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04-17-2010, 10:55 PM
Life (introduction)
Created by Shhabbazz

Life sucks. In the process of trying to write this introductory paragraph, I think I've slipped into an existential crisis. Life is only important to the living. We have absolutely no impact on the universe, it will go on regardless of our existence. Oh, this all sounds so corny, I know, I sound like an emo kid crying for attention, I think these are things we all think about and acknowledge, but it's kind of depressing to know that all of the things society tells us are important mean nothing. I'm certainly not going to rule out the possibility of a higher being or anything, but even if a God does exist, would that give life any more meaning? If heaven and hell existed, what would be the point? They exist, that's great, but they only exist for the point of existing. And then, at the same time, I feel stupid. I'm happier when I embrace my delusions of self-importance, right? I know I'm not alone in thinking about this kind of stuff, so why do we even let it bother us? Life is confusing. However, the level, Life (introduction) by Shhabbazz is pretty straight-forward. It's a survival challenge in which you want to try to get as old as you can. It's a very cool concept, though its execution could use a lot of work.

Life is made up of various challenges, usually one challenge per age. They're all very easy, however, these are the first years of your life. Most of the challenges make no sense for their age, though. For example, the first challenge is an optional challenge in which you have to go retrieve a wrench from some rubble for some random guy. It's odd that when you're 6 six years old you're just wandering around and then a random guy requests that you go get his wrench, which is just under some rubble for no reason, and he isn't a pedophile. There's one part where you're a young teenager and someone just asks you to kill someone else. You can actually kill both of these people, but there are absolutely no rewards or repercussions from doing this. Life is full of design flaws like this. If you're going to have me kill someone, give me an appropriate reward and an appropriate punishment. Other optional challenges have risks and rewards, but this challenge in particular doesn't.

Visually, Life is severely lacking. Buildings are very blocky, all of the characters were made with the sack boy shape, and it all just shows some inexperience on Shhabbazz's part. Trust me, the corner editing tool could do wonders for this level's basic shapes, and there could definitely be more detail. There isn't a single desk, door, or window in the school. Why is that?

The biggest problem with Life is that it doesn't feel like life. I think there's so much more that could be done with this idea and there was a lot of missed opportunity. It doesn't have realistic obstacles. When I'm 13, I shouldn't be fighting terrorists. I feel like it would have been much more compelling if you would have kept it more realistic. Instead, you decided to make the character a murderous super baby. I love the idea, and in fact, it's still a decent survival challenge, but it's a bit of a let down when the idea is so good.

To wrap it all up, Life is a good concept but it needs some serious work to be considered even 3 star material.


04-21-2010, 11:26 PM
Thanks for the review! I didnt even notice this until right now...

20-30 is currently about 70% done, and it fixes many of these problems...

but, for the record, your 16 when you fight the terrorists ;) lol

Yeah, thanks man, I appreciate the honesty!