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01-27-2010, 11:29 AM
Just got PSP LBP a while ago, and decided to make a level. The level is NOT directly connected with my PS3 level Drakenus by any means, though a bit similar with the confusion about the main character's origin and medieval/mythical theme. I am not sure if there are any game-breakers or any glitches in the level, I play-tested around eight times, double-checked everything in create mode, and did not encounter anything that might annoy some players. In the not-so distant future I plan on making the boss a bit better and adding some more detail. Please tell me what you think!

01-27-2010, 01:07 PM
Hi Draggy.

I just write down what i think when playing your level now:

- Its hard to get out of the cage cause the stairs are grabbable
- The speechbubble (after you opened the door with the key) contains no text
- i have slowdowns
- at the next spechbubble the camera just zooms in to the ground
- the motorbolt at the wheels of the haywagon are out of place
- after killing the king (yeah i am evil) the guards dont move towards sackboy
- after that i jumped down to the right and got stuck there. I cannot kill the guard that is walking there, cause i die before i can reach his brain... (maybe you can unelectrify his back or lower the brain)

(level restart)
- if i font kill the king i get stuck anyway...
- besides that it would be good if the player has to activate something to show the king that he wont kill him.

first review:
I dont really get the story. Maybe you could explain more who i am, why i am in prison and why i would want to kill the king. Like this decision is quite random right now.
The look is good so far. (maybe make more use of corner editing at the stairs)
I think there will be some backtracking (cause the were some paths blocked) and that may be a plus (if worked out well)
Ok i think there is some work left to do. Did you really playtest it?
Rated it 3 stars til now. Just finish it and let me know when its done.

01-27-2010, 01:50 PM
Hello Draggy. I just finish you level. I agree with all comments that already mentioned Arrestor, here is some picters:

In place, that on picter below


first speechbubble camera zooms in to the ground :


After I kill some guard near end of castle - I jumped very high and landed here:


From this point I could not go back to castle and must killed sackboy from menu.

And near finish point - I did not get it right, I just jump, when I was on platform under it and level was finished:


So my question the same as Arrestors: did try you level in play mode? And why there is so big lags?

Anyway - at this point - my 3 stars, I will wait for the final level version.

01-28-2010, 10:09 AM
Thank you both for the feedback! The story is meant to be strange, you wake up in a prison, no memory of what happened, and you want to escape. You can kill the guards or escape through the wall by pulling two pieces out from the wall. After reaching the small fortress you are invited in and recognised as an assassin by the NPC's. They have been trying to murder the king and take over the kingdom, but have foiled cause the captain of the guards. Now you have the choice to kill the king, or listen him and kill the assassins instead. Either way, you must go to the wierd place with the cruddy boss to finish the level. As I have no internet on my PSP/PS3 at the moment, I can't publish the repaired level, although I will try to fix all the issues described here and republish when I am able to. Thanks again, guys!

EDIT: Sorry, with my long ramble I had forgotten to answer the question. Of course I tested the level in play mode! Several times, the only thing I found wrong with it was that when you kill the king and jump down and kill the guard there, then you will be thrown very high up.