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02-20-2010, 03:55 AM

The newest episode of our Community Spotlight has arrived! For those of you who are out of the loop, our Community Spotlight is a bimonthly collection of our favorite levels posted by our members. All of these levels have been posted on our site within the last 2 weeks, so you're getting a taste of some of the latest and greatest we have to offer. We have also begun Spotlighting PSP levels from our PSP Level and Object Showcase, and we've even picked out a dedicated team to do so, so we'll have a ton more levels every two weeks for you guys to enjoy! :)

Note: The Spotlight Crew would like to welcome TheAdipose to the team! They are incredibly hard workers so far and a great addition to the crew. We're also very excited to have jeffcu28 and Taffey on board to bring the best levels for the LBP PSP to the Spotlight! Welcome to the crew!

Note 2: Due to other obligations, Zwollie was unable to comment on this spotlight. We anxiously await his return and more of his patented sense of humor.

PS3 Spotlight
Unhearted: Drakes Misfortune 2GrantosUK/GruntosUKhttp://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=11724[After foiling Cool Levels many months ago, Drake finds himself pushed to the nether regions of Cool Levels once again. Help him quest through "Teh Temple Of Teh Real Waterz" and find an ancient tome that contains the knowledge to give him get him on page 1 again.]

This is hands down Grant's best work. Excellent visuals that are lit superbly are a great backdrop for some seriously awesome criss crossing gameplay full of puzzles and platforming goodness. It's got a great sense of humor, and continues the tradition of venting about the LBP player culture inside an LBP level. Seriously fun, witty and full of secrets hidden in plain view that will drive you crazy! I can't recommend this level enough as I've played it at least half a dozen times now and I'm still missing one secret!There can be no better way to join the spotlighting team than with a Grantos classic! The puzzling, backtracking style of the ‘siberia’ series, mixed with a good dose of humour makes for a highly entertaining level. My favourite part of this level is the hunt for the extra gems which are scattered around the level. Grant teases us by showing us the ruby just behind a wall or just out of reach, but the route to it may be far harder! It guarantees that after you’ve mastered the catapults, discovered the totums, and scrambled your way around the temple… there will STILL be a reason to hunt further. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Grant has taken his good old formula and given it a new spin with some excellent water challenges, beautiful visuals and great puzzles. Grant hasn’t just given his older level a makeover – this is a whole new story with great puzzles that haven’t been seen since the birth of this creator (and that was a long time ago). I’m going to have to stop here, mainly because I’ve run out of ways to say Grant is old, but also because you’ve probably already started playing the level! Giga CannonDelirium/xX-Delirium-Xxhttp://i50.tinypic.com/i73j0p.jpgThe anti H4H weapon the Giga cannon has gone out of control. Battle your way to the power room and shut it down.

For those who love great lighting effects in an ultra high tech mechanical type of setting you have to check this level out. The awesome cannon is just the beginning as you wind your way past some harder than average platforming and take on numerous machines that are out to get you. Really cool walking mechs were a highlight for me as well. Mechanical mayhem at it's finest!A brilliant start to the giga cannon sets the way for what becomes a test of wit and finger finesse. It's hard, but very rewarding at the same time. Players wanting an easy ride stay away, but anyone willing to accept the challenge will find a great looking, and well playable level.Poe - A Survival Challengeezbadfish/ezbadfishhttp://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu15/Morgana25_photos/APhoto_129.jpgA survival challenge loaded with style and atmosphere. Based on Edgar Allen Poe's short story "The Pit and The Pendulum"

Once upon a level started, while I wondered if I'd heart it, over many a cute and original level that I'd played before, While I watched it, merely standing, suddenly there came understanding, A level based on literature! Of poetry that I adore, Everyone should try this, a survival challenge with something more, Try not to die or play some more! There's not enough poetry in LBP…. seriously. It's a simple challenge with a lot of wit behind it. Check this one out.Today upon cool levels I saw... A type of level not seen before..for poetry and guillotines lay in store... but fear not dear reader - this shall not bore...for the dangers forthwith are rather hardcore....so, stop reading this and quickly withdraw....Quote the raven - play it some more!Well, you'll get no rhymes from me, even if I was a poet, I certainly would'nt know it. What you will get however, is a glowing recommendation of this level. Any fan of Poe, or in fact survival levels will be in 7th heaven. It looks great, it plays better, the story at the start leads the play in nicely and is a great scenario setter. Avoid the guillotine, and .....um, see, told you I was no poet. I'll say it like it is, fantastic level, great visuals, very well produced, don't miss it.Poetry is quite something in motion… and erm.. ocean… falotion…lotion? Okay, I give up, I’m no good at poetry either – but ezbadfish has certainly got a talent for it. You’re granted a brilliant poem, a great survival challenge and then another lovely outro poem. The last time poetry and LBP were combined like this was in the great “Timmy’s Dream” level… The somniummaxjeager/angel-punishmenthttp://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=12639&d=1265755524[A voyage through the depths of imagination, interesting platforms, great vistas, epic boss battles and a couple of new game mechanics. I hope you enjoy this audio-visual interactive experience.

From the opening towers of varying origin, to the alien landscapes, to the ‘glow in the dark’ platforms - this level is something truly unique. Although this level contains some truly original visuals, it also manages to tread down that narrow path – ‘arty AND fun’. You aren’t just an admirer here – there are some tricky platforming sections and a very cool use for water in the later stages. The way this level shifts between themes and ideas is brilliant. Just like a confusing dream, this level pulls you between visual styles with ease. Highly recommended. A unique and artsy level in many ways. Unusual color and light combinations make this a strange but beautiful place to explore. Moderate platforming challenge make it accessible for most players. The alien landscape and the use of reflections in platforming were innovative and very fresh feeling for me. A beautiful interpretation of an alien world thats both stunningly gorgeous and superbly lit leads into a false sense of sereneness. For once the platforming starts you'll be pushed to limit on some of the most original and down right awesome ideas I've seen over a year into LBP's life. Simply a must play, this level has been stuck in my mind since I played it, and rightly so. I loved it.It’s time to take a crazy insight into the wonderfully crazy mind of maxjeager, and boy are you gonna enjoy the ride! The level that has been created here has some excellent ideas, quirky visuals and a touch of madness that is needed to make a brilliant level. And just you wait until you see the reflection platforming – simply fantastic. Elemental: Valley of WindShawneboi/Shawneboi
http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=12645&d=1265775842Is Sackboy prepared for his next Elemental challenge? The Valley of Wind is here, and ready for action! Work your way up the side of this dangerous terrain, and watch for those heavy winds!

When your going to attempt a wind level getting advice from Jump_Button is a great place to start and that's what Shawneboi did. His Elemental Temple series has a distinctive style to it and this latest level blends his clean strong architecture and bubble clusters from the previous two levels with some great wind puzzles and platforming. Lovely warm shades of yellow and cream and beautiful clusters of ivy make it beautiful as well. The glider ending was a highlight for me. I'm loving this series and can't wait to see where he takes it in the future.Shawneboi loves his temples...and I’m glad – because he does them brilliantly. 5 temples for the Zelda series, and now 3 more for elemental series show this creators passion and his talent. The ivy covered arches, pale yellowish visuals and far off views remind me of ‘shadow of the colossus’. The gameplay reminds me of ‘the nostalgia of the infinite’. The only question left to ask is…can Shawneboi get part 4 spotlighted too? I might have jumped the gun a little when I first posted in the thread for this level. When I've played it again, although it still looks similar to jump_buttons "Infinte" series, it has that sparkle of brilliance that made us spotlight both this creators levels in the lsat edition. I'm not one to say I'm wrong very often (because I'm mostly right), but on this occasion I hold my hands up, beautiful, brilliant, and making me anxious for part 4. Oh, look what’s been blown our way this fortnight – another excellent temple level from Shawnboi, and it couldn’t have come any sooner! A lot less geometric, as you can tell there’s been more corner editing and it makes the environment come to life. It feels like a jump_button level with more score bubbles, and what more could you want from a level? King Orca And His EVIL Sandcastle of DOOM!LordMagicPants/LordMagicPants
http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=12742&d=1265930624King Orca is planning something EVIL! Travel into his sand fortress and put and end to his EVIL ways! Did I mention his EVIL?

Avery unique experience to be had in this level by LordMagicPants. Memorable shark knights and an over muscled big bad shark boss are done well and you won't soon forget the bathing suit sporting King Orca. Varied platforming of moderate difficulty make it a level you need to work a bit to get through. Quirky to be sure, it's a lighthearted and well made level that will put a smile on players faces.Fans of ‘attack of the flying donkeys!’ will know what to expect from LordMagicPants – good visuals, good gameplay, good humour, and epic length! Don’t be fooled by its light-hearted nature - this level is tough! Sharks, Squids, Spikes, balancing platforms, underwater explosives, and lots more all stand in-between you and the final showdown with King Orca. Take him on if you dare!This level had me in the first 10 minutes.The laughs started there and didnt finish until the very end. Sparking dialogue that is actually laugh out loud funny drives you through a level filled with some superb individual sections, some great enemies, along to a wonderful finale. The level is off the cuff, tongue in cheek, and simply superb.Strikewing: Operation StarshockGilgamesh & aer0blue/Jirugameshi
http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=12801An arcade-style, side-scrolling shoot 'em up with a twist. Take control of the super advanced fighter Strikewing to stop the alien invasion.

This one will take you back to a time of classic side scrolling arcade shooters! It really feels like another game when your playing it and not LBP in many ways. There is a learning curve to it and players should stick with it to get the hang of the controls. Once you've got it though it's incredibly addictive and still a challenge to progress. Amazing technical prowess is on display in the transforming ship that remembers which form has what power ups! A very challenging and unique level that the hardcore gamer types will eat up!I was firstly amazed by the technical brilliance of this level, the transforming ship is a marvel to behold. I then went on to be further impressed by the awesome mechanics, and side scrolling action that the level displays. As Morgana says, theres quite a learning curve initially, but stick with it and the rewards for your time are repayed ten fold. A game within a game. Sackboy is nowhere to be seen in this r-wing tribute level. Its hard to remember you are actually playing littlebigplanet when the visuals, gameplay and HUD are so uniquely different to what you will have played before. The creators have made a wide variety of enemies to oppose you and the 3D scenery looks brilliant. As a final touch, your ship transforms effortlessly between 3 different forms and each one looks fantastic. well done. Fans of the side-scrolling genre are in for quite an amazing adventure here from two of the greatest technical creators around. Power-ups? Health bar? Three different forms? It’s all here in one of the greatest side-scrollers in LBP! Bear Grylls : Born Survivor - A Very Very Cold PlaceBlahYourHamster & Jax789/BlahYourHamsterhttp://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f313/wannaseemybacon/bg1.jpgJust like on the Telly... Except it's a level... That's right folks, Bear Grylls is back to survive n' stuff.

It's a humerous level with some stunning icey visuals! Fans of the TV show will laugh at some of the dialoge and platforming fans will love the glassy slippery component to almost all the challenges you'll face. Great color in every shade of icey blue combined with cool looking geometric shapes make it a stylized winter wonderland. If you survive, the scoreboard is hilarious as well.Although not quite as tough as Chuck Norris, Bear Grylls's comes quite close in the tough guy stakes. Your task here is guide him through some beautfully designed, and visually perfect Ice Caverns. They are dangerous, treacherous and will put your skills to the test, but its all in a days work for our TV personality. I loved the dialogue, and the whole recorded for TV aspect and slant to the level. Can you help bear survive his latest test? Ice, Ice baby! A survival challenge of sorts as Bear Grylls attempts to survive in the icy wilderness. Brilliantly designed and executed, this level is a slippery challenge for all players. Collapsing platforms, a frantic vertical climb and a spectacular snowboarding run are just some of the dangers that await you. Check it out!Hi!!!! I’m Coxy224 and I’m going to take you through this level! You’re Bear Gryll – invincible, invulnerable and probably invisible wonder-being! You can survive in the coldest, most destructive conditions and you’ve gotta show the whole of LBP your skills. Humour, platforming and lovely landscapes await you sackboys and girls…. Bouncie KingdomChicoleunis/Chicoleunishttp://imgbox.de/users/public/images/l3033u127.jpgYou are sent to the Bouncie Kingdom for helping the King of the Bouncies, but better don't be too late, he can be very angry.

