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02-08-2010, 09:14 PM
Hi everybody,
today I present you my first Minigame I made for lbp (PSP).

Use the slide (the hold is in the middle of the slide, its "green on green" so it is hard to see) to toss the ball in one of the three gates to get points; 10 in the left and right one and 20 in the middle one (it is harder to toss the ball in it :) ).
But the ball musntīt fall on the ground, otherwise the base will disappear and the level is over. There is a timelimit ,too.

Iīve tested it several times and it works fine, but when anything doesnīt do what it should, write a comment. Please write rewies and incitations, too.
edit: some small problems were found, the ball can stuck on the highest cloud, but only some seconds (just wait ;) ), sometimes, when the ball falls between the bumpers, the floor doesnīt disappear. Move the slide from side to side, maybe this can exempt the ball.

Now try to beat the highscore!

search for PSN ID "haberlicious" or lvname "Minigame: The Jungle"

tested: 30 times (final version)
workflow: very good :star::star::star::star::star:


02-09-2010, 03:38 PM
Hi, haberlicious. I just try your level and must say, that you did very cool thing. I don't like minigames but you level so well done, controls are very easy and there is all things madded so wonderful that here is my 5 :star: for you and heart! Thanks for good and interesting level.

02-09-2010, 04:15 PM
Hi haberlicious!
i just played your minigame and wanted to give you some feedback.
First of all it looks really nice! Maybe the best looking user generated minigame so far (if i dont forget one).
But besides that i had some problems wih the functionality of it. The Ball got stuck at one playthrough (on the highest cloud) and i had to try this level a few times until i really knew how to control it. At one time i was at the right spot to shoot the ball back, but it hit the ground too hard and so i was gameover. Also the ball can just lie on the right side and the game wont stop.
I think this level could use some fine tuning but its still a good idea!
4 Stars from me.


Lleonard Pler
02-10-2010, 09:33 PM
Usually, I don't play minigame levels, but your screenshot looked promising. The minigame is simple but fun, and the mechanic is easy once you figure out that you've got to move the bouncers with the green bar. Anyway, I had fun playing it. And the decorations looked great.

02-11-2010, 09:56 AM
Hey haberlicious,

What an interesting concept for a minigame! And I agree with others that this a visually stunning level. I've seen way too many jungle themed levels--heck, I even made one!--but you managed to keep it fresh with the materials you chose as a base for your superb stickerwork.

Like Arrestor, I managed to get the ball stuck, but not on the cloud. I somehow managed to get it to rest on the bumpers, so I hopped on and attempted to move it around in hopes that I can activate the bumpers again. It worked, but that was an awkward moment. I'm not sure if you can do anything about that.

Another issue I had was collecting the point bubbles. For some reason, I always managed to get the ball on the right side most of the time, and I would activate the 10 pointer on that side. Since I initially grabbed on the left side, I had to jump to the right to get some of the bubbles. I guess it's part of the game since the clouds holding the ball allows you to do that, but I wished I could have gotten them without letting go.

I didn't want to let go :(.

I guess the gameplay would've been more fluid that way, but hey, I think this is just my personal taste. Other than that, it would get uneventful whenever the ball just went up and down on the same spot on the side, which happened quite frequently for me. Maybe you can also add bumpers to the side to make it more unpredictable and exciting?

Anyways, this level was lush in both visuals and innovation in gameplay, and it is truly one of the best community minigames I've played so far. Congratulations on a fantastic level, and I hope to see more from ya in the future. Here's 5:star:s, a level heart, and an author heart.

Not letting go,

02-17-2010, 04:05 PM
oh, i wasnīt here for a long time.... so thanks to you for the comments. I donīt think that I reload this lv, because I have at the time some other projects I work on.Maybe the first part will released in this month ;-). So this minigame was just a apprentice piece to try some techniques.

You write that their are some other minigames, can you tell me the name of that, because i doesnīt find anything about that... :)

02-19-2010, 05:18 AM
I played this several days ago but I'm only just now getting around to posting my feedback. ;)

I don't really have too much new to add to this - everybody else has done a pretty good job covering everything. It's a very nice-looking level with an appropriate jungle vibe to it. It's colorful, detailed, and fun - everything a minigame should be. I think you did a great job testing everything and making sure the level generally worked well and was a fun, playable experience. It's not the most original minigame I've ever seen, but then again it's not quite exactly like anything else either. I like the fact that it's relatively easy to keep the ball in the air, but if you want to go for more points and start hitting the ball at an angle it gets much more difficult. It's a matter of weighing greed with I-might-die, which is one of the best aspects to a video game there is. Very nicely balanced.

As others have mentioned, the point bubbles always seem to be on the wrong side of the handle. It would be nice if all the emitters dropped the bubbles closer to the center. You'd still have to move the paddle to pick them up, which would bring more of that danger-versus-greed thing, but eliminate the impossible-to-get bubble situation. I also would have liked to see the handle dissolve when you drop the ball. As it is the floor dissolves, but you can just hang there for as long as you like. It's not a big deal or even something that breaks the level, but it's just kind of awkward.

Overall I enjoyed this quite a lot and will keep it on my PSP for some time while I try to get a better score. 4 stars and looking forward to more!