View Full Version : New costume glitch (found by me)

02-10-2010, 12:57 PM
Hey guys!
I'm new in LBPCentral, so this is my first thread. And sorry for my bad english (I'm from Germany:)).

Ok I found an interesting new glitch with costumes. I don't know if it works on the American version 'cause i've got the european one.
Sorry I have no screenshots.

What you need:
- the gardens dlc

1. Go to the level editor.
2. Reset your sackboy's costume.
3. Wear the "Elizabethan Hat" , the "Fancy Moustache" , the "Elizabethan Doublet" , the "Elizabethan Trousers" and the "White Ruff".
4.Now use any material , choose any brush and draw anything.
5.Now undo that drawing.
6.Now you have got a blank, brown Sackboy.
7.Save the costume.
8.Now choose any other costume you have and wear it.
9.Wear the blank, brown costume again and ....... TADAA!... Your Sackboy has the skin of the costume you have worn before.

I know this glitch is kind of useless, but it's very cool.:)

Thanks for reading.