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03-29-2010, 10:45 PM
Here is a game I thought up all on my own.
There are these two apposing nations fighting: The Fire Clan, and the Ice clan.
When Players apply to the game, they say which side they wish to be on (you CAN be neutral.
Each player is responsible for creating his/her own character(s)
Here are the Rules:
.no taking control of another persons character!
.no impossible kills,unless character approves
.all txt that is not part of the game should be double parentheses "(("
.Fire clan only has the power of fire and has mastery in Marshall Arts.
.Ice clan only has the power of Ice and has Mastery in Marshall Arts.
.Neutral can have whatever powers in the elements they chose (wind, water, ice, earth....) at the beginning when they enroll in the game.
.The technology is primitive, basically that of the old days of samurais and stuff, lol. NO GUNS!!!

03-29-2010, 11:08 PM
((I'll get this started off with an intro! I am a member of the Ice Clan, and my 1st characters name will be Ontom))

Ontom dashed through the forest, 3 fire ninja chasing behind him. "How did we get into this?" he thought " How did this war start?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

The Ice Nation was meeting with the Fire Nation to discuss the rights to the new land that was discovered off the cost of the continent. Ontom was sitting next to the Ice nation's emperor, as Ontom was the Ice Nation's Head of Army.
The Emperor of the Ice Nation, Ayumu was his name, wished to come to a compromise, to cut the new land in half between them. But the Fire Leader, Katashi, wanted to claim the new land as an expansion of the Fire Nation, since their explorers had recognized it.
"NO!" Katashi yelled, "WE found it, and WE will have it! That is final! If you disagree that will mean WAR!" The leader and his party stormed out of the room.

In two weeks scouts reported boats being seen from the horizon. In a day, the Fire Nation was upon them. The whole capital city was overrun. Vast numbers of women and children were killed, the young girls abused in horrible ways first. The Ice capital was now taken by the Fire Nation. At the raid, the emperor was killed. What was left of the Ice resistance was scattered out among the continent of Asia. Little rebel groups here and there, waiting, for someone, some hero to rise up and be their leader to fight back against the evil Fire Nation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ontom turned around, jumping back on trees limbs without even looking. He through 3 throwing stars at all of the members, two found their mark, the other was deflected off one of the Fire Ninja's gauntlets.
Ontom concentrated hard on the branch the Fire ninja was about to step on, it turned to solid Ice. The Ninja slipped, hit his head on a branch, and tumbled to the ground face first.
"Yes!" Ontom thought, "Back to camp for me though...." He dashed off into the distance.

((So wat do you guys think!?"

03-30-2010, 03:25 AM
((common people don't be affraid to join! plz!! we need people!!))

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((the other half of the site is on Spring Break. Don't be surprised if there isn't much activity for the week))

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((and plus, I'm a pirate.))

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(( And PLUS PLUS it's a bad idea going round a posting things on other peoples walls asking them to come here, it won't do your reptutation on this site very well.

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((i'm srry lbpholic, i was just really excited 4 this, Jack are you in? and Ragfell? Pirate? Does that mean you are not joining?

03-31-2010, 12:16 AM
((hmmmm... I shall be an Ice Ninja (go alpine skiing) named uhh... (sorry if my posting annoys you I write what i think...) named Frost R.S.))

((ugg... ontom you finished you story so I can't jump in and save people:grr:))

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK(intro type thing)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was out gathering wood when they came. They Burned every thing, fire blasting from their palms. Raiding houses one by one. Not only taking their belongings but also their lives. Children screaming as their mothers turned to ash. Dark black smoke and ash blocking out the sun. I watched from the outskirts as the once fecund city fell to ruins. I stayed in the shadows for six days, not daring to light a fire. After the sixth day I ran to see if my family had survived the blood bath. All that was left was my mothers necklace and a pile of ash. I swore I would murder every one of them for what they did to my city and my family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END~FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Looking out from the top of the mountain I saw the end of the confrontation between Ontom and the fire ninjas. It would be his last if I could make it to where more were already setting up an ambush. So I froze a slide down to 100m from the ambush site and slid down like a bullet. Sneaking up on them I stealthily stabbed them one by one. By the time there was one left, Ontom had arrived and before i could get the last one, he jumped out of the bushes with one thing on his mind,
Kill Ontom

((whew! I really should start my homework now...))