A cute level featuring some funny characters that will keep you busy the whole time you play. Platforming and puzzles most players should be able to enjoy make it lighthearted and fun to play in a group. Warm wood tones and cute sticker usage make it feel whimsical as well. So don't keep the King of Bouncies waiting, you'll be sorry!This level is just plain fun from start to finish. A great set of characters, and some wonderful little ideas that you have you bouncing, backtracking, and criss-crossing your way to find the king and your goal. Great stickering, and choice of materials keep the eye happy while your grinning from ear to ear at the challenges you are presented with. I loved it. The Proteus Prophecy: Part Oneshindol/shindolhttp://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab38/shindol/APhoto_12.jpgJack Ryan, a journalist from New York is dragged into a tale of mystery and murder that will have him travelling across the globe looking for the answers of one question, what is The Proteus Prophecy?

This is shindol's second venture into the 'point and click' genre on LBP - and he is developing the game engine nicely. This gamestyle harks back to the days of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max... however the tone here is far darker - There has been a murder and you need to find out who did it! A good plot with excellent characterisation kept me hooked from start to finish - I can't wait for part 2. The slow 'exploration' style using stickers won't be to everyones taste but if you fancy trying something a little different - check out the Proteus Prophecy. More excellent story telling in this murder mystery level by shindol. A slower paced level that will have you using unique stickers to look, interact or talk to other characters and items to figure out who done it. If you loved shindol's other story level your really enjoy this fuller story with more sticker options to explore.If you’ve ever had a really intense bomb-survival session, then you’ll know that the best way to blow of some steam is to have a go at an excellent point and click adventure. Now they’re few and far between, but Shindol has really nailed this genre. If you haven’t played any of his levels before then this is a great place to start as you’re treated to an excellent story and has a moody atmosphere to go with it. A Fantastical Adventure: The Kingdom!killzonequinn07/killzonequinn07http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=12881Begin your wonderous adventure to my new series with a trip to the kingdom, where you may see some old faces, and some new ones too! Have fun and enjoy!

Do you remember the feeling you got when you first played Little Big Planet? Well get ready to reminisce. Described as a throw back to the original Media Molecule levels, A Fantastical Adventure: The Kingdom successfully captures the feel and gameplay of the Little Big Planet which we first fell in love with. An engaging but not overwhelming story gently guides the player through this Kingdom, with some unique and fun platforming challenges. If you love LBP now but sometimes dream of laying down your paintinator and setting your feet back on dry land, then this fantastical adventure comes highly recommended.This level is all about the gameplay for me. The platforming set up will remind you of those first few levels you played in story mode when things were new and fresh. A classic platformer in many ways every new challenge will have you thinking why hasn't someone done this before? Beginners to moderately skilled players will enjoy this fun level!A hark back to the days when I first played through the Gardens all that time ago, Killzonequinn07's latest level displays some great mechanics and nice little puzzles that are so simple, yet so brilliant all at the same time. The story is enough to propel you through the level, but the real winner here is the gameplay. I kicked myself many times whilst playing through, thinking "Why did'nt I think of this". A great level that will definetly earn a heart and 5*'s from you, no question.Forget looking back to when you first played LBP – this is the future of the game! Quality platforming fun, brilliant characters and top notch dialogue and story. If all of Cool Pages was like this then we’d be happy, because Killzonequinn has truly nailed the Mm formula in fantastic style. If you don’t believe us, then you better go and give it a try for yourself and experience this great level first-hand. Flaming ArabiaCoxy224/Coxy224
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu15/Morgana25_photos/APhoto_134.jpgRun, jump and grab your way through this Arabian styled platformer. Less thinking involved here - more of what you love, running, jumping and gadding about! Easy/Medium difficulty.

Great textures and fantastic geometry greet you in Coxy's latest level. Brave fire at every turn, jump and swing and try and survive to the end. The dramatic lighting accents all the materials used and make it feel more dynamic and dangerous. Every skill level of player should be able to enjoy this fun level!Feeling weary? Load up Coxy's latest level, pour yourself a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic alternative) and get set to enjoy some fun platforming and well done visuals without risk of throwing your controller at the screen, or tearing your hair out trying to solve an impossible puzzle. Superb use of the corner editor and some great layering effects in the background complete a level which all can enjoy with an Arabian twist.The Drowned Dungeonbonner123/bonner123http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu15/Morgana25_photos/APhoto_132-1.jpgRun, jump and solve puzzles, in the hope that you'll meet the semi-divine Orange!

A brilliant combination of puzzling and platforming. These puzzles aren't too easy...but they aren't too tough either! Bonner123 keeps your brain engaged as you battle past pirates on the way to the almighty orange (who seems to bear a strange resemblance to the Queen of Clean). This level has VERY creative use of grabbable wheels throughout the level. My personal favourite was stepping on the accelerator to get the wheel up to speed, then jumping on the wheel and letting it carry you up before it slows down. Very creative - Very enjoyable. There is some fun to be had in bonner123's latest level. Challenging but never unfair take on some cool combinations of water and platform based puzzles and platforming. The characters are funny and bonner's sardonic sense of humor is evident in their dialogue. Check it out for a fun and rewarding experience.Bonner returns with a spectacular combination of water puzzles and platforming, both in equal measures. The level is designed to give a slight challenge to players, and make them use their brains, but don’t let that discourage you lazy players because this level is quality. So don your best scuba mask and get ready for some puzzling action! TenementUngreth/Ungreth
http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/6104/13490247.jpgStricken with grief, a sack takes his own life after losing his wife and child in a tenement fire. But before his spirit can move on, he must first face his demons and find his peace.

