right direction and it has water. This is a pirate stage and the sand does not look like sand, if it even is sand. I would suggest using sponge for wherever you want to make it look like sand. The problem is that, when it's very decorative beneath the water, it's very spacious above sea. And vice versa. Then when you reach this town looking place, it is both decorative on the ground and sea. Then everything becomes sea! I did like that he added Cubes every once in awhile and they're attach to ropes, stuck and are just like "Story of my life". I did like the fact he started out with a cold opening as well, then the 'CotC' just drops in. It should've been made out of a different material though. Like floorboard. Because white cardboard isn't that pirate - esque.


This entire level consists of about 3-4 puzzles where you find an obstacle in the way of CC's path and you can go around it. You go through some platforming and find a switch that either opens the door or causes a platform to appear. Then you backtrack to Cube and pull it through the opening. What I liked is that didn't constrict the Cube to traveling by water just because it started out in water. There are times where you pull Cube close to a platform and then get on this platform, grab cube again and you're able to tug it onto the platform. The problem is that about 3 quarters of the way, Cube can get stuck but all you do is tug abit more, let go for abit and then tug again. It'll be fully on the platform. Another problem is when you get to the first puzzle, the dock that leads into the water, is a pain to get back onto if you fall into the water.

This level is a moderate length

Exploration: It has moderate exploration, since you don't always have to be near the cube. Also it allows you the option to keep the stage flooded or unflood it after using the flooding for one puzzle. The unflooded level takes slightly longer to finish than the flooded level.

Dangers: There isn't any dangers. You shouldn't die at all from this stage. But I guess that gets rid of the fustration of carrying around a cube and avoiding enemies.


Overall: 7/10
This level is not just your standard platforming which is good. You do ouzzles and some backtracking. but at times things are not pointed out as cleary as they should be, which will not work well with those just wanting to play through the stage once since I didn't fully complete the stage until about the third time I played through it. The aesthetics could've looked more like the caribbean than they did and the area can be very dull and spacy at times but you do vary plenty between being on the ground and in the water. All in All, you will need some patience for the companion cube. But if you have it and look around abit for what you need to move on. This vacation won't be a drag at all.

Thanks for reading~

01-11-2010, 07:06 PM
Ha ha thanks. I enjoyed reading it. I'll change the material of the sign to wood. I'll also switch the layer of the dock. I was going for a more unique style, like I usually do, because I didn't want to make a generic carribean level. I also wasn't going for a 'piratey' theme. Thanks again, and i'm of to do some edits!