03-31-2010, 02:38 AM
Ontom heard a rustle coming from the bushes, he heard Frost R.S. shout his name. He reached for a knife, but the ninja tackled him to the ground, knife to his throat.
Ontom saw Frost R.S. jump in to save him, but he was quickly stopped by two new Fire Ninja.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" One the second new ninja walked up to Ontom and spit an inch from his face. Suddenly the grass burst into flame, but Ontom quickly put it out. "Lets see, how will we kill you? Hmm, I could let you all burn to death, but, you guys might put out the fire so, Goon, the knife please." The Ninja that had Ontom pinned on the ground handed the speaker his knife.
The leader raised his hand ready to stab Frost R.S. in the gut..... Ontom was concentrating hard on the air above him, attempting a move he never accomplished before- create ice from thin air.
The leader stabbed Frost in the gut, as Ontom dropped the ice on the leaders head. Blood splattered everywhere. Ontom quickly caught the defenseless Ninja off guard, and then threw a throwing star at Frost's captor's head.
Frost collapsed to the ground, Ontom picked him up and started dashing toward base.....

03-31-2010, 03:12 AM
((ahhh... I should write in 3rd person))

Bleeding profusely, Frost started drifting in and out of consciousness. He could feel his blood pulsating through his head. Trying to ease the pain, he was freezing the blood that was seeping out of the wound, but every time he went unconscious it would melt. It felt like his gut was on fire, but he could not tell if it was the gash or a tiny bit of the fire ninja's knife burning inside him. He tried to tell Ontom but he slipped out of consciousness again. He hoped Ontom could get him to safety, where he could get treated for his wounds and hopefully live. Then his mind went blank...

03-31-2010, 03:31 AM
Ontom jumped of a tree branch and onto the ground. Hidden among the leaves was a trap door, Ontom pulled Frost next to it and went to get someone to help.
Inside, the medical ninja worked feverishly to heal Frost.
Ontom and Frost had been through a lot together. He had been the one who found Frost hiding in the shadows. Frost cried and shouted to Ontom that he had to find his family, Ontom knew almost everyone was killed, but he didn't have the heart to tell him that... so, Ontom escorted Frost R.S. to his home, most of it was charred and burned. Furniture lay haphazardly all around the house. It looked as if a tornado had came through. Frost started picking up his mother's necklace from a pile of ash, tears started swelling in the boy's eye...
Ontom started to say, "I'm sor-" then the boy left the house and ran, back into the shadows.....
It had been five years since then, and Ontom had been training Focus as his top pupil.... Ontom was fearful though, he saw all the hate in the boy's eyes, and so much hate is never good.... Ontom decided he would keep a close eye on him, for better or worse.....


((I will also be playing as Katashi, the fire nation's leader))

Katashi marched across his thrown room, "second thrown room actually," he thought. He laughed in enjoyment.
His laughter was halted when his assistant walked in. "Oh I despise that puny twit." Katashi thought. "The only thing he is good for, is his brains, how he became a Great Fire Ninja, I will never know...."
"Erm.. sir?" The intimidated assistant pushed up his glasses and looked at the ground, never at Katashi's face.
"Yes?" Katashi mused.
"Erm... you know the Ninja you sent out to ambush Ontom?" Katashi's eyes widened, and nostrils flared, the assistant almost jumped out of his socks.
"Yes! I hope they got rid of that Infernal NUISANCE!"
"Erm.... well......" the assistant almost started to cry.... "They're..............they're all dead.........."
"WHAT exactly do I pay you for?"
"AGH!!!!" The assistant squealed and ran out of the throne room.
"Running an empire is such a pain...." Katashi groaned.

03-31-2010, 03:42 AM
((hmm... I'll have to think on that one. I should get some sleep.))

03-31-2010, 10:53 AM
((hmm ah what the heck im in as a pirate :P))

rseah sniffed the air once...twice..thrice..quice??? There was defiantly something funny about the air today.

"Thump...thump......THUMP!!!" rseah looked up with a start was bowled over by his large and mangy pet dogfish. With a hairy body, gills and fins Orange the dogfish was an incredible sight. "gET OFF ME!!!" rseah yelled out. Before Orange could react he had picked up the dogfish wih inhuman strength and tossed it overboard. He grinned showing off his rotting teeth and leapt off the ship in a single leap and gracefully landed on the back of the dogfish. Sniffing the air again this time fice times, he kicked the dogfish's scaly hide and off they went.

However he failed to noticed an important clue his ship was on fire....