Ok, I'm going to be very honest here and say I wasn't sure about this level for Spotlight. Not because I didn't think it was beautifully made with an incredibly unique and metaphoric storyline. Not because I didn't adore it's artsy avant garde style that apologizes for nothing and holds nothing back in terms of the horrific images it depicts. And certainly not because I don't think it's a spectacular example of a horror themed level made in a less than scary game using less than scary materials….. no, I wasn't sure because it is most definitely made by an adult for adults (or mature teens.) What I discovered is that to not give this level the recognition it truly deserves would have been even more horrific and I can't deny it it's place of honor. I highly recommend playing this one only if you have an open mind, a mature attitude and a respect for the darker things in this world. This level, although based adult content, is a very unique experience in LBP. It really takes a good creator to take something as generally cute as LBP and turn into quite an unsettling experience. A great story, filled with great puzzles and ideas, its not one for the kiddies, but switch the lights off, settle down, and prepare to to be shocked and amazed in equal measures.Coxy224 has refrained from commenting on this excellent level to show his stance on the fact that, although brilliantly made and full of atmosphere, this level is not for kids. And Coxy is the biggest kid of them all (well…except for Zwollie). Still, don’t let this discourage you – make sure you’ve not just eaten before you start playing though… Rustic RuinsRazerPhoenix & BasketSnake/RazerPhoenix
http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/6981/aphoto2x.jpgA short little steampunk level made by myself and RazerPhoenix.

Great decoration and mateiral usage really make this mechanical level shine. It's worth the price of admission to see the bubble decoration alone! Short but very sweet it's easy to finish but will leave you wanting to create your own steampunk masterpiece!Power your way through a beautifully rustic steam punk level, using a dinosaur, collecting amazing point bubbles and flying off in a mechanical balloon! You’ll enjoy it until the very end, and then you’ll want even more of this great level. A truely unique mechanical level. From the brilliant points bubbles, to the metal dino, to the robot who tips his hat, this level has a great sense of humour with a great sense of style. It's definately too short... but we loved what was there SO much we HAD to include it in this weeks spotlight. Check it out! Arena of the Gladiators [2P only / pvp]TheAdipose/TheAdipose
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu15/Morgana25_photos/APhoto_133.jpgThe greatest thrill in gaming comes from vanquishing a friend. Adi and Luos provide the Arena, you provide the gladiators. This level is for 2 players ONLY - and contains 6 frantic challenges for you to compete against your friends in. Dare you enter the Arena of the Gladiators?

If your looking for a great 2x level that really brings out the competitor in players look no further! Multiple challenges that require multiple skills and a Gladiator guide that's a one of a kind. Observant players should keep a keen on on him for extra lols. Very fun level that is even more fun the second time around.Some levels were destined to be played for many years to come by the mightiest LBP players – to settle scores. And this level is certainly one of them. Want to prove you’re better than your Gran (Trust me, she’s actually got ninja skills so don’t try and take her)? Or maybe you just want to grab a random stranger and show them how amazing you are? Well head on down to this smoothly designed, good-looking level full of challenges and obstacles and prove your LBP prowess!

PSP Spotlight
Calamity Constructionjackofcourse/jackofcourse
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Calamity_Construction.jpgMake your way across the fiery building site using the machines and tools around you to further your cause!

Not satisfied with creating this level once on the PS3, jackofcourse decided to do it all over again and recreate Calamity Construction on the PSP.... and boy are we glad he did. This level is much more than just a simple port and really shines on its own as a phenomenal gaming experience. Loads of fiery debris? Check. Ingenious vehicle-based puzzles and platforming? Check. Cute little steamrollers that pop wheelies? Check. Now get out to the job site and git 'er done!This PS3 import gets a bite-size renovation that boasts stories of fun for all ages. Bulldoze your way through creative obstacles that use construction vehicles to clear hazards, and jump like a jackhammer through the fast-paced platforming bits. This level magically transforms the real-life duties of a construction worker to exciting gameplay, so be sure to wear your hard hat and double check your LittleBig Insurance Policy before entering this wacky construction site.It's classic Jack in miniature! Great platforming and puzzles are everywhere on this construction site and are fun to figure out. Adorable trucks and steamrollers will amuse players as well. Not too hard to finish and just the right length for a psp level. Glad to see Jack has downsized the screen but not his quality!PSP owners are treated to a port of Jackofcourse’s excellent Calamity Construction, and boy was it worth the wait! Jump around a dangerous construction site, over scaffolding and then pop a wheely in a steam roller. You’d never get this anywhere else.
Colossal Calamitysalieri/SalieriAAX
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Colossal_Calamity.jpgA gigantic ancient beast threatens a sacred city hidden deep in the heart of the jungle.

If you're looking for something a little different than a standard platformer, then look no further. Monster Hunter meets Shadow of the Colossus in this rewarding battle with a foe of mind-blowing proportions. Dodge thundering footsteps, climb a leg bigger than a tree, and hang on for dear life while you try to find the weak spot. When you're done being amazed by the incredible fully functioning monstrosity that walks all on its own, be sure to have a look at the gorgeous scenery that's whizzing past. Can you stop the beast before it's too late?Platforming gets progressively harder if the whole platform is moving! For those keen on a psp challenge try this beauty by salieri. Under the pressure of the clock scaling this beast of a level becomes even more challenging. If you can spare a moment check out the cool stickers and design work on the beast itself. Looks great!Thud. Thud. Thud. Is that the palpable beat of fearful heart or the earth trembling from a monumental monster? If you thought formidable bosses were only possible on the PS3, let this level teach you a valuable lesson. With its terrifying scale and cringe-worthy platforming, this is a force to be reckoned with. The fluid walking movement of the gargantuan beast is something to behold with awe, and the stickerwork is simply as beautiful as the green foliage growing between the cracks…
Cosmic Pinball (No Sackball Clone)Arrestor/Maboe84
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Cosmic_Pinball.JPGStart your fantastic journey through time and space with this cosmic pinball machine! Can you get the high score?

It's spacey. It's addictive. It's awesome. Arrestor has done a fantastic job of creating a truly authentic pinball experience that plays great and looks even better. Like any good real-life table, Cosmic Pinball has a surprising amount of gameplay depth and strategy, and it's also a feast for the eyes. There are loads of light-up widgets, spinny gizmos, and other visual goodies that will leave you scratching your head and wondering "How did Arrestor DO that?" Ding! Launch yourself into a classic arcade game warped into an intergalactic expedition. Meet some quirky extraterrestrial blobs before being sucked into the stellar gameplay and constellation of planetary bumpers and rocket spinners. This minigame captures the essence of a traditional pinball machine, recreating the surge of adrenaline with every flick of the flipper and the reward of satisfaction with every orbital collision. So train your fingers, put your fishbowl helmet on, and try to make a starburst of point bubbles!I love a good LBP pinball level and now thanks to Arrestor I can take one on the go with me! Great details and awesome sticker work make it look as good as it plays. Takes a bit of practice to be a pinball wizard on this one but when playing it is so much fun it's a pleasure!
Lost at Seaamazingflyingpoo/amazingflyingpoo
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Lost_at_Sea.jpgIn this level you only have one life. There are 4 endings, and the ending you get depends on how far you progress.

Now wait just a minute. Things like this simply aren't possible on the PSP... or are they? Play your way through a story told in a series of flashbacks, but watch your step because you only get one life. You'll want to play this choose-your-own-adventure style level several times to see all the different endings, or maybe just to marvel at the brilliant logic at work behind the scenes. You think you know what a PSP level is supposed to be like? Prepare to have that notion turned on its head.Great stories seem to flow out of amazingflyingpoo and he's back in psp format in this technically impressive level. Certainly has the feel of the choose your own adventure type of books I remember from my childhood and one wrong move can change your experience in a heartbeat. Which ending will you end up with? Why not go for them all!Sure, we’ve all heard great stories incorporated into levels before, but nothing comes close to this one. We not only hear a story, we experience it. In this adventure book come to life, amazingflyingpoo perfects the art of storytelling by threading narrative with gameplay seamlessly using theatrical scenes, engaging dialogue, and novel puzzles. With alternate endings to boot, this is one interactive book you’ll sure play again and again!A PSP level at sea? No, water hasn’t quite been shoved into the small screen, but that hasn’t stopped this great creator from being able to make a fantastic level at sea. A gripping tale with 4 unique outcomes depending on how far you get not enough for you? Well how about the fact it’s got engaging platforming and sections that’ll make your heart leap into your mouth! This isn’t one to be missing out on.
A New HopTaffey/tsr13http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/A_New_Hop.jpg After crash landing your escape pod on a desert planet, you meet up with an eager (but slightly immature) young lad and head out on an epic adventure. Explore the bleak landscape, learn special mind powers, and drive a hovering speeder... but watch out for undergarment vendors! Finally, blast off into space with a cuddly co-pilot and come face to face with the Empire in your very own star fighter. Will you be victorious?

Since the very beginning Taffey’s levels have embarrassed us as we giggled, snorted, and cried from laughter in public places thanks to the marriage of the lightweight PSP and his comedic genius. Parodying iconic space-themed movies, Taffey continues his legacy with The Star Bores saga. Get tickled as you meet the kooky cast while gawking at the immaculately constructed and stickered scenery. From visuals and sounds to storytelling and game play, this level is a complete package wrapped in Taffey's refreshing sense of humor.What julseyjules is to ps3, Taffey is to psp. I love playing Taffey's levels and I think his levels are the ones I look forward to the most on PSP. He takes on Star Wars in this hilarious satirical level full of clever plays on words and tongue in cheek jokes. The sticker usage is fantastic and the ship designs are amazing. Not hard to finish but very hard to forget. Check out this soon to be classic PSP level.When it comes to comedic PSP levels you should look no further than any level by Taffey, and what he does best is shown off here. Excellent stickered characters, comedy genius and great platforming too. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and then you’ll laugh some more! Like the movie – but better.
(EASIER) Pirates of the Carob BeanShade_seeker/Shade_seeker
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Carob_Bean.jpgVenture aboard the good ship 'Black Bean' (once you've solved a few puzzles) and sail the treacherous, duck-infested waters in search of a Carob substitute. (Have you ever seen what's in Carob?)

This hilarious adventure will have you scratching your head, holding your sides, and vowing never to eat carob again. Shade_seeker has put together one of the funniest creations I have ever seen (and that includes PS3 levels!), and also one of the prettiest. The characters, set pieces, and environment are all absolutely gorgeous... except for the carob factory that is. I'd say more but you just need to see it for yourself. Remember: What has been seen can never be unseen! Put on your thinking cap, warm up your funny bone, and get ready to be impressed.Inspired by a clever pun, Shade_seeker has ingeniously translated amusingly titillating wordplay into wildly entertaining gameplay. Witness the crazy antics of a carob factory before unlocking an unforgettable journey in a sea riddled with diabolically goofy creatures. This is thoughtful puzzling, laugh-at-loud humor, and impeccable detail served on a silver platter. Bon Appetit!
Scenic of the LeavesSpark151/Spark151
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Scenic_of_the_Leaves.jpgEnjoy the forest biome at its best wonders.

If you have a spare couple of minutes and want to check out of reality, this is the way to do it. Load up this beautifully made platformer and enjoy a relaxing stroll through a pocket-sized garden. Climb trees, rustle through leaves, and take a dip in the pond as you make your way through this lush wonderland. Keep your wits about you, though - you'll need them if you hope to find all of the hidden prize bubbles. Ah, springtime.Take on a bug’s eye view of the world as you crawl through the serene environment Spark151 diligently sculpted. The aura of the level was so spot-on that I could feel the breeze brushing my skin and hear the symphony of crickets and bees in the distance. If you like short and sweet levels with tufts of mesmerizing visuals growing throughout, then this level is a must-play.There's something extra adorable about sackboy when his surroundings make him look as small as he's supposed to be. In this lush, colorful and leafy garden, a diminutive sackboy must make his way past all manner of ways to die so stay on your toes and don't be too distracted by the gorgeous sticker work. Ok, get over the fact that you’re in a very well designed garden and that you’re about 8cm tall! Now get down to some fun gameplay, simple tasks and take the time to look at some great visuals. You couldn’t ask for much more in a level!
The Shipwreck of Captain SkullLleonard Pler/Lleonard
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Captain_Skull.jpgIn his fourth adventure, Sack Raider wants to retrieve the Eye of Jade from the remains of Captain Skull's ship, which wrecked centuries ago inside a volcano. But he must be quick, because now the volcano is about to erupt. Cross the island (now hosting a theme park about the wreckage), find your way inside the volcano, jump through corridors of lava, explore the mysteries of Captain Skull's ship... and get out alive!

