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03-04-2010, 07:23 PM
This is a special level. Not because its created by one of the best creators in LBP, not because it does a awesome job of coping the actual PC game but because it gives you a unique sense of freedom that's quite rare to find in games levels these days. This first level is basically the background story to what this level is about. If you want to have any fun, you should play this movie first. It works exactly like a cinematic.The plot of the level basically goes like this: two brothers have been imprisoned in books for a crime. Their father is a special person. He is someone who writes with so much detail ( ah, how i wish i could say the same) that you can actually enter that world. He lived on the island of Myst (the central hub for the game) with his wife and 2 sons. he journeyed throughout all his books, alone and with his sons, while each son lived their for a period of time and left their mark behind. One day however the father come home find that someone had burned his library. As neither boys confessed, and his wife had died a while ago, the father banished them into 2 of the 7 books he had left from the fire and hid a page from each in 4 different worlds and Myst. This is where you come in. While you are unconscious from a big fall, you dream of the island Myst and the father sends you a message. Come to Myst and find who burned the library by collecting the red and blue pages (the colors represent the brothers). After nearly dying, you awaken in the dark to find a book called Myst which transports you to Myst. So once you have the story level out of the way, you start the next one on the island of Myst. As i said before, this level actually feels like a living breathing world. While there is no one to talk but the brothers who are still locked away in the books, you will be given clues at the very beginning telling you what to do. You must solve a puzzle on Myst so that you can find each book hidden away and travel to their worlds. From their you main objective is to find 1 red and blue page while keeping you eye out for 1 of the 2 white pages that will tell you how to unlock the vault and this is vital. Once you have collected the pages, you will need to find another books which will link you back to Myst where you will rinse and repeat for the other 3 worlds. To complete this level you must have your collect community objects set to on. At the end of this level, you then start the next level which picks up right where you left off. This story has 4 endings and 3 of them are doomed endings so pick wisely. The graphics of this level are perfect and fit the locals greatly. Puzzles can become hard if you don't listen. There are occasionally glitches that happen in one world, the one in the space ship, so my advice is get that world out of the way in case your beat the other ones and then have to start over because a door doesn't open in this one. All in all, great visuals, atmosphere that fits perfectly, occasional bugs, good lighting and great story= a Five star level. Created by ladylyn1 (fantastic job, if you get stuck, send her a thread). If you have a lot of time on your hands, do not miss your chase to play this engrossing level that will simply captivate you. Give me feed back on the review and some of the back story i learned from the original Myst game which can be downloaded onto your Ipod and that too is a five star game that comes with a walk-through if you get stuck. If you get stuck send a thread my way.:)

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Who's the level published by?

03-04-2010, 08:29 PM
Its by me... I was gonna say- Could you please add my name in it somewhere?

Oh and thanks for such a great review! Also I might point out that the level does have a save feature so that if the player did get stuck at a given point then they could return to that point in the level at any given time (as long as they keep the stickers).

Also here's the link to the showcase: