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02-14-2010, 10:48 PM
My mega-awesome level that i spent working on since i first got LBP-PSP, is finally published :D

Level name: Ice Castle
PSN: Mopthefloo
Description: Climb through the awesome castle of ice, snowboard down the mountains and watch out for falling icicles!

the level is a basic platformer, with some awesome snowboarding invovled. not very hard either so you can just relax.

02-15-2010, 02:06 PM
Hi Mopthefloo.

I'll start by saying, I enjoyed you game. Really liked the grabbable rock puzzle (don't wan't to give anything away. Liked your use of ice, and some nice corner editing. I liked your three spinning wheels (Though it was a dissapointment to find the only reason for getting across all three was to get a prize bubble! It would have been far better to have a switch that opens a door to allow you to progress through the game up there.
Snow boarding was good fun too, I can tell you played this game to check for bugs, and all that is in it works very well.

Now for the obligitory 'Constructive' crytisisms. Have you any thermo left? It would be a better game with atleast a few speech bubbles, and stickers, the game containsonly four materials(is that right?), and how ever nice the ice looks, rock and ice isn't enough, stickers would help,but a few other materials as well would be great. Alot of stair climbing. I understand you need to get the sackboy high for the decent back down, but a ski lift, moving platforms ect would make it FAR more interesting.

Game play 7.8 (would be alot higher with a few more puzzles and variety)
Graphics 7 ( what you have is good, but could benefit from variety)
Length 8.5
Fun factor 8

Thats a score of 7.8 nice job!

02-15-2010, 03:48 PM
thanks :D

there were only 3 materials, unless you count gas. my friend did complain about all the stairs, but i couldn't figure out a way around them. a ski lift is a good idea! and as for the turning gears, i'll put a switch at the end since it would make the level a bit more challenging.

02-15-2010, 03:56 PM
You could add a bit of a story, explaining you're late for your snowboarding class, or late for a snowboarding race, or....well, SOME sort of story would be cool. (you didn't say how much thermometer space you have left) You could also add some start/finsh gates in there to make it a bit more fun in some of the parts that have nothing going on..You feel like there is no purpose to all the flights of stairs other than to get you higher (NOT TOO many gates, just maybe in one small section, and make it a little more challenging to get through in time other than just running up stairs...a few electrified falling icicles maybe?

02-15-2010, 10:10 PM
i do have a lot of thermo left. but my main problem is getting online, since there is no wireless internet in my house, and there are only a few places in town (its a small town) where i can go. so there problably won't be an update soon :(

02-16-2010, 08:19 PM
Great level! Everything is extremely clean and well made, and I can tell that you must have done quite a lot of playtesting. Personally, I thought the lack of stickers and magic mouths to be a big plus. It's just... Here you are in an icy castle. Go. It's unapologetic and just fun and relaxing. Perfect choice of music and materials, and your corner editing is great. My favorite overall aspect of your level is your use of layer changing to enhance the gameplay. Nothing ever feels flat or two-dimensional. When I came across the first of your snowboarding bits I was dreading it. So many people get that kind of thing horribly wrong, but I'm happy to report that you nailed it. It's fun, speedy, stable, reliable, enjoyable, and it fits right in with the level. My only suggestion would be to connect your board emitters to proximity switches. Having to dodge incoming boards at the bottom of the mountain is a little goofy. It's not a bad thing really, but rather just something I noticed.

I don't have very many complaints at all, but I do have one medium-large one. Other people mentioned it already, so I don't need to go into agonizing detail, but those stairs are reasonably annoying. There's just miles and miles of them and they never seem to end. You mentioned you didn't know how to get around them.... Next time just do ramps! Sackboy can easily walk up 45 degree slopes, and if you want to make them more interesting than just a flat surface then corner edit a little texture into them. Make little bits here and there where it looks like a brick fell out and add one of the architectural brick motif stickers to help sell the look. The stairs really aren't a horribly bad thing and the level is still very much a great experience, but to be honest they do make me not want to play it again.

So that's it! I was on the fence between 4 stars and 4.5, but because everything is so well built I had to bump you up that extra half point. The good news is that rounds up to 5 stars in-game. Nicely done! :)

02-16-2010, 09:55 PM
i found the level really bland I mean for an ice castle there was very little ice I would suggest that you use the material changer to change some stuff from that brick to ice. Also like everyone else please change those stairs to ramps but overall I gave it:star::star::star: and I look forward to more of your levels.

02-16-2010, 11:46 PM
ramps seem a lot easier than ski lifts. so ramps it is! i just hope i can update the level soon -_-