Pure, epic LBP righteousness awaits you in yet another feature-length blockbuster by Lleonard. The storytelling is wonderfully balanced with rock-solid action, stunning scenery, and brain bending puzzle solving. Don't forget to pack a lunch before you set off on this adventure, because there's a lot of real estate here to explore and enjoy. Run, jump, and swing until you get your tiny hands on the Eye of Jade, but make sure to get out of the volcano before you become a Sackboy-shaped lump of charcoal.Is this 1080p full HD on my PSP? It can’t be! Lleonard is master craftsman who managed to fit all the intricate details of a PS3 level into a 10.9 cm screen. Cruise through a shipyard before navigating your way into a cavernous pirate ship floating on a sea of hot lava. This level miraculously combines exquisite scenery, thrilling platforming, and mind-numbing puzzles into a single experience that simply cannot be missed.Amazing visuals that feel so huge on a tiny screen was my first impression of this excellent level. I quickly learned it played just as great as it looked. It's a long format platformer disguised as a psp level - really. If this was a ps3 level I'd be impressed but on the psp I'm flabbergasted! It truly does everything right and is so rewarding to finish.The great creator Lleonard returns with a new level. From the moment you step out onto the dock, scale the boat and then swing your way into town you’ll be hooked to this level. Some of the best visuals available in a PSP level – heck, this would even battle among the best PS3 levels! Download this beauty today.
Tribal TransactionTeeBaG/TeeBaG
http://shawnandtom.com/LBP/PSP_Spotlight_33/Tribal_Transaction.jpgThe tribe faces its greatest challenge... REPOSSESSION! You must venture onwards into a mystical and dangerous world to find an ancient treasure that will save the tribe and their village.

TeeBaG brings us a charming and funny romp through a foreign land filled with fantastic visuals and loads of platforming goodness. There's a whole host of endearing characters here and more puzzles than you can shake your furry little fist at. You'll want to play through this one a few times just to gaze at the scenery and maybe even uncover a few hidden treasures. But really, the only thing you need to know about this level is that it has its own movie poster! Indiana Jones eat your heart out.Cute characters combined with stunning visuals make this a memorable level. Secrets and beautiful sticker work will keep your brain and eyes active and very entertained. Loved the challenges in the platforming and thought the length was very satisfying for a PSP level. As temple style levels go it's a real treasure.When a primitive tribe is behind on mortgage payments, you know the solution can’t be consulting a law firm. Once you feast your eyes on these adorable villagers, you’ll take the incentive to save them from their financial plague yourself by leaping over steep precipices, solving brilliant puzzles, and jumping through a portal to retrieve a valuable item. With an amiable cast, suspenseful plot, and top-notch props, this movie is a guaranteed hit!

02-20-2010, 04:09 AM
Congratulations creators! Keep those awesome levels coming!

So excited to have TheAdipose, jeffcu28 & Taffey on the crew!

02-20-2010, 04:11 AM
A PSP Spotlight? And a new team as well too, nice! Congratulations to the new team! And the regular spotlight looks great as usual too!

Still, Matt will be missed.

02-20-2010, 04:14 AM
Congratulations to all the spotlighted creators: all were equally deserving.

02-20-2010, 04:17 AM
Congratulations to all the creators who made it into the Spotlight.... especially the PSP creators. ;)

I'm thrilled to be on the team with jeffcu28 and the awesome regular crew, but I'm even more excited about all the spectacular pocket-sized levels we have for you to play. Don't have a PSP? Buy one! (or ask real nice if you can borrow a friend's) :)

02-20-2010, 04:44 AM
Some really great levels here, congrats to all those who had their levels chosen, these Spotlights just keep on getting better and with the addition of Psp levels it certainly keeps everything fresh. :)

02-20-2010, 05:34 AM
Woo-hoo! I am so happy that PSP has made it into the Community Spotlight! Thanks so much to everyone who was involved for doing that! Also, congratulations to all of those who were included (especially to the PSP creators :) )

02-20-2010, 06:03 AM
Nice! I was just wrapping up the last spotlight (I think I still have one left to play). I don't have a PSP, so I'll just have to take you all on your word. I've played a few of the PS3 levels already - can't wait to get my grubby little paws on the rest.

Congrats to all you talented creators. And another hearty, "Thank You!" to the Spotlight Crew. Great job as usual (Morgana and Coxy are on both teams?! When do you guys sleep?)

02-20-2010, 06:06 AM
I don't Vortex.... you know that ;)

02-20-2010, 06:17 AM
A big Woohoo! from me too! I always wondered why there is no psp spotlight :D And of course its amazing to be spotlighted along with those fantastic and skilled creators!

02-20-2010, 07:16 AM
Congrats to everyone included in this spotlight, it's been a belter! Looking forward to the next couple of weeks

Congrats to all you talented creators. And another hearty, "Thank You!" to the Spotlight Crew. Great job as usual (Morgana and Coxy are on both teams?! When do you guys sleep?)

Usually after a few beers ;)

02-20-2010, 07:59 AM
not really had much time to play some nice looking level and psp levels they all on my list of things to do

02-20-2010, 08:35 AM
Another set of great levels! Congratulations to all the creators. Some really outstanding work there. I do hope Unhearted 2 will be fixed and back open for business again soon – definitely one my all time favourite levels!

Thanks again to the Spotlight team for their hard work. Nice to see some PSP levels getting spotlighted. Might just tempt me back to my PSP.

02-20-2010, 08:57 AM
Hello all, and as everyone has said, FANTASTIC to see the PSP getting a mention in here. There are a lot of really talented creators on the portable version, and though it may lack the graphics capability of its big brother, it most certainly doesn't lack in the variety and ingenuity of the levels that are out there. Some fantastic creators that maybe like myself don't own the ps3 version, (and weirdly enough, I do own a PS3) so go on, dust the old thing off, charge its battery, marvel at how you can 'walk' while playing, and give that left thumb a good work out!

Well done to all that has been featured, and thanks to all that have played them!

02-20-2010, 11:06 AM
Ah come on not spotlighted. but a fight area, must have had more time put into it the mine and mrvistas lvl

02-20-2010, 11:20 AM
Oh! I mean... Oh! Golly. Thanks for featuring Colossal Calamity - I thought it had been kind of forgotten about. I'm touched by the hyperbolic commentary.

02-20-2010, 11:21 AM
I played some of the ps3 levels. They were all really amazing. I laughed out loud when I saw that poe level, though. I definitely have to try that. Keep up the good work, everyone.

02-20-2010, 11:23 AM
Congratulations to all the talented creators and thanks to the crew for this fantastic spotlight.


