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04-18-2010, 12:55 PM
This is a new Adventure Forum Game called Clash of the Elements.
The objective of the game is to choose your character and find the five Element Cubes. When you choose your character you must decide what element your character is born from. Here are the elements:

FIRE- Can fire lava from their hands and is a master in Martial Arts. However they cannot step in Water.
WATER- Mostly the same as Fire but can fire tidal waves instead of lava and their weakness is Fire.
ICE- Can survive in Arctic temperatures and can freeze enemies therefore a great Stealth person. Their weakness is that they cannot go in hot countries.
AIR- Can transform into wind and create tornadoes and hurricanes. Isn't a great fighter but a good assistant.
EARTH- Is the strongest on the team and can transform into a monstrous earthy ogre. Can get in the way though because of it's size.
No controlling other characters! Put them in your story sure but don't let them the centre role!
Don't kill anyone unless they are alright with it!
Don't be too good if you know what I mean. Everyone should have strengths and weaknesses.

This is my character:

Name: Furr the Great
Alias: The Water Warrior
Element: Water
Furr is just a poor sackboy at first but ends up being thrown into a great adventure to find the Element Cubes. People call him the Water Warrior because of his incredible combat skills with water.

OK here's the start of the adventure:

Furr woke up to a bang of a pan. He was in a tent in the middle of a dead field. Master Fuju had woken Furr up. Master Fuju was Furr's trainer.
"Furr come here for a minute!" shouted Master Fuju.
"OK!" shouted Furr back.
Furr got out of his sleeping bag and went to Master Fuju to see what all the fuss was about. Fuju was holding a map of some sort and a strange device.
"Furr you are about to be in great peril!" said Fuju.
"That's nice to know!" commented Furr.
"The Element Cubes that protect our land have gone missing! You must find them for me!" explained Fuju.
"Me?! But I have no powers!" shouted Furr.
"Don't worry! I am giving you water powers! Master them in time and find more warriors to help you!" instructed Fuju.
Furr breathed in and inhaled the Water Element and took it into his lungs. He now had a Element! Furr took the map from Fuju and set out to find more warriors and then find the Element Cubes!

((C'mon people let's get hunting for the cubes!))
((Why is no-one signing up!!!!!!!!!!!))