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02-13-2010, 02:28 PM
I am starting a huge project in lbp psp. It will be a full story mode. I will not have keys to challengs but i will have a very long series of levels.The story is basically that the director wants to make the biggest movie of all time. There will be many different movie themes with three levels for each. Each theme will have a curator who is an expert in that movie theme. I would love some feedback on what you think of this idea. I would also love some movie theme ideas. Thanks!:p

02-13-2010, 06:01 PM
Ignore this whole thing.

02-14-2010, 01:50 AM
uhhhh...*sees second post* nvm

03-11-2010, 01:28 AM
So you, wouldn't mind if I build on this? :p

03-11-2010, 01:33 AM
I copyrighted the whole thing. You must ask me first! :kz:

Okay, I lied. I have no rights. :p

03-11-2010, 01:42 AM
*Looks at glowing eyes*
I think you should get that checked.

03-11-2010, 01:45 AM
Nah, I'm good.