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02-15-2010, 04:23 PM
The Caverno Eutopia: The Petrification Living Dead

Created by SiXth

The Caverno Eutopia by SiXth is an oddly named level in which you explore a cave to find dinosaur fossils under the direction of a white blob. Full of bizarre characters, The Caverno Eutopia is an interesting level to say the least. It's not, however, strange enough to stand on its eccentricity alone (like, say, Facial Reconstruction by NinjaMicWZ), so is it designed well enough to provide an enjoyable experience?

Theme-wise, Caverno Eutopia looks like a cross between Meerkat Kingdom and something from The Wedding. It's not a masterpiece that smites all other levels in the visuals department, there are better looking levels, but if LBP was Beyonce Knowles, then The Caverno Eutopia would be located in that glorious donk. (You are welcome for that analogy!)The biggest issue with the presentation of Caverno Eutopia is the fact that throughout the entire level, you can see the outside of the edges of the cavern. In other words, you could see the background that SiXth chose for this level the whole time and it impedes upon the atmosphere. This is a small complaint, but it's the only real flaw I could find, which is a compliment on SiXth's behalf. There are certain things I could nitpick about visually, but they're all such tiny complaints most of you will probably miss them. Why is that, you ask? Because I'm better than you. Now shut up.

A level looking great isn't enough to offer an enjoyable experience, unless it was made by Aurongel and puts every LBP level ever to shame visually. Caverno Eutopia doesn't do anything to be particularly new gameplay-wise. It's mostly straight-forward platforming, but it does it in a way that feels very Media Molecule. SiXth gets bonus points for including a beaver who eats all of the dirt and rocks in your way at one section and including an awesome vehicle. The boss battle at the end is designed very well, even if it's a little disconnected. It's one of the very few boss battles in LBP that does everything just right. The boss isn't overpowered, his attacks aren't ridiculous blasts of lasers which are indistinguishable from the front, middle, and back layers, his health bar isn't ridiculously huge, and it isn't another one of those "duck in cover, shoot, duck in cover" bosses either. The whole level plays pretty well and the boss is one of the better ones in LBP.

Now, it's time to nitpick. First off, I found that the checkpoints I needed most were often much farther than they needed to be from the section I was at. The section where you have to press on the button to spawn a bomb and a switch that activates the bomb caused a little bit of frustration. A couple times I accidentally pressed the button instead of the switch, causing the bomb I had just moved all the way over to the obstruction I needed to blow up to disappear. Also, the grammar in the chat bubbles is iffy. Later in the level, there's a checkpoint in a rotating wheel for no reason and you have to wait for the the opening of the wheel to point toward the direction you need to go. This is just a pointless annoyance that could have been easily avoided. In the same section, you must run up to one of those platforms that will launch you up a ramp, but a lot of times the ramp didn't give me enough momentum to make it up the ramp. Oh, and there should really be a checkpoint at the top of that ramp. Yes, this paragraph has been full of petty nitpicks and you should probably delete this paragraph from your mind if any of these nitpicks would stop you from playing a pretty awesome level.

The Caverno Eutopia by SiXth is a great looking level that anyone will enjoy, especially if you're sick of all the gimmicky levels in LBP. I actually played through this level a couple times throughout however long I didn't review this level, but never got around to reviewing until today. SiXth, good job. Even though you probably already published five more levels, you show some real potential. The Caverno Eutopia has joined my "Levels I Will Frequently Revisit" list.

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