02-20-2010, 01:27 PM
Congratulations to all!

Welcome to the spotlight crew Adi!


02-20-2010, 01:38 PM
Wow, thanks for the spotlight!

An amazing set of levels from an even more amazing set of creators. Congratulations to everyone who was spotlighted! This week's spotlight looks huge, and I'm glad to see the inclusion of the PSP levels.

A big shout out to the Spotlight Crew and their newest members. You guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up! :)

02-20-2010, 02:26 PM
PSP Spotlight! You guys kept that quiet! :)

02-20-2010, 02:38 PM
Wow... I'm stunned. This spotlight is incredible, and THANK YOU so much for including a spotlight for the PSP - I'm definately going to download all of those!

And great additions to the crew. Good to see some more great creators getting used.

02-20-2010, 02:46 PM
Thanks guys for the spotlight. I'm gradually moving up the ranks with a grand total of 2 levels spotlighted!
Well done everybody who won, well done spotlight crew. Awesome as usual.

A big welcome to TheAdipose, jeffcu28, and taffey! Good start for you all!

Flare Skull
02-20-2010, 02:54 PM
WOW! Amazing! Cant wait to try all these once I get back to LBP in late May......congrats to all the creators PS3 and PSP, and to the crew :)

02-20-2010, 02:59 PM
Congrats to all! I have played most of these and have to say they are all "Must Play" levels! Great work and congrats to the new members who created this spotlight!

02-20-2010, 03:08 PM
Congrats to all who were spotlighted and to the new spotlight team members. Ive only played about half of these so far but ill try to find time to try the rest. once again, thanks spotlight team for picking a great lineup of levels to try out.

02-20-2010, 03:29 PM
Thank you so much for the spotlight .im so glad you enjoyed my level that much,specially the reflection part (i dont know yet how im gonna top it ,top it not reusing it ,but hey i can assure you all that ill top it ).
Thank you all again and congratulations to all the creators that got spotlighted too.

02-20-2010, 04:28 PM
So good to see that only the competition level from me and Miglioshin didn't make the spotlight...

02-20-2010, 04:50 PM
Just chiming in to say thanks for including PSP levels in this Spotlight edition. :)

02-20-2010, 07:56 PM
Thanks for spotlight :)
Many good levels over there i played most of them already :(

02-20-2010, 08:12 PM
d'Oh! I had said that I was going to do this going forward (or at least until the Spotlight starts including it - hint, hint) but I almost forgot:

PS3 Spotlight

Unhearted: Drakes Misfortune 2 by GrantosUK/GruntosUK
Giga Cannon by Delirium/xX-Delirium-Xx
Poe - A Survival Challenge by ezbadfish/ezbadfish
The somnium by maxjeager/angel-punishment
Elemental: Valley of Wind by Shawneboi/Shawneboi
King Orca And His EVIL Sandcastle of DOOM! by LordMagicPants/LordMagicPants
Strikewing: Operation Starshock by Gilgamesh & aer0blue/Jirugameshi
Bear Grylls : Born Survivor - A Very Very Cold Place by BlahYourHamster & Jax789/BlahYourHamster
Bouncie Kingdom by Chicoleunis/Chicoleunis
The Proteus Prophecy: Part One by shindol/shindol
A Fantastical Adventure: The Kingdom! by killzonequinn07/killzonequinn07
Flaming Arabia by Coxy224/Coxy224
The Drowned Dungeon by bonner123/bonner123
Tenement by Ungreth/Ungreth
Rustic Ruins by RazerPhoenix & BasketSnake/RazerPhoenix
Arena of the Gladiators [2P only / pvp] by TheAdipose/TheAdipose

PSP Spotlight

Calamity Construction by jackofcourse/jackofcourse
Colossal Calamity by salieri/SalieriAAX
Cosmic Pinball (No Sackball Clone) by Arrestor/Maboe84
Lost at Sea by amazingflyingpoo/amazingflyingpoo
A New Hop by Taffey/tsr13
(EASIER) Pirates of the Carob Bean by Shade_seeker/Shade_seeker
Scenic of the Leaves by Spark151/Spark151
The Shipwreck of Captain Skull by Lleonard Pler/Lleonard
Tribal Transaction by TeeBaG/TeeBaG

Available in convenient to-go pack (see attached .txt file)

02-20-2010, 09:45 PM
Look like there are some amazing levels on this thread, got to check em out.

02-20-2010, 10:11 PM
Congratulations to all the creators. Fabulous stuff! And thank you to the Spotlight crew for your tireless work.

02-20-2010, 10:21 PM
Ah wow Vortex - that's an awesome little condensed version - nice one :D
That'll be useful for all the people who haven't played them

Matt 82
02-20-2010, 10:59 PM
Man this thing went down hill fast.

Well done team, and well done everyone featured.

02-20-2010, 11:03 PM
You missed a heck of an episode Matt.... You should see the general thread. Hilarious ;) jk

02-21-2010, 03:09 AM
Thanks for another wonderful spotlight and congrats to the spotlightees.

02-21-2010, 03:15 AM
Thanks for this new great selection!
A PSP selection too! Too bad I don't have one to play them... :blush:

Anyway, welcome to the new members of the team and as usual congratulations to the spotlighted creators!

02-21-2010, 03:28 AM
Congratulations to all the Creators. Your amazing efforts have earned you a wonderful honor and so happy to see some PSP levels in there as well! Looks like a great batch of levels and the ones I have played were top notch. Can't wait to get a chance to sift through the rest! :)

As always, I have to thank the incredible prowess of the Spotlight team. Your work is so appreciated by the community. Also welcome to all the new members of the team!! AND a PSP team? Wow!! Awesome work and thanks again!

02-21-2010, 03:32 AM
oh man by the time i get through all of these there will be a new spotlight :O

good work spotlight team ;)

02-21-2010, 04:19 AM


02-21-2010, 08:27 AM
Congrats everybody! Tks for this wonderful creations and this spotlight.
I'll be sure to pop in from time to time and play those.

02-21-2010, 11:47 AM
Now I want a PSPGo even more :(

Anyone have £200.00 to spare?

Great spotlight as always, nice to see some new recruits :)

02-21-2010, 12:40 PM
it seems adi is a good spotlight reviewer :)
good to see you are on that team m8! (same goes for clara!)

awesome levels, too bad Adi is taking up all my time.. and therefore I havent played most of them.


