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02-19-2010, 04:30 PM
(EASIER) Pirates of the Carob beanShade_seeker
PLEASE NOTE: This is a NEW thread for an EDITED version of 'Pirates of the Carob Bean' due to there now being TWO versions Published. This version has a COW as its icon, the old has a PIRATE as its icon
OK, so I've sent a message to one of the mods' asking if this is OK to post TWO threads on one game, but I'll give you the reasons for doing so: The Original game had issues with it being too hard. (Mainly, the lock was a fully working, 6 digit combination lock that was a little tricky for some, but there were many others) All changes are listed at the end of this post.

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LEVEL: (EASIER)Pirates of the carob bean

You start your journey on the Island where Carob is made. Visit the Factory and learn the complicated process of its production. On the way you'll meet the colorful characters that frequent the 'Carob bean' Inn, help Handy Mandy the handy man fix the Carob vending machine and try to find the combination for the lock that prevents you from entering the ship in the Harbor (the black bean)

Once aboard the Black Bean the Captain will teach you how to use the cannon, and how to control the ship before allowing you to take it to the high seas. On your watery journey you'll battle with a scary sea monster from the deep before finally landing on a small tropical island where you can lay back on the loungers, soak up the sun and sip on its tropical specialty beverages.

The fully working combination lock stopping you gaining access to the ship.

The gate barring your way.

The Carob Bean Inn

Chatting with the Captain

Handy Mandy trying to fix the Carob vending machine.

Helping fix the vending machine.

The front of the ship.

And of course, the back of the ship.

At the time of this thread being posted the original game 'Pirates of the Carob bean' has got 81 plays, 21 hearts, and 4 stars, so though some are marking it low due to its difficulty, the majority are giving it high marks. I am VERY reluctant to loose such a high ratio of hearts to plays (one quarter), so that is why I have published TWO versions.

The lock no longer needs a combination to open, it opens with an object instead. (removing the workings for the lock gave me enough thermo for all the other edits/changes)
Three types of music added.
The fuse room has been made slightly easier as there is a little more room to maneuver the fuses into place.
Speech bubbles added: One to tell you you can walk through the Inn. One telling you where the Captain is. One mentioning that the ladder if now free to use. One entering the ship saying that you should go speak to the captain. Speech bubbles in the Inn now work in the correct order. One on the coin telling you what you are to do with it.
Two new ones from captain in the Inn. Parrots speech changed.
Lift changed on ship so its aligned.
Sea monster no longer falls over when it is nearly killed.
A few more prize bubbles added.

I also wanted to post this in the F4F thread, (though I already do my fair share of reviews) as there is only one other so far. (Can I just say I am about to start 'Pirates of the Carob bean 2' so it may take a few days for me to reply/review.


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Uh oh, looks like the PSP F4F system is a little goofed up.... I'll PM CC and let him know.