View Full Version : Need a review for my level

02-28-2010, 04:42 AM
hey, first off i want to say that this is great that there is a website like this for the LBP community.

Now, My level is "Flee Iraq 2: A rough Journey" by "PPp_Killer" (me). I've tried everything to get the level notice, but had no luck, I even added "call of duty" to the front of the levels name to get more plays. I think it's good, but I need someone to tell me how good (or bad) it is. I would go with the lbp star rating... but you know how broken that is. I don't want a detailed review, just a paragraph or two. Note that the pistons have a mind of it's own and seemly doing different things, EVEN THOUGH I DIDN"T UNPAUSED THE LEVEL!

Thanks in advance (hopefully I didn't post in wrong place), also if the level is good recommend it to your friends!!!