03-31-2010, 11:25 PM
"wakey wakey, sunshine!" Ontom teased the dozed of Frost R.S. "We have a BiiiiiiG day of training, don't want you to get in the hospital again any time soon now do we?"
Frost groaned and got out of his bed. It had been two weeks since his injury, but he still felt like crap Ontom thought, "Well I guess that means he has to work harder."
After breakfast the two went into the training arena, where thirteen other teens were waiting eagerly to be trained.
"Okay!" Ontom began, "What is the most important thing you need to be careful of while being a ninja?" One kid raised his hand, "You there?"
"Never let your guard down?"
"Correct!" Ontom looked at Frost, Frost looked at the ground. "That is correct because even if a squad member is in danger, it is imperative that you secure your own safety first. That is why we are going to do this new exercise.... You all will break into apposing squads, this half," he pointed at Frost and six other kids, "will represent the Ice Ninja, and this half, will represent the fire ninja. The Ice Ninja's goal is to get to the sacred springs, fill a canteen filled with water, and come back here, with as many ninja's as possible. The fire ninja, will try and thwart you in your pursuits, by whatever means necessary, BUT remember, no maiming or killing. The Ice ninja will get a two minute head start, ready? GO!" Everyone dashed off into the trees.
A couple of the kids who were Fire Ninja moaned that Fire Ninja smell bad, and are stupid, and stuff like that. Ontom laughed a little, gave the kids there signal, and then went inside to get some more breakfast.

03-31-2010, 11:50 PM
((am i ice or fire?))

04-01-2010, 03:26 AM
((rseah, i'm probably gonna join you on your ship))

"Ya great lummox!" Ragfell called to his bird, a seagull/pelican hybrid named Jeff. "Get back here, Jeff! Or at least catch me a fish! I'm hungry!"

Ragfell laughed. He felt truly happy for the first time in years! Finally, plunder was available again. Rseah, cap'n or not, was helping keep the ship in line, even though he didn't do the same with his teeth.

For Ragfell, it was a perfect world. When he came here, no one seemed to care about his distant family being made of ninjas of lightning or sound. Or the fact that his father was a mage. He had a clean slate, a way to start over in a world that thought it had everything planned for him.

Yet again, he had proven it wrong. As Ragfell marveled over this, Jeff came back, a fish in his mouth. Ragfell went and took it to the stove, toasted it and a couple slices of garlicky bread, and chowed down, occasionally tearing off a piece for Jeff. When it was done, he looked out on the ocean.

The day was perfect. Simply perfect.

04-01-2010, 04:09 AM
((Focus you are Ice. I will also be playing as a new ninja, Atashi. ))
Ontom was sipping coffee when a Ninja dashed into the room. "Sir!"
"Yes, what is it?"
"A ship was spotted way off the coast!"
"So? The stupid Fire Nation always has trade boats between here and the new continent."
"But sir, this isn't Fire Navy. Our scouts believe they are pirates sir."
"Okay, assemble a squad immediately to go and check out that ship, I will join you as soon as I can, but I have to attend to the trainee's first."
"Yes sir,"
"Oh and son?"
"Yes? sir?"
"What's your name?"
"Atashi, sir"
"Okay, that is all." The soldier sprinted out of the room, shouting orders at people to assemble....
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .............

The Fire Leader was also receiving word of the new pirates, Katashi told his Navy to assemble three war boats immediately, and he was coming along.....

04-20-2010, 12:45 PM
((Mysterious powers shall kill you all if you don't post))
Atashi was rushing through the forest dashing, tree over tree. He saw the pirate ship heading towards the bay, but a fire ninja ship was coming around behind it...
Atashi froze, literally, (which isn't to hard to do if you are an ice ninja). His throat was closing up, and he fell off a branch. All of the other three scout ninja froze up to, but when Atashi fell, they snapped out of it. Everyone dashed back to the fort shouting, "Sound the Alarm! Fire Ninja!!!!"

Sirens whaled to the other forts, who in turn, turned on their sirens. All Ice ninja were to report to the bay as fast as possible. "The Kids!" Ontom said, he sprinted off to the sacred falls.
.................................................. .............

Katashi was laughing maniacally. He heard the stupid Ice 'Rebellion's' sirens going off.... because of one warship!
He was amused, he told his crew to go faster, he didn't really feel like a run in with the ice ninja right now.

04-21-2010, 01:23 PM
This is interesting. i try it!

04-25-2010, 07:14 PM
Kernel looked out across the abandoned bay, The Large Ship Tailing the significantly smaller sloop... Kernel Dived in and moments later jumped out of the water at the pirates side, Pointing his palms at the mast he let out a Strong Stream of water, The Mast Snapped, The Ropes flailed about wildly whipping various crew members into the ocean, Skillfully Kernel Leapt and Swung across to the Fire Ninja Ship. Calling open all his power he allowed the oceans love to consume him. The Water leapt up to be with its friend and dragged the large ship down with it, Kernel let a pulse of water push the small pirate ship away from the swirling vortex...

05-26-2010, 03:09 AM
((Back From the dead...))