02-21-2010, 05:15 PM
Thanks to the spot-lighters for all of the great comments and great poetry (and the not so great poetry. ;) Made me chuckle. :D ) Congrats to everyone. Very well deserved all around.

02-21-2010, 06:05 PM
I have only been a member of LBP Central for a short time, and have been overwhelmed by how welcoming and helpful all of the members have been.

A shout out to jump_button for the advice and thank you to all of the spotlight crew for the very kind words.

I just hope I can keep this up...

02-21-2010, 06:36 PM
Hahah, I didn't even know I made it to the spotlight.

02-21-2010, 10:05 PM
:-P hah I knew I would get on spot light but not for giga cannon. I figured it too hard lol :-p its good to be back. and I'm shooting for my next level to be spoted too... I'm back to my horror levels ^_~

congrats to all and to my friend Ungreth:-P

02-21-2010, 11:00 PM
Once again,an amazing spotlight done by the fabulous spotlight team 8D

02-21-2010, 11:08 PM
So good to see that only the competition level from me and Miglioshin didn't make the spotlight...


You serious? There were over fifteen entries.

Darth J464
02-22-2010, 12:40 AM
I'm glad that they finally started to do this for the PSP levels.

02-22-2010, 05:05 AM
Killzones level was well deserved the spotlight! Thxs guys again... lots i haven't seen maybe ill check em out =D

02-23-2010, 12:04 AM
Congrats creators! I look forward to playing some of these levels later on. Keep up the good work.

02-23-2010, 12:59 AM
Wow, gratz all that were spotlighted. Lot's of level's here I haven't tried yet so this will keep my busy for a while! Thanks to the creators and spotlight team!

I'm gonna have to consider getting the psp lbp, if stuff of this quality is what's being produced. For some reason I tend to think the psp version isn't worth it when you've got the original game but it looks like that's not so at all.

02-23-2010, 02:20 AM
A lot of great levels on here, but I gotta say I hated Tenement and I was hoping it would be good after reading what you guys said about it. I like levels where you have to figure stuff out and maybe I'm dumb, but there is a complete lack of direction in this level. After killing that creature in the doorway and finding the area with the blue spotlight and egg, there was simply nothing else for me to do. I tried keeping the light on the egg but nothing happened so I just ended up pressing R1 on every square inch of the level before quitting.

I'll give it another shot if someone can help me out.

02-23-2010, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the spotlight, much appreciated.

02-23-2010, 09:07 PM
Congratulations to all the creators!!!!!! I will play your levels in a moment. Im sure it will be great!!!!! Thanks to the Spotlight TEAM. your work is sooooo important to everyone in the community of central. Thanks.

02-23-2010, 09:14 PM
A lot of great levels on here, but I gotta say I hated Tenement and I was hoping it would be good after reading what you guys said about it. I like levels where you have to figure stuff out and maybe I'm dumb, but there is a complete lack of direction in this level. After killing that creature in the doorway and finding the area with the blue spotlight and egg, there was simply nothing else for me to do. I tried keeping the light on the egg but nothing happened so I just ended up pressing R1 on every square inch of the level before quitting.

I'll give it another shot if someone can help me out.

It's not everyone's style level. Just like we all don't like arcade or story or fps. It's a matter of taste.

02-23-2010, 10:08 PM
A lot of great levels on here, but I gotta say I hated Tenement and I was hoping it would be good after reading what you guys said about it. I like levels where you have to figure stuff out and maybe I'm dumb, but there is a complete lack of direction in this level.

Reef,that bit of the level is totally about figuring things out. I scratched my head there for a lil while too but it it all makes sense when you realise what you have to do.

02-23-2010, 10:15 PM
Awesome levels! I haven't played any psp levels yet, and due to age and choice, I'm definetely not playing tenement ever... yay! no tenement!......................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .............. (waiting for lbpc the game)

02-23-2010, 11:20 PM
I'm gonna have to consider getting the psp lbp, if stuff of this quality is what's being produced. For some reason I tend to think the psp version isn't worth it when you've got the original game but it looks like that's not so at all.PSP community level choices were a bit thin at first (as expected), but there's really some fantastic and unique stuff out there now. Definitely check it out when you get a chance!

02-24-2010, 01:45 AM
I've only played 2 but these all look really great! Can't wait to play 'em.

02-24-2010, 08:25 AM
Some absolutely fantastic levels there, most of which I’d come across by just searching LBP PSP. A testament to their creator’s great creativity. Well done everyone and thank you for the kind words about my level.

02-24-2010, 12:13 PM
I am going to play as many as I can, but I have just one question:

Why am I not able to play "Unhearted: Drakes Misfortune 2" ? It is locked, so I can't play it.

02-24-2010, 02:36 PM
Thank you for the spotlight, glad you guys seemed to enjoy the level.

Myself and BasketSnake do apologise that the level is rather short, however we were maxing out the thermo pretty early on and decided that it would be better to make the best short level we could, than a not so good long one.

02-24-2010, 03:04 PM
I am going to play as many as I can, but I have just one question:

Why am I not able to play "Unhearted: Drakes Misfortune 2" ? It is locked, so I can't play it.

Grant had issues with hitting the 160 hour bug or some other madness and had to lock it due to being unplayable. Yesterday he had finished fixing from an earlier backup and had removed the lock. I just played it again late yesterday, so check it again when you get a chance. Awesome level.. I still think you need a GPS system, but only if like me you start oooo'ing and ahhh'ing and aren't paying attention. ;)

02-25-2010, 10:55 AM
(making this comment longer so I am able to post it :p)

02-25-2010, 11:36 PM
I played Giga cannon and I noticed a update. He or she fixed the bugs and its a bit easier in some parts
cause I finally beat it

02-26-2010, 06:42 PM

02-27-2010, 01:07 AM
All these levels are great! Nice job guys :) And to the spotlight team for putting up a lengthy list of levels.

03-01-2010, 07:56 PM
wow thats alot of levels to play, i only played like 3 of these.
they all look great,
and psp levels to, i almost forgot there even was a lbp psp...

i look forward to playing these promesing levels

03-07-2010, 02:24 AM
Locked and archived. :)