After being briefed about the training exercise for today by Ontom, FocusRS pushed open the old wooden doors of the mess hall. Picking up a tray and getting in line he noticed today was Fire ninja shaped omelets, his favorite. Even though he wasn't in the mood to eat, Focus got two of them for later and some milk. He sat down at a table with the other 6 trainees to devise a plan for the exercise. They debated whether they should ambush the fire ninjas or hid let the pass and slowly take them out one by one, or any number of ways. Frost vote off taking them out one by because that worked so well last time... In the end they all agreed on running to the spring as fast as possible and ice sliding down back to camp. Adjusting his glasses and smashing his milk carton Frost stood up and followed the rest of his buddies out of the mess hall. Somewhat depressed he sighed lagging behind the group.

05-27-2010, 03:06 PM
Ontom burst into the mess hall.... Where had Frost and the other trainees gone!? He asked one of the cleaning staff where the students went. He said they had left over an hour ago. The battle from the boats was reaching the shore. Some ninja had tried to drown the fire fleet, Atashi had told him....
Atashi watched the Fire Nation's war fleet sink... All of a sudden, Everyone froze. Sounds of fire ninja drums were beaten louder than ever. Every Fire warship just ascended vertically, the water falling off. Atashi knocked the pirate unconscious. The Fire Fleet now turned in the direction of the island.
Katashi couldn't believe it. He found yet another Ice Ninja hideout. He decided he would either turn them, or burn them.
He told his crew to head towards the shore, and beat the drums loudly.
Ontom could hear the fight going on on the outside. The fire ninja had made it very close to the underground hide-out. Then a bad thought crossed his mind. If those students got found by the fire ninja, they would be stupid, and fight. They would die! The fire ninja had NO discrimination against children. Ontom had to think smart, if he left the hideout through the trap door, the Fire Ninja would know where the entrance is. But if he went to the mountain pass..... He would be right by the sacred fountain!
He darted off through the endless hallways till he came to a cave. Through the cave till he came to the waterfall that led to the sacred fountain....

05-27-2010, 11:46 PM
"Shhhhhhhhhhh...They're coming!" FocusRS alerted to the ice ninja group.

After sprinting to the top Focus was glad to rest. His stomach throbbed every breath he took, he was still not full recover from his run in with the fire ninjas. They all scrambled to their places and waited... and waited....

"Are you sure you saw them Focus?"exclaimed one ninja,"or are you just paranoid?"

"I saw them! They must be waiting, we can wait too ya, know..."

While looking for a place to camp out for the night, Focus found a strange marking on the side of the mountain. He figured it was just an old cave painting or something, besides his watch was over now he can mull over it later.

05-31-2010, 05:02 PM
Kernel flowed over to the ninja who had watched the fleet rise from the dead, he dived out of the water and forced a continuos stream of water into his lungs faster, more, until the ninja lay dead, there was another just to the right who was immediately recognisable as Atashi...

07-15-2010, 05:07 PM
(( can i please join? can i be with the Ice Clan?))

07-15-2010, 05:20 PM
I'm leaving this rpg I obliterated a ship and you say "nah it's ok again" really makes it unenjoyable

07-15-2010, 08:14 PM
(( no i changed my mind. can i be neutral instead and my power is lightning))

07-16-2010, 08:25 PM
((neutral, water))

Swweet was practicing his skills in the bay of chakra... he had long decided not to join any clans, because he thought all the fighting was of naught... he had been an ice warrior, and had tried fire techniques... and found the power to control both... and water.

he bent the water in front of him into wave, and cut it short, then made a geyser with his powers, he heated it, and then froze the outside... making a beautiful site of steam, water, and ice...

he heard fighting a couple miles away, it was loud... but he was still training

"let them kill themselves over nothing..." he murmured

07-20-2010, 05:51 AM
((sure lightning, and erm kernel, im trying to make you imagine the unstoppable might of the fire nation, do you think one rouge ninja could destroy that incredable fleet?))
Atashi was fighting off several fire ninja while the instantly recognisable Katashi came towards him. He finished off the five ninja and charged katashi, katashi blocked his attack with one hand and grabbed Atashi's foot with the other. Atashi was swung all around while Katashi unseathed his sword. Atashi struggled to get loose when he was stopped in mid-air and a blade cleanly sliced threw Atashi's gut, barley missing his heart. Katashi walked on and Atashi was left to die. On the ground spewing blood, Atashi was about to die, at the last minute, he felt a tug in his gut, and he froze his body....
.................................................. .......................
Katashi just happened to stumble upon the very sacred spring that both the fake fire ninja students and the ice ninja students were fighting at, and right at the top of the mountain was ontom.
Ontom froze and stared across the fake battle right at katashi, and behind him, a real battle occured between real fire ninja and the rebel ice ninja.
"This is absolutely insane."

07-20-2010, 01:37 PM
Lightning tightened the black mask around her face. Being a nuetral ninja meant that she couldn't share her identity with any one. Lightning tested out her lightning powers on a tree branch beside her, then set off towards the ninja war. "Gosh," she said when